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Originally Posted by MetalHandkerchief View Post
This Deathstrike thing has been here since last codex? As a GW plastic kit? Not Forge World?

Because I don't stay up to date on FW as all they ever do is circlejerk the Imperium and Chaos players and produce a single plop of manure for Xenos once in a blue moon. (And their Tau crisis suits are offensively bad)

But if that Deathstrike abomination was actually a plastic kit from GW all along, then I guess I can relax as I haven't seen it here yet.
It's a plastic kit, comes in the Manticore/Deathstrike plastic kit from GW.

Forge World are now doing Horus Heresy, so you'd *expect* them to be boosting Marines and Chaos. Outside of that, Orks are one of their best ranges, and the Tau and Necron stuff is all either aesthetically nice (subjectively), interesting in game, or both. The good FW army lists are pretty much xenos-only - there are no good Chaos lists, the few Imperial ones are mostly awful, but Corsairs, Dred Mob, and Dark Harvest are all solid options.

Most of the *good* stuff from Forge World is xenos, I'd estimate.

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I agree with you on the Taurox but i like nearly all the kits GW has produced in the last few years, i am especially a big fan of the last releases for Chaos Marines.

I agree with some others, that if the sight of other people using the miniatures they enjoy the look of so offends you, to those extreme levels, then yes, it may be time to find another hobby that does not cause you so much concern.
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Man I hate those models. I get they were going for the sci-fi twist on an actually vehicle, but the taurox is just plain ugly.

I don't hate the death strike model, but the fluff always struck me as incredibly dumb. They make them out to be these precious, difficult to acquire, expensive, commodities that are only ever used in extreme circumstances and yet, an imperial cruiser can launch a torpedo that will make that thing look like an impotent firecracker. My cruisers launch torpedoes like it 31,999, no petition necessary.

Also, why does an intercontinental ballistic missile launcher need to be present on the battlefield? Surely it could just be launched from far, far away, rather than risking it in a skirmish battle.

That's my rant for the week.

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Man, MetalHandkerchief said something was bad on the internet! Extreme reaction! That's taking the hobby to the level of obsession, wow. He must be offended to an extreme level to complain on the internet!



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Originally Posted by MetalHandkerchief View Post
Games Workshop is dying. ....I honestly think this is it for me.
Games workshop isn't dying. Look at the profits: Down from last year, but still making tens of millions. And now look at the amount of choice there is in the game: How many factions, supplements and formations do we have now? I have lost count. Some people cite that as a bad thing, and I have no idea why, as it's what almost everyone always wanted in all honesty ("Give us more factions! ... Oh, well we have too many factions now!" You can't win when you are GW...)...

As for the models. There is nothing wrong with the Deathstrike. Taurox is nice apart from the tracks IMO, but you could always replace them with tyres with a little effort if you don't like it...And that should apply to any model you don't like to be honest.

More internet nerdrage..Yawn.
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Honestly the taurox isn't to much of a stretch. They have been producing real life track systems like that for ATV's for years.

Since the IG are basically WW1/WW2 soldiers It's not a stretch to think they would have armored cars with a track system.

I imagine if you dig deep enough you'll probably find a concept drawing someone did to build a real one back in '16
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OMG! winge winge winge winge fucking moan! you dont get models complain..dont have rules complain..get model complain..get new rules complain...whats wrong with people....

you would all complain if your ass was on fire...and then complain if somebody pissed on ya to put it out.

the models are fine..they are obviaously using more cad type construction..which i feel is great we will lickly to see more models with more detail..maybe more moving parts....

as as for the comment "it looks like a toy" it is a toy you idiot!
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^^^ nailed it!

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I think that tarous looks stupid
I've been out in Nepal for 3 weeks, and when I came back and opened then window and first saw the picture, I honestly thought it was a kids toy conversion to a chimera or something. I had to look quite close at the detail to believe it was an actual gw model...
As for the whinging.... It's not it's new! Hate! Hate! Hate!
It looks stupid, ugly and wrong. No one complained about the knights when they came out- you know why? Because they looked right, fitted the setting and gave a few hard ones...
And for the cad designs... It's a nice thought, but do we really want moving parts? I don't care for them... I want poseability and maybe the odd moving part (Valkyrie doors work well, you can maybe represent it's empty or full with them open or closed) but when they start having deliberately movable turrets, and turning tracks so you can trundle your tanks along going 'pew pew' they are a different kind of toy. You need moving parts for 5 year olds, not adults who will build and paint it to their own standard and then plonk it on a table in front to represent a tank trundling across the field. We don't buy toys in the conventional sense... We buy models, quality models...
Therefore if we have to put up with things that look like a 5 year olds action man wagon, I don't want moving parts, their cool, but are lost on this audience some what. Perhaps have more removable parts- to reveal interior detail? Like I think most titans have. I know you can build them in yourself, but that takes time.

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GW has had moving turrets on the tanks for years. We'll never see moving tracks on them though.

And the Taurox is pretty much a MRAP with tracks. Is it a bit silly? Sure. But when you really sit down and think about 40k the whole darn setting is silly. If we get too hung up on one thing being silly we're then ignoring all the other silly things we do like and are giving a free pass too (like MH showed when he found out the Deathstrike was an older kit, it suddenly became okay).

And just to illustrate how silly things are: the flechettes in the Shardstorm Mortar rounds the Wyvern fires are shaped like Aquilas. Commisars were originally written into the fluff as the Imperium's way to fix lagging Guard morale. And Space Marines used to have a super-powerful Ultramarine Psyker who was half Eldar.
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