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Default who would you rather fight?

say you a run of the mill ordinary guardsman flashlight for weapon and a really thick jacket for protection, who would get you waking up sweating in the middle of the night just thinking about fighting them and who would thank the emp himself that your fighting.

(who would you most be afraid to fight and who the least (oh and why))

personally most afraid of tyrannid army because of their unthinking swarm of seemingly never ending bugs that you can literally run out of ammo before they run out of things to attack you plus the affect of some of their weapons, bullets that EAT YOU not cool.

oh or deamons of any type but especially slaneesh as they WANT to hurt you as much as possible before they kill you.

least afraid of normal space marines, they will kill me, it will be quick, and i probably wont even see them coming.
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least favourite: 'nids, like you say they're scary and you just run out of ammo, and die under a never-ending tide of gaunts. also possibly 'crons, having your flesh flayed from your bones can't be nice. but chaos probably tops them all because you are doomed to an eternity of torment.

most favourite: tau, cos i'd just say 'i surrender, i join the greater good', and they'll let me join the greater good without getting tormented or anything. so unlike fighting SM, you're alive.
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Least Favourite - Dark Eldar, cos they'll keep you alive as long as possible torturing you all the while.

Most Favourite - A Grot. . .

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lol clever i should of thought of that "greater good? why not cant be worse than dying" :D but thats if they close enough to hear you they not known for getting up close and personal, if you that scared of dark elder kill yourself before they capture you, grots are a good idea till they go squealing to their big brother and he comes a callin to sort out you sguishys
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Worst enemy: a tyranid of any kind. Getting ripped to shreds or having their ammo rip through my body or just slowly being digested sounds awful painful and crappy.

Best enemy: A servo skull. Just swing at it with your lasgun, it would be like play T-Ball
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Worst enemy to fight - Loxatl Mercenaries (basically immune to las-weaponry)

Best enemy to fight - Another guardsman (lower rank, the better)
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worst enemy to fight? anything that can cast boon of mutation... im guessing turning into a swapn hurts like crap and then you cant go round picking up chick's with the you have now!

best enemy to fight : nurgle, you get infected and come back to life on thier side

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worst- Dark Eldar, as it would be so easy to be taken alive by surprise

Favorite-tau, as you can easily defect to them without harm.

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Worst - anything if there is a Commisar in your squad. Its a good chance that you're getting that pistol in the back of your head.

Best - Necromunda gangers. As they usually have way crappier weapons than lasguns. (and jam quite a bit)

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have you read any existing fluff? Really; don't mean to be rude, but have you?

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Least wanting to fight: Demons.
Beacuase they are not just terrifying to look at and will tare you limb from limb in close combat, but also that they are other worldly and impossible, but exist anyway.. thats bound to mess with your head. And then ofcourse, once your dead your soul is their playing thing for eternity.
Most want to fight: A rebelious Guard army/PDF. Atleast they are human, they bog standard troops and their training and equipment is no better than mine. So I goto stand at least a 50/50 chance.
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