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Dazed and confused.
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Default Interesting blog that raises some relevant points about 40k.

Do you agree with his final assertion that GW has ruined 40k? I know I've only played 3 games of 6th Ed, but that has more to do with everyone around me giving it up within weeks of 6th coming out.

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Fliers cost too much? eBay. I really don't know why people hate 6th so hard, and if you do then play 5th, or whatever edition you like, within your gaming group. Organize tournaments using whatever rules or variations on the rules that you like.

Are there any other reasons why someone would choose to suffer under the yoke that is 6th edition 40k? Other than raw fanboism, no.
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The only thing I think is that GW is trying to entice more 12 year olds to start in 40K rather than give the adult players what they need.
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Just sounds like another angry 40k guy, and there are lots of those. There are other wargames out there, but I chose this one because of the sheer mass of its fan base, the sweet models/army choices, and the grim dark fluff. It isn't super balanced, but that can be changed. Don't like 6th? As said before, go back to an edition as early as you want.
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I don't agree that 40k is "ruined". Has some sticking points, sure, but hardly ruined.
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I don't think it is ruined as it states. I haven't played many games in 6th but that has more to do with work schedule and lack of people to play against. It has some problem areas but every edition does so that is nothing new. It really does sound like an angry player more than anything. I also am not a big fan of flyers but they add a new dimension to the game.

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So be it.
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Yeah lots of things really bite about 6th, but it's still a damned fun game, and if people don't try to make their lists overpowered than it is still strategically fascinating. I agree that it doesn't work for major tournaments, but it's good for standard play.

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I think the guy has some valid points, particularly what he said about actual "wargaming" with the advent of flyers and lords of war, there is an element of the tactical side of the game kind of made redundant with the abundance of large pie/flame plate death and rapid fire oblivion. I do not think the game has been ruined but I do think G.W has been getting lazy because of the success of 40k and needs to be careful not to collapse under the weight of its own glory, transient 12 year olds will not keep a gaming community going. And has been said before on Heresy, 40k turning into apocalyse lite, were you need a truck to transport your army actually makes it harder to get out and game

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Poor article is poor. And very biased. For some reason he takes "the fact" that 6th is a crappy edition for granted, instead of pointing out what makes it so and to whom.

I, for instance, is having good fun with 6th edition, even though there are many parts of it's rules I despise. This is not because, as the articles author would have you believe, I can't face reality (which apparently is that 40k is no fun), but because I love the game, or at least it's essentials, and because my gaming group have found a way to make it fun in spite of the game's flaws.

All that article really says is: "I like competitive wargames, and because 40k does not lend itself well to that it sucks, and therefore you people are all fooling yourselves if you think you like it and you should all play something else."

The only interesting thing about that article is how it states it isn't being polemic on purpose, in spite of the author's single-minded view of 40k and it's players. It's almost like he doesn't understand the meaning of the words he writes.

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These discussions and debates always cover the same arguments and counter-arguments:

1. The rules suck and it's unbalanced vs. Homebrew your own rules

2. But I shouldn't have to homebrew as I am paying good money for the game vs. Well GW make it clear they aren't interested in balance by not supporting tournaments and pointing out the 6th edition rulebook is a guide and 'forging a narrative' is the most important thing...They are not interested in balance and are not promoting and marketing the game as such. So why expect that?

3. It's expensive vs. Look at the other gaming systems out there, they are priced exactly the same and some are even more expensive (look at Infinity and Malifaux box sets). Also, if you really cannot afford it (like me) then buy from ebay or the 1/3 off websites. Learn how to paint strip etc. Makes it pretty affordable.

4. But you need so many more models for 40k than other systems vs. Well yeah, 40k has always been like this so what did you expect? I'd argue that the amount of choice you have now in 40k for lists and factions is the highest bar none. The FOC is nuts now with the amount of detachments/supplements you can take, yet people complain about it.

5. But you can still have a balanced game even for fun games - This is about the only point I haven't seen a decent counter-argument against. But again, GW are clearly encouraging you to homebrew when you read through the rulebook. They are not spoon feeding people rigid rules that must be adhered to at all times, and point out you should be making your own missions and the FAQ's are not even set in stone they are "just our interpretation within our meta." (I seem to remember an email response from GW clearly stating something this)...
Yet a vocal minority of people still play it as if their rules are set in stone and refuse to come up with their own missions (at least try the Crusade of Fire missions), and wonder why they are so frustrated with the game...
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