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Originally Posted by Mossy Toes View Post
"Wyrdvane"? What was wrong with "psyker battle squads"?

I hear apocryphally* that tanks squadrons (artillery squadrons? Basilisk squadrons?) are limited in size to 2 tanks, now, which is probably inaccurate in some way shape or form. Punishers... yeah, but don't forget to buy them sponson heavy bolters so you get a total of 9x more S5 shots (counting the hull-mounted one).

I believe 140*3=420, not 360. You dropped 20 points per tank there...

I can't imagine that Prescience wouldn't affect a whole unit. The minor downside is that that much anti-infantry power... might often be overkill, and points better spent elsewhere. Ah well, that's what a squad of 2 would be for. (and what's this I hear about Pask being even pricier but grants Rending?)

*egads, can't wait until I get my hands on the 'dex tomorrow. Maybe I should just stop talking about it until then.
Nope that isn't true, squadrons of all kinds are still allowed 3 models.

Yeah 420pts is correct. That is expensive, but I would be tempted in higher points games to field that wall of doom!

Just checked Pask...Well, yes. He is now a HQ choice (like Tank Commanders). He can give "a gatling cannon fired by Pask rending." He gives re-rolls to hit/scatter for some types of Russ. He gives the Executioner turret the Blind special rule. And can issue the tank orders. Wastes a HQ slot, but if you are gunning for a Russ-heavy list I think he is worthy of consideration. Pts cost is reasonable.

I think when I reflect on it, GW obviously want people to go out and buy all the different Leman Russ variants, and I think we will be seeing a lot of Russ's on the table in squadrons. The points decreases are very reasonable and I may well be dusting off my old Russ's. I am certainly happy about that.
It actually seems okay mixing variants between squadrons too if you take Tank Commander HQ, as one of the orders (rolled on LD9) basically lets you split fire. I'd still probably keep to the same variant per squadron though.

Perhaps the codex isn't as such a conservative change as I first thought...Hmmm
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It's looking like the Cadian Defense Force is probably where I'll start my AM army. The goal is to buy the minimum needed to mess around with and have fun. I will never have squadrons of 3 of anything (except maybe Vendettas/Valkyries, since I already have 2), and I probably won't buy most of the stuff in the codex. Not any time soon, at least.

It's got the minimum needed for an army:

HQ: Company Command Squad

2 Troops: Veteran Squads

Chimera to transport the CCS/drive-by Veterans.

Heavy weapons teams x3 to flavor veteran squads/CCS if I feel like it.

Leman Russ for a sweet-ass Heavy Support choice. I can't use him as an HQ unless I buy another Russ.

Add 2 Valkyries/Vendettas to the mix.

Things I'm planning to buy:

3 of these to use as Primaris Psykers:

3 of these to use as Ministorum Priests:

This pack of Commissars, the tank version to use as Pask/Tank Commander HQ:

And my main upcoming expense: 5 boxes of Tempestus Scions: 1 for the Tempestus Command Squad, and 4 squads of 5/2 squads of 10.

Definitely an Officer of the Fleet, in some form. Haven't decided which model to use yet, possibly the stock GW one.

An additional Chimera, a Taurox/Prime or 2 are also possibilities.

I'd also love to find a use for Bullgryns, but god damn if they aren't insanely expensive. Same with Scions, really. That's why this is a long-term army.

Now that we've had a chance to dick around with the codex, what units do you think will augment a CSM army?



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