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Dazed and confused.
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I've only played two games of 6th because anyone still playing 40k in my group only wants to play their latest killer list, where as I prefer to play fluffy. I have an idea of how my wolf lord uses his great company, and try to build around that rather than look for the killer combo. This means I usually get spanked, which gets tired after a while.

It's the same reason I got pissed off with Flames of War. I got into that because running a tank battalion is just too cool not to, but, yet again people realised that the odds are stacked massively in favour of infantry forces, and start playing to win with infantry hordes rather than enjoy the spectacle of recreating the massed tank battles of Kursk or North Africa.

Whatever happened to playing a game for enjoyment whether you win or lose? Some of the most enjoyable games I've played, wether it's in 40k, FoW, or Bolt Action, have been the close run battles that came down to the final dice roll, many of which didn't go my way.
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I have always felt my Dark Eldar is a fun army. Whether they win or lose, I can spin it that they achieved their goal.

Oh, my Warhost was obliterated by Space Marines? That's fine. They were a distraction to keep the Marines away from the city where civilians were being rounded up. And when they win; clearly that was the goal.

My other armies are fun as well, especially when I am really working with their fluff.

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I go for fluffy armies with models I like. My SW's have 3 dreads (one a FW Ven dread), Blood Claws, CC Termies, TWC etc........even contemplating a Knight!!

Loki Deathclaw's Great Company-

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The Ork Army of Derp. Couple of variations, both built around a core of 100 Boyz (60 Sluggas, 40 Shootas - Sluggas go in either 3 squads of 20, one as Ard Boyz, or two squads of 30 with Painbosses). Mekboy Junkas, Void Shield Generators, Shokk Attack Gun Mek, pair of Battlewagons, Nobstar, stuff gets mixed and matched. It has precisely one ranged anti-tank weapon. A Shokk Attack Gun.

Is it fun? Hell yeah. Does it win? Surprisingly, yes, it's not awful. But does that just make it more fun? Awww yiss.
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Spored to be Wild
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I play orks and I only play fluffy list. Deathskullz are my army so loots of looted things are in the army. I also play stuff that most people don't play like flash gitz and big guns. I usually have two big meks with Shokk attack guns. So I think it catches people by surprise because I win or draw most of my games and the few I lose are usually close games decided in the last turn.

My chaos Dark Talon army I started will also be fluffy so not really concerned with it if it wins. I want it to look good on the table and have fun playing it. I never use net list anymore because I always seem to get spanked hard when I use them but probably because they don't fit my play style. So I will just stay with my fun fluffy armies.

Red Orc
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After the fiasco that was Ultra Templars I went back to my Orks. Havent had this much fun in a while. Full Green Tide lists are intimidating, and the wackiness of a Weirdboy keeps your opponent off guard. Of course with Loota and Shoota blobs, you are either terrifing or a complete failure after 30-60 shots respectively.
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Where is Jessica Hyde?
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Originally Posted by Khorne's Fist View Post
Whatever happened to playing a game for enjoyment whether you win or lose? Some of the most enjoyable games I've played, wether it's in 40k, FoW, or Bolt Action, have been the close run battles that came down to the final dice roll, many of which didn't go my way.
This a thousand times!

I hate totally dominating my opponent and also dislike getting tabled by a totally over powered list. Its not big or clever to create killer combo lists. Its just dull.

A close game that comes down to the last few rolls of the dice is much more preferable than a game that is all over by turn 2.

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I've found that even when you have the short end of the stick playing the game because you didn't bring the most tooled up army list of whatever is seen as the best army out there right now a game can become fun if played "right".

One of the things that helps is giving yourself secondary objectives. It's kept my Sisters interesting ("I want to wreck their Land Raider with my Repentia" is always hilarious).

It's a mindset thing that makes it work though, so some people won't be able to make it work sadly.
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My fun lists are my Daemons list. I run two bloodletters squads of varying size one w/ a herald (just got my Skulltaker painted last month , a big 20 horror blob, 3 bloodcrushers, and two 6 flamers squads one w/ a herald. Then I add in my two soulgrinders and a bloodthirster. Sure a Khorne/Tzeentch army isn't competitive, but its fun to run up the board.

Yeah, we flew our space church across 500 light years to get to this planet taken over by the space orks. Now we're going to drop from orbit in buckets and run out and shoot pistols and hit people in the head with chainsaws. Yeaaaah Ultramarines!
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I only 40k for fun, so all of my armies are built around a set backstory or theme.
Currently my Daemons in progress are mono-Tzeentch, but also include some converted 'counts as' units such as Firewyrms of Tzeentch (Beast of Nurgle rules) & Chagebringers (Plaguedrone rules).
The entire army is even modeled to represent the Space Wolves' enmity towards Tzeentch in particular, with bitz of dead Space Puppies littering my bases. Alongside them are also a few bitz of roasted Eldar and for my biggest, baddest dudes the odd dead Grey Knight!

My favourite unit in the entire army is:
Tzaar'Quaysh, The Altered One, Accursed Conjurer - Tzherald w/Locus of Change, Mutating Warpblade + Lesser reward, Lv3 psyker (1 Tizz + 2 Div)
'The Corusacting Host' - 18 Pink Horrors w/full command, Blasted Standard, Etherblade.

Not optimised in the least, but damn is it fun to see Horrors actually launching assaults and hitting things with S5 or S6 on occasion! (or else opponents re-thinking their own assaults due to S5/6 re-rolling attacks!)
And the Warpblade is awesome for beating down Sergeants and growing some Chaos Spawns!

I'd also like to expand out and add in roughly 1500 - 2000pts worth each of Khorne & Slaanesh, just to add even more options & story potential.

To this I'm looking to add a bunch of CSM allies, including a sizable contingent of the Oracles of Change, a couple squads of Thousand Sons, a few Alpha Legion infiltrators and a small band of Fallen Angels. (to annoy my die-hard DA buddy!)
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