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nice boy, daft though !
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Default So, are we happy bunnys yet?

Benjamin Franklin once wrote

"'In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death and taxes."

well he died before GW created Warhammer and 40k and i like to think his quote would have been more like
"'In this world nothing can be said to be certain, except death,taxes and GW players complaining about something GW havent released."

no in all seriousness i would like to say on reflection GW have really pulled some impressive stuff out of the bag lately and there seems little sign of it letting up, now i know there are some glaringly massive exceptions to the rule but on the whole GW have really done well in recent times with cutting out codex model gaps, transfering stuff to plastic and releasing addional codex books and companion books and are working very quickly to refresh those armies in need, now i realize that yesterday isnt fast enough for some of you but dont we have to say A job well done so far please keep it up? is ther esomething they have released that has made you a very happy bunny recently and apart from sisters and squats what else is on your list of wants?

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I really want

A)Night Lords Supplement - nothing major, maybe some different usr's, artefacts and a character or two. I just want to feel like a different army to normal csm (even slightly would be fine)
B)Biel-Tan Supplement - something that gives me a reason to play my aspect warriors again. They were what got me into 40k.

Other than that I'm really pleased with GW. 6th is the most fun 40k has been for me.
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Knights, Knights, Knights, Knights, Knights, Knights, Knights.

Also the deathwing and ravenwing command squads are ace.

Enjoying the new special effects paints as well.

GW has a very pleased customer in me
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Where is Jessica Hyde?
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Not wanting to sound like a fan boy I have been very impressed with the amount of stuff GW have been pumping out as of late. With the exception of SoB players I think everybody can be happy.

Some really good looking codexes and supplements, and a lot of lovely looking models. I'm not 100% certain about LoW in the main game, but as I generally play in a more friendly atmosphere I don't see this ever being an issue. If I go to a tournament that allows these options I will know what to expect.

The new Kill Team rules are a lot of fun to play, and the advent of data slates means it is very hard to keep up with all the armies that are out there. Such variety is very welcome. But I'm sure somebody must be unhappy right?

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I'm loving the environment right now. It seems others are as well because both 40k and Fantasy play seem to have exploded in my area recently.

I am looking forward to the coming updates to Wood Elves and Brettonians that appear to be in the works for fantasy.

As for wants...

Still want my Harlequin supplement/codex

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Considering the negativity I witnessed on forums after the Nid Dex release, I'd say GW has done an excellent job satisfying the majority with the Dwarf and Knight releases recently.
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Im really looking forward to a saim hann supplement with maybe an hq special character option. Apart from that i have to say im impressed with GW. A thumbs up from me

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Originally Posted by The Irish Commissar View Post
Im really looking forward to a saim hann supplement with maybe an hq special character option. Apart from that i have to say im impressed with GW.
Seriously? Saim-Hann is only the easiest and most competitive build you can make in the basic Codex.

A *lot* of people are wanting supplements for their favourite army when their favourite army doesn't need a supplement. Pretty much all the Eldar Craftworlds don't need a supplement. I can't think of a Space Marine Chapter that needs a supplement. Farsight Enclaves did, which they got, but I can't think of any other supplement you might add. Chaos Space Marines don't need any supplements.

I really like how much versatility GW is putting into their Codex releases. You want to run a themed army? You can. Pretty much all the 6th edition books lend themselves to each of their 'primary factions' (First Founding Chapters, Chaos Legions, Craftworlds, Septs, whatever); you want Iron Warriors? You can bring Warpsmiths and more Daemon Engines than ever before, and maybe even a Chaos Knight pending on their allies matrix. You want Word Bearers? You can ally in with Daemons and run 20-man squads of Chaos Space Marines with relevant Marks and Icons. You want White Scars? Bring an all-bike/all-mounted army with Chapter Tactics to help you out. You want Iyanden? Bring a Spiritseer, and Wraithguard and Wraithlords and Wraithknights. Even some of the less well-known stuff - the Red Hunters and Exorcists can bring Inquisitors without having to bring Grey Knights, Yme-Loc can bring a whole load of Wave Serpents and be viable with them, Flawless Host can bring big squads of high-initiative Chaos Marines with Feel No Pain and combat weapons.

Whatever you want the story of your army to be, you can pretty much make it with the 6th edition releases so far.

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I was happy that they brought back Cypher. Although buying a data slate to use him does make the model a bit pricy.

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Well, this Saturday I'm getting one of two of my wants, Legion of the Damned Codex.
I would love to see a Crimson Fists supplement.
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