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Well thats a shame, because they have a very solid system for a competitive environment. I'll chalk that one as another reason why I am not happy with Games Workshop, but I ain't going to overly whine about it in general.

Its a shame the Hammer manufacturer makes glass hammers though

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Originally Posted by Igni Ferroque View Post
Its a shame the Hammer manufacturer makes glass hammers though
Err, no. 40k is really good for creating a narrative, fun environment if you bring a fluffy, weird, or silly army, or even a 'decent' army and play it with friends for a couple of laughs and a day's entertainment. It serves it's purpose admirably.

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In general, I am quite happy, I would however like to see terminator command squads for vanilla marines, and a few other little quibbles but whatever g.w are doing not to my liking the new knights have me not caring!

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>40k playerbase
Pick one.
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Originally Posted by Igni Ferroque View Post
Well thats a shame, because they have a very solid system for a competitive environment.
How is it a solid system for a competitive environment? It isn't in any way shape or form a game set up for competitive play. If you want to try and play it that way then fine. But it is clearly not designed for this purpose and I don't know how much clearer GW can make this, so am at a loss as to why people complain about GW because they haven't balanced the game for competitive play. It's not designed for that and this is why if you want to play it competitively you will find that you only have a small selection of units and lists to choose from, lists that rarely make any sense from a fluff perspective or follow a theme. This is because it's unbalanced. It is unbalanced because GW have made a game that doesn't care about balance or a tournament scene. They admit this throughout the 6th edition rulebook and constantly suggest players should expand on their rules and scenarios with their own ideas and forge a narrative.

People need to start realising this, and I think then they'd be a whole lot happier if they did and altered their approach to 40k. If you have a club where no one will let you homebrew, or is full of douchebags, find another one, or start one yourself (been toying with this idea myself recently), or just focus on home gaming...If you REALLY want something geared towards balance and competitive gaming pick one of the myriad other system out there: It's the golden age of wargaming and sadly very few people seem to realise it!
GW aren't the big bad wolf the internet makes them out to be. Sure, they are also not perfect. But hey, nor are their rival companies...
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Originally Posted by Zion View Post
>40k playerbase
Pick one.
I'm pretty happy with it. But I agree, too many people play 40K and it is impossible to keep them all happy. Seems a good portion of them just want to be miserable.
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I have found that to be more a internet thing than reality.

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I am quite quite happy. Loving the new kits that are coming out, as well as loving the games overall.
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One half of me wants to stab gw... And the other wants to hug them...
Stab because of the hilariously unbalanced rules, I know they don't care, but I'm really big on balance in everything, because if everything is ~equal! you Arnt shooting yourself in the foot for playing fluffy! which makes fluffy more fun IMO because you get somewhere with it! and tournaments are both down to skill and have more than 2 armies in them... Eg, I think riptides are really cool, but I feel like a dick using one, my bros the same with heldrakes, I like assault marines, but if I deep strike them, I end up with a bigger 'dead pile' and a tear in my eye...
And other things, like the order of codex realise IMO could be redone, and supplements are pointless IMO, I think they should be more than just giving army wide speacial rules, unique units would be cool and other such things
*white dwarf*
But it's great the amount of shit coming out, even if the codex quality dips abit for it IMO, and the new kits look great! they just need to keep going and 'modernise' everything
And other stuff I like...
The good pile looks tiny compared to the hate pile it's easier to be hateful I find... Their equal in my heart, promise

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My 2c...


I agree with everyone above who advocates having fun whilst playing this game.


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