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The concept of a berserker has been a fascinating one to me since I learned about them as a kid. In videogames/RPGs, I tend to pick the close combat brute. Axes, especially, have always been my favorite armament.

When I bought 40k stuff as a kid, I chose Blood Angels and Space Wolves. Still the "gotta be the good guys" phase. Both armies excel at close combat, but they still have the loyalty-to-the-Emperor-and-moderating-your-emotions/motives-type-thing going on, which is kind of a drag when you're trying to be a villain.

Now the gods of Chaos are heavily involved with emotion. What greater emotion to feed on than anger in battle? While screaming "BLOOD FOR THE BLOOD GOD! SKULLS FOR THE SKULL THRONE!" is a rather poor battlecry, I think Kharn the Betrayer has a much more simple and effective chant in "KILL! MAIM! BURN!"

It isn't necessarily about any complex goals, simply kill to triumph over others and prove your superiority, all the while paying tribute to the bloodthirstiest patron imaginable.

The logical mind has largely left the building, leaving in its place a monster wholly consumed with the act of killing. The Chaos Marine codex points out that while devotees of Khorne might lose themselves in the midst of the carnage, they're still sound of mind between battles and such. From a storytelling standpoint, a Chaos Lord better be able to form a solid battle plan and avoid being lured into traps. Warriors still have to train and be competent soldiers, as being a champion of the Blood God demands skill with a blade of some sort.

I have a large contingent of World Eaters in my CSM army. I love Berzerkers, using a Khorne Lord on a Juggernaut as my warlord, and generally trying to have a superior close combat army.

At first, all I wanted to play was a Khorne-fluffy army, but over time I've come to appreciate the other gods as well as ranged units/psykers. Close combat needs support, smart deployment, and a bit of luck. It's also nice to have a versatile range of units to use in an army, so that I can have a good shot at beating any opponent if I pick the right list.

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I am loving the responses! Keep them coming

I guess, and please don't hold this against me, I'll buy the Chaos Codex tomorrow, read it and then decide. There are so many options from the fluff that I enjoy, I should probably know what my gaming abilities are going to be as well. I'm now reading all I can find about Slaneesh but Khorne is still proding me and I think am am starting to realize that Nurgle IS over done as has been stated.

I went with IG Catachan as my first army because that is what I remembered from when I played as a kid, and I went fast and furious buying everything I could find on eBay to make a decent army, with my CSM I want to make a more informed decision and appreciate everything guys, I truly do! My Hellbrute came and it looks like a sweet model that I am eager to jump into and paint...but I don't want to start before I decide....

Check out my 2nd Catachan Regiment Project Log

Catachan Devils W6-L11-D1
Steel Legion Heavy Mech W6-L0-D0
Minotaurs and Knights W5-L1-D0

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When I was first picking out an army, CSM appealed to me for two reasons: A) the whole advantages of a Space Marine but with a Chaotic twist. They were great villains, just as determined and capable as the "heroes" but with certain faults and weaknesses that made them more interesting. They're tragic, in a way, yet uncompromising and unrepentant. B) They seemed to have a degree of customization greater than any other army. There are so many facets to a Chaos warband's identity- the ambitions of its champion; its modus operandi; what kind of daemonic means they use; and of course, why they turned to Chaos in the first place. It helps that they have great models and you can always co-opt models from the loyalist range.

My first exposure to it was a White Dwarf I picked up at a garage sale as a kid (issue 200- from the olden days). That was a big time for Chaos- their 2nd ed. codex had just landed and this tome featured all manner of then-new releases: Night Lords and Death Guard and Fabius Bile and Dreadnoughts- plus a battle report featuring the Black Legion (with some Nurglite daemon allies) against a village of orks. So, when I went to GW's old site (I remember how they had this great Getting Started section, featuring heaps of background, play style, and pros&cons for each army) it was kind of inevitable that I'd pick them.
My first army was bought off ebay- a 1500 point Khornate force that came with the old 3rd edition codex. Soon after, I got the sublime 3.5 'dex and fell in love with the idea of Tzeentchian army of sorcerer-warriors. I've arranged my collection into a variety of warbands over the years- I've mostly stayed away from using Khornate or Nurglite forces (it helps that my Berzerkers are painted to look like their armor has been scavenged and replaced from all manner of enemy astartes, making them more like a roving for-hire contingent). My armies tend to be Slaaneshi, Tzeentchian, or Unmarked (I admit, Noise Marines have always been my favorite cult troops). My favorite (and primary) has probably been the Tzeentchian renegades of the Crucible, whose ex-leader ascended to daemonhood and essentially became their daemonic sponsor/sub-patron. Another one I like to play around with is the mad carnival of flesh and steel that is the Host of the Warpsmith Dragmire (who sometimes pals around with the Haemonculi of my Maw coven).
Play-style wise, I generally keep a balance between assault and ranged firepower, but I am unabashed in my prediliction for psychic powers.
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Night Lords appeal to me on multiple levels. I was born on August 8th, so eight has always been an important number to me, and Night Lords were the Eighth Legion. I'm also godless, something the Night Lords also are. The fact that Night Lords have no loyalty to anyone but themselves also really appeals to me.

They also look super awesome
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Back in the day when I started 40K, I felt that painting your power armour in blue or red or pink was useless. After all, who cares about what colours you wear when you have an auto-rocketlauncher in your hands? Having an armour painted in something that was not camo was completely pointless to me, and since Space Marines do not usually rely on sneaking around, I went for the colour scheme that featured raw iron with golden trim: the Iron Warriors.

And they came with a lot of big guns, fortresses and tech stuff! What's not to love about that? They embodied the "straight to the point" style I use so often: they go to war to kill stuff, they honestly don't care if they look pretty or if they please the gods doing so.
The funny thing is, the more I learned about them, the more I learned about myself. I don't know if I picked just the right Legion for me or if I changed to think like them.

One awesome thing about the current Chaos codex, that is often forgotten, is that is gives informations about a LOT of Chaos Warbands, not just the 9 Traitor Legions. So you will have a large choice, provided you do not go for a warband of your own creation. Good luck and welcome to the winners's side

Check out my army: Iron Warriors 44th company

Sanity is for the weak
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I'm a Thousand Sons player myself. I guess I like playing the underdog.

Seriously though, I love the Chapter's outlook; Sorcery is their gift, it's no curse or mutation like everyone else calls it. Pre-Heresy Thousand Sons are easily my favorite chapter, though as I read about the Salamanders, I'm enjoying. Plus, when you think about it, the Sons never went to Chaos by choice. Horus forced them to go independent, and then Magnus sold his soul basically to counter Horus's manipulations and stop the Wolves. Ahriman and the Exiled Rubricae really aren't 'Chaos'... they're misunderstood.

My Thousand Sons army is actually daemon-free... I have a Defiler with a pilot, a Chaos Contemptor built out of a Dreadknight, my Obliterators are powerful battlemages. The only model I have in my army that I need to work hard to fluff away is my Heldrake, and that's because it's a dragon, and any army with Sorcerers needs a dragon.

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I Like the idea of telling a story when I play the game. A fallen Space Marine Chapter with cultist, has an excuse to well flight everything!

A fallen Space Marine Chapter that has fragments of many forces, which is great for conversions and varying paint jobs.
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@Xabre can you link pics? I am more than curious to see =)
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Old pictures, and not the best pictures, really, but....

I've actually heavily modified the Dreadknight since this picture, I'll need to take new shots. At that point, it was a Decimator with two cannons. Now I've give it a claw/fist for one hand, and a Conversion Beamer in the other... I'll need to take new pictures. But the pilot and the 'psychic doodads' across the top remain. And yes, I use Grey Knights in black armor as my terminators. More runic/gothic feel.
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I love the piloted Defiler. i always hated the little demon head sticking out of the top.
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