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Default First Time Facing Tau, Need advice!

Hi Guys,

I am an imperial guard and CSM player....I have a game coming this Friday and I am facing the Tau for the first time since their update for 6th edition. The only thing i know is that they are shooty as hell, Riptide are really good and that they have marker light (Not even sur what it does).....I do not have their codex nor will i purchase it for now...

I am not sure which army to play....CSM with Daemon allies could be a choice....I hear that they can ignore cover so i could build a rush army with Lots of spawn and Hounds... Or I could go for IG with lot's of shooting (With Inquisitors), Not sure about bringing Vendetta's, i hear they have a shit load of interceptors...

So need advice guys.....What should i expect? What are my priority targets etc.... I do not have his list, I am going in blind so i am expecting the worse....base on your advices i shall post a list and go from there...

My main armies are IG and CSM but i can add allies of the following:

- Deamons (Hounds and plaguebearers, GUO, Fateweaver, LoC)
- Grey Knights (Paladin, Coteaz, Draigo and Dreadknight)
- Necrons (Immortals, nightscythe x 2, wraiths x 6)
- Space Wolves (Rune priest and one squad of space wolves, 3 thunderwolves cavalery)

Tks for your help.
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Don't bother, riptides will mulch you, especially with marker lights- which +BS or ignore your cover
If they also have AA broadsides, then your screwed
My advice would be either flyer spam with fingers crossed, or daemon invuln spam with fingers crossed
It's sad, but tau are absolutely broken and they've driven me to blood angels because of it
And potentially out of the game if any thing else follows suit (daemons)

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Fast and tough units like CSM bikes are great, because Tau have trouble dealing with enemies at close range. Heldrakes are always a great idea, as their resilience make them hard to shoot down, even for Tau. I also find Plague Zombies to be surprisingly annoying...

When fighting them, be sure to bring down the markerlights first because that will allow you to keep your cover saves. Close combat anything you see, and keep in mind that the Riptide is NOT fearless (many people forget). Otherwise, hit hard and hit fast.

Good luck!

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So i am guessing a mix of CSM and IG could be a good thing...Psyker battle squads could do wonders with weaken resolve

2 x Squads of nurgle spawns and onw with lord could prove usefull....

Be'lakor might be a guess but a character that knows all Telepathy spells could prove quite usefull...especially if i am able to cast puppet master...

I will try to come up with a list that put pressure on the Tau and come back for more advice...
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bring a stress ball?

other then that, you HAVE to get into melee. Tau are the only army who's rapid fire range (15) is greater then max charge range (12) and twice that of safe charge (7) so that said, you can either try to out shoot them with big indirect fire weapon, (your guard so you should have some) or try the old close quaters routes and try to hammer them apart in close quaters.

note: if you see me giving tactical advice: just assume i have a internet tab open to 1d4 chan and I'm summarizing off of that.

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Against Tau, I like Noise Marines. Anything that ignores cover to get at the tau huddled behind the aegis...
or in transports - skimmers don't get a jink against ignores cover.

If you took Huron and infiltrated d3 units of noisemarines into 24" range that could be nasty.

Main rule of thumb is - If it's got a markerlight it has to die. Once all the marker lights have gone, you get much less abused by the tau. They can't up their bs as well or ignore your cover.

Originally Posted by neferhet View Post
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LR with some assaulty bits inside and Dirge Casters should help.
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I second the Land Raider part, seeing how the majority of Tau I've seen rely on spamming S7 missiles all around, and while a hundred and something twin-linked cover-ignoring missiles every round is a very good reason to quit playing this game, it does absolutely nothing at all against AV 14.

Seriously, in an edition where vehicles and assaults have been nerfed to hell and back, Land Raiders are still pretty good, I've seen less and less people take meltas since 6th edition came around while it was previously ubiquitous.
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So be it.
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If you are of age, bring a six pack and don't stop drinking. It will ease the pain.


Well, LoS blocking is useful... as is a mobile army that can take objectives before dying... I would suggest ignoring riptides (if there are 2-3, or killing if there is one) and focusing on troops and pathfinders. And broadsides I guess. Riptides are a bitch to kill, often not worthi t.

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When assualting you need units that will soak the overwatch, as they were layer and supporting fire is brutal anti assualt option.

I suggest csm and daemons, as flying circus with vector strikes can be rough. I just faced it last night and we came down to have 3 units each on board. Nurgle flying princes are awesome since they get the 4/5+ save without jinking. Only thing that will hurt is skyray which can markerlight your flyers, making you hurt.

Kill the marker light and nurgle it up, the shrouded makes a world of a difference as it forces your opponent to hit you with 3+ ml to boost their shooting and force only invuls.
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