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Default your best unit

my best unit is my land raider, it has won my soooooo many battles by gettin my Librarian Command squad into the thick of the fighting unmolested and destroying my enemies armored units as it goes, my friends whom i normally play against have dubbed it the red death. This is a masive boost to my Blood Angels army lol

I like the way you die boy
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Yeah go Blood Angels I'd say my best model is either my Baal predator which has dramatically improved my army since adding it 2 months ago its killed a huge amount of troops so far and only died 3 times. My other chose would be my Brother Chaplain Tancred how is my own character that has killed a far few beasts with a punch to the face with a Powerfist
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Commander Farsight. hands down. He has smashed the greater daemon of Tzeench, decapitated enemy commanders and cut swathes through enemy ranks like paper. The only time he ever dies is because he is killed by a psychic ability or SHAS'O SHASSERA!

Tau Empire
W/17 L/26 D/3 <--- those were 4th ed
W/17 L/8 D/7 <--- This is 5th ed

Oooo, almost beat my previous win count!

Originally Posted by Stella Cadente View Post
and of course any Forum which talks about more than bloody space marines day in and day out, 24/7, 365days a freaking year, causing severe arterial hemorrhaging from extreme boredom and stupidity is always a good thing *hint big freaking bloomin hint*
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Any unit containing my heavy bolter marine. This guy has won me, or had a heavy influence on victory, in all of my most recent battles.

Three things matter in marksmanship - location, location, location.
- Vindicare Temple training dogma

"DoW2 is the best thing to come to the computer for 40k players since Armybuilder."
- bigred, BOLS
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my warsmith for my iron warriors grand company, he looks a little like my avatar but more chaos like and in terminator armor. this guy has killed so many commanders/troops since i added him it is ridiculous. and now that he has a retinue of chosen he hasnt died yet in a battle. also since i added the retinue of chosen tanks and vehicles have been added to the tally of kills.

Here is the beginning of my fluff for my Iron Warriors Eighth Grand Company

"A fortress is a living thing: the commander its brain, the walls its bones, the sensors its eyes and ears, the troops its blood, their weapons its fists. This tells us two things: If one organ fails, the whole dies. And if the whole dies, no single organ can survive alone."
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at current, either my Monolith or my Lord.

My lith when im rolling good (6 shots at ALL units >.>) and my lord when im not (rolls on melee still thanks to my orb)
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Default Wraithguard

It's got to be my Wraithguard unit with an accompanying Spiritseer with Conceal and Farseer with Fortune. Rerolled 3+ armour saves, rerolled 5+cover saves and T6 makes these guys extremely durable. I can march them out in the open drawing fire away from my other more fragile units and create a 12" no-go zone around them with their Wraithcannon. I've just got to make sure they don't get bogged down in CC which aint a problem with the firepower of the rest of my army.
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One of my Chaos Marine squads: 10 Marines, 2 meltaguns, AC with a power fist, in a Rhino. This squad is somehow indestructable and can seemingly take any objective and hold it as long as needed. Soon, I'll have to model some battle "honors" of some sort to honor their efforts.

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Well, have only played two games ever, but the best unit I ever took was a five-man Scout team with bolters, a Rocket Launcher, and Veteran Sergeant with Bolt Pistol and Powerfist. It was involved in what was essentially the one good maneuver I had during my second game...infiltrated it into some woods on my flak, thus denying the position to my opponent. Once there, it took out a Hellhound with the Rocket Launcher, then proceeded to be obnoxious the rest of the game.

Let's just say I'm planning on taking Scouts again...

Originally Posted by Navar89
if I hang out with you any more I just might pick up 40K...You, sir, are dangerous.

Holy shit, I've a plog again!
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mine isn't my gaunt units no more but my new plage marines with 2 plasma guns AC with power fist and rhino, they often do the most damage in the army and i havent had one die from over heat yet....

How ironic it is that as fast as we spread progress and hope throughout the galaxy, the Tyranids spread death and despair. Only united can we hope to stand against them.

Aun'shi of the Tau Empire
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