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Avatar of Khaine, there's something about a model that absorbs the fire power of a shadowsword with 2 pairs of turrets minus its cannon, 3 different Russ varients, punisher, executioner and vindicater all fully kitted with sponsons, lascannons and hunter missiles, a heavy weapons team with lascannons and a chaos landraider, and then only just lose 2 wounds (admittedly his last 2) that makes you name him man of the match.

Knowledge is knowing that a tomato is a fruit.
Wisdom is knowing not to put it in a fruit salad.
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My best ever was 4th Edition Command Squad with a chapter Master, Attached Librarian with fota and might of heroes, attached chaplain, 2 meltaguns, tons of blot-pistol-ccw fun, apothecary, champion, and land raider crusader. (of course that added up to about 700 points haha)

Currently it would be my Vindicator, that thing rarely has trouble paying for itself and more.

Also honerable mention is my Guardian Squad of 20 with bright lance, a farseer and a warlock with conceal. those guys take so much fire.
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Imperial guard veteran squad with three plasma guns, a chimera, and an attached primaris psyker. if in rapid fire range they fire an average of 19 shots of str 5 or higher.

A soldier will fight long and hard for a bit of colored ribbon. ~Napoleon

Join the Imperial Guard, see other worlds, meet interesting aliens - and kill them.

5th edition Imperial Guard record-
Win 10, Loss 3, Draw 4
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My best unit is a ten strong unit of terminators, with Commander Culln in the middle. It just walked all over my friend. (sorry about going wild on smilies)

Blood for the Blood God!

Skulls for the Skull Throne!

Milk for the Khorne Flakes!
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i used to run 20 boys in a battle wagon.can not remember why i stopped using them (in fact, i am going to start them up again). they were quite nasty. one of hte few times they failed me was vs DA in 3rd, they charged killed a terminator squad, and failed to consolidate into the next terminator squad 6" behind them. it didnt help that my opponent took 4 HQ chocies by accident (he was a newb) or that i didnt notice (too much fantasy). i still won due to my broken trukk (the wheels fell of) which everyone assumed destroyed as i left it in the middle of the battle field not doing anything after unloading my Mega-boss, and then in the last turn would zip on to the objective. fun times.

humm, true. This is yet again proof the Orks are smarter the Elves.-Micklez
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I loved my Kroot Mercenaries with CoD orks. Nothing beats surprise sniper shots with infiltration!

Originally Posted by Lucio View Post
Camo is the color of cowardice but if the only ones to call you a coward are now a puddle of plasma there isnt a problem.
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for me it would have to be either abaddon

or my chaos lord with terminator armor and a blood feeder in a squad of ten terminators
5 with pf 5 with lcs 1 reaper auto cannon 1 heavy flamer all champions with the mark of khorne
hello squad, goodbye squad

although that is a ridiculous amount of points

a skulltower is just one of those things.
and like all other things in life you have to respect it.
or it will f**k your s**t up

Originally Posted by Lord of the Night View Post
I suppose it may be to do with Slaanesh's themes, after all horrific rape, incest and perversion among other things can be viewed as weird by others.

Personally I like Slaanesh, I find his followers interesting.
Originally Posted by Svartmetall View Post
Nurgle for life!
*makes vague attempt at gang sign sort of thing before giving up and going back to making more Nurgle stuff*
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My best unit is my 8 man chosen squad with 5 plasma, and a rhino. Nothing in a normal game besides armor 13+ vehicles does not fear its 10 str7/ap 2 dakafest.

Medusa: "I'm a witch, its my job to blaspheme against Gods."

Two Slaanesh daemons on the first go...hmm I guess the fates have spoken emperors children here I come
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Terrance the Rhino from many years ago, survived 4 turns of concentrated anti tank fire. Was awarded man of the night by the GM.

Recently though, its the Fire Dragon Exarch. Taking out a bastion in turn 1, then surviving from turn 2 to the last assault phase of turn 6 in cc with a full guard squad and Lord Commisar, slowly smacking them down, passing ever save and killing the commisar. He then failed one save on the last roll of the game...
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My Flamers, I love catching marine units in the open

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