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Default What got you into Warhammer 40,000?

I got into 40K at the age of 14(ish). Me and a friend were walking through Cardiff together and we passed Games Workshop. Now he already played 40K a little bit, so this was a bigger shock for me than him. He told me that he and his brothers played this wonderful game with tiny men and that if we went in then they'd let us have a trial game if we asked nicely.

Sure enough, Games Workshop staff were nice enough to let us get hooked on the game so we'd give them all of our money. This was back at the end of 4th edition so we played the Battle for Macragge(?) started set. He was marines, I was nids. I whooped his ass! Our stories differ; he believes he actually got a turn before I'd destroyed near enough his entire army. In fairness, it was probably balanced a tad in my favour as the new kid and my Hormagaunts tore apart his Dreadnought whilst the termigaunts blew apart his marines. I believe I had a carnifex which destroyed a tank but I'm not 100% sure about this.

I've been a 40K nerd ever since.

So what about you? Share your little story about how/why/when/where/theother'h's you got into 40K.

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Hmmmm I must have been about 11 years old when my parents brought me the Battle Masters boxed set (which was awesome 17 years ago!) Once I had my fill of that I then happened past the GW shop in my town centre and just stared a the amazing display models. For christmas I got the boxed 40k set and became obsessed by Space Wolves. I was hooked. Unfortunately I quit the hobby when I was around 18 but back into it now!

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I got into the hobby when I was ten; how did it happen? A combination of chaos gate, the instruction manual to final liberation, and some idle curiosity.

Was at my best friends place and he happened to be playing chaos gate that day, I thought it was cool and noticed final liberations manual on the desk next to the computer. Asking him about it, he mentioned that he and his brother played occasionally and that his brother had an entire company of Ultramarines (not all impressive when you have no knowledge of the game like I did at the time, but looking back and knowing his brother had been playing since the early days of second edition its more so.)

He then proceeded to show me his 'nids and how to play the game, been hooked ever since.

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I was like 8 and thought games workshop was a video games store and i saw aliens so i fell in love.

the end

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Dawn of War. I liked the aesthetic and army's enough to start reading the Warhammer 40k wiki all the time.
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My friend on the street when I was like...8-10 had Space Hulk and another older guy up the street was a SERIOUS painter and the models looked tough as balls. Even comparing the models to those pictured in the book I was blown away. Coincidentally the Terminators were all painted Deathwing and Blood Angels...which are still two of my three favourite SM armies to date! Got to playing whatever edition of 40k that came with Marines (BA on the box) and Orks. I remember him touting that it was a brand new release, and he was getting used to the rules as well. I started a collection, but didn't really start playing effectively until 5th (?) edition came out (BT and DE in this one..?) and dropped the hobby entirely when I moved from the town I grew up in since I no longer had anyone to play the game with somewhere around 15/16. Got back into the game when I found another couple dudes locally that were in to it when I was 25ish and immediately went back into BA since I still had all my characters and sergeants - and even my old Land Raider from when the plastic kit first came out! ...plus I love my space vampires and most things red.

Unfortunately Canada got rid of the penny and now my two cents rounds down to zero, so...take it for what you will.

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This line; "there is no peace among the stars, only an eternity of carnage and slaugter in the name of thirsting gods."

as soon as i read this i new that 40k had everything i wanted from a hobby.

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Catalogue that came with my mate's copy of heroquest. We never really figured out the rules for heroquest but my addiction to space marines was born right there.

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Dawn of War for me as well. It started when a friend of mine started showing me BigDickCheney's videos of the conversations between commanders during the Stronghold assaults. Then I started playing the games and reading the fluff; in particular, after I discovered the Army Painter (B&C and DoW's ingame one), there was no turning back.

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I was introduced by a mate who got battle for macragge then had nobody to play it with - I started out of pity then decided that Tzeentch had a plan for me!

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