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When I was probably 8 or 9, I happened upon a paperback of Ben Counter's Hammer of Daemons in Barnes & Noble. Read the thing about 5 times, never really looked into 40K again until years later, when I realized there was a whole setting of books that were just as great or better.

Thus, I was hooked.

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Was in 4th grade maybe when I was staying the night at a friends house. Saw he had Dawn of War and it looked like a fun game. Borrowed it from him, played it, did some searching and found the universe was bigger. Got into the books during middle school, and on the back of them I saw that there were ads for the tabletop. Went into a Challenge Games at the mall here, saw they had warhammer 40K tabletop and bought myself the Battle for Macragge set.

My youtube channel. Feel free to stop by and have a look if you're interested. I do Airsoft, some warhammer related videos, and gaming videos.

R.I.P. Uncle Lee. You will be greatly missed by us all. We will see each other again some day.

Originally Posted by CamTheApostle View Post
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I'm really enjoying reading everyone's little stories. Keep 'em coming, guys!

Originally Posted by Nordicus View Post
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I was in primary school in the early 90s and my friend brought in a catalogue depicting the neon-awesomeness that was 2nd Ed Orks etc. Basically, we ran around in the playground pretending to be the models - I liked to be a Terminator and one of my friends enjoyed being the little squig-dog on the cover of the Ork codex. A few months later we found our local Toymaster was stocking it, and I had my first game in the Metro Centre in Newcastle.

Looking back, the differences between then and now in terms of company direction are so very clear. I was asked, when browsing, if I wanted to know a little bit more about each of the armies and what story/models interested me most. There was absolutely no pressure to buy Space Marines or indeed any specific models, system or army.

3rd Ed hit just after I joined Secondary school, and found a lunchtime club. Ta-da, here I am, 15 years later and still going strong!

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Well I am autistic and I have clinical Depression. I was Struggling for years with everything . One day my only friend introduced me to the games workshop. It was in 2006 and every since thing i have loved it. I have gotten and painted models and played a few games. Not as many as i would like but it has helped me and it continues to help me witch is why i doubt i will not stop doing warhammer and 40k even for games like warmachine and horde
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Dazed and confused.
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Way back in 1991 I used to sit beside a bloke in French class because the 2 of us had no interest in it, and the teacher used to leave us alone, giving us up as a lost cause. One day he took out a White Dwarf, and I had a read through it. These were the days when WD actually had some useful, practical articles in it, like a template for making a cardboard Baneblade.

I was intrigued with 40k from from the start, and got Rogue Trader and a box of the RTB01 marines for my next birthday. The rest, as they say, is history.
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Don't remember the details, but it basically came down to the old metal Tallarn Desert Raiders and a Basalisk

My Complete DA collection

That's me breathing fire in my avatar, my aim was a bit off to start but i got all those orks in the end!
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Well lets see if I can recall.... OK I have always enjoyed modeling mostly WW2 Infantry and tanks and played D&D at age 13. I was wandering through a hobby shop while home on leave from the Army at age 24 around the time Rogue Trader was rearing its head here in the U.S. and I spotted the RTB01 Marines and the Space Ork Raiders boxes and wanted to build some scifi models and noticed that there was also a role play\TTG rule book, Rogue Trader and was almost instantly caught in the whole ball of wax. I spread the game around my friends who D&D'd with me and found a few others that played. So it began and I have followed ever since, I mainly model and paint these days but tried to get my grandsons interested so I wont have to travel too far to game. I paint to an acceptable standard and have gotten better over the years, and the conversions and wot not have me fiddling in my spare time. Well that sums it up, I'm a beardy git and an old timer but still play for fun. The rules are the frame work but the minis are the core and the fun is a must.
Cheers all!
Corporal Chaos

I am the Infantry !
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Walking around the dorm at boarding school aimlessly and passed a room with a game of Heroquest going on. Asked if I could watch! This was way better than Monopoly!!
Got to play and during one of the games I spied a White Dwarf on a guys desk. Picked it up and was in total awe! Went to the local newsagent every week and read their White Dwarf mags and fell in love.
Later that year was walking past a hobby shop that had a big cardboard cutout of a Blood Angel marine advertising 2nd Ed. Bugged the crap out of my parents and got it for my Birthday/Christmas. Been an on again/off again thing and mainly painting ever since due to time/money/youth...until this year when I've totally got back into the hobby as a whole!
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I had an older friend who was impressing me with his space wolves a long time ago. I saved up and bought myself a DE wych blister, painted it with all my 11 year old skill and decided to paint plastic army men instead, since I could afford them. Eight years later, I got sick of having nothing to show from computer games and asked a friend of mine I knew was into it to show me into the hobby. I've had my attention to it wax and wane in that time, but I'm accruing quite a collection!


Check out my Imperial Guard Battle-Group-in-the-making as it slowly takes form! Located just here:

And my collection of all things - particularly Grey Knights; Guard and Adeptus Mechanicus: https://www.heresy-online.net/forums/...d.php?t=129966
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