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Default Fortifications

Hi all, i was just wandering what your opinion on all the different fortifications were and if you would consider using any of them

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Dazed and confused.
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Aegis defence line with Long Fangs manning the quad gun is a favourite of mine.
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So be it.
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It depends on what type of list you play. The fortress is useful if you want to block LoS to the rest of your army and are playing gunline, and aegis is great flier defence and a nice added cover, and the Skyshield is either a) a good place to deepstrike or b) a good place from which to gunline due to the save.

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I have tried different games with all of them;
- Fortress has yet to serve me well, its a very pretty kit but I tend to break down the sections and use them as terrain instead, its very over priced for what you get. Only a huge game I even consider taking it.
- Bastion is a nice shiny thing I like in 1750+ lists - Dominating LOS is great on a havoc squad with a Quad Gun.
- ADL is cheap and cheerful; and a good anti flier in small games. It also works nicely for claiming home objectives - little cultist unit going to ground for a 2+ cover save? Hard to shift.

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I've played around with them, and none of them are especially conductive to my play style. However, I do like the Vengeance Battery with a battle cannon. Just one isn't very expensive points-wise (you do get two in the box, and can bring 1-2 as your fortification choice). As a Space Marine player, I don't have access to high-powered, long-range ordinance. But the Vengeance Battery takes care of that, and even though it's BS2, it'll hurt whatever it hits. I like it as a field control piece-- you can park it with a good line of fire on the other side of the board and use it to deny it to your opponent. It's hard to hold a point when it's raining battle cannon shells...

For air defense, these days, I save myself 30 points and bring a Hunter over the aegis line. But if you're not playing Space Marines, Imperial Guard (Whose Vendettas take care of all your air defense needs), or Tau (broadsides), the aegis gun is probably the best fortification to take purely for the gun. I actually prefer the icarus lascannon to the quad gun, partially because it's cheaper, but also because it's a lot more threatening to AV12 stuff than the quad gun is. Ultimately, the flyers you really have to worry about are AV12, so S7 really doesn't cut it.


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Just a quick question regarding fortifications, at the 2000pt Mark the FOC doubles, however both of the primary detchments and any allied detachments must be chosen from the same codex, what is the deal with fortifications? Do they have to be the same type of fortification, or can they be mixed up, for exmaple could I take a Fortress of Redemption and a Vengeance Battery, or any other combination of fortifications for that mtter?

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Of course you can @tu_shan82

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