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depends on the army, my orks i have a rough list that probably exceeds 30k points and i know that i'll come up with new units before i get that completed.

I've started focussing on clearing backlog and sidelined projects atm so even though i've not stopped working on the orks they havn't gained new models in their "to be built" pile for a while now.

Some of the projects which i've started as a distraction from the greenskins do have a limit however. The white panther list i wrote is 2500points and i don't intent to stray from it. I don't see me having a lot of interest in expanding them beyond that point afterwards, i'll probably do another chapter if i get the urge to go back to marines after that.

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It depends on the project and the army. I am another one that with the orks I am never going to stop I had 20k in orks and don't plan on stopping adding more. But my dark eldar I can't see going passed more than the 2000 points I had planned for them. So it depends on the project.

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I'm resisting the urge to expand my army by dipping into another chapter, problem is for that chapter I want to use the HH legion list so it's not really expanding it's like adding a second space marine chapter since the models will still be the same as 40k ones, but I'm also doing crusade era salamanders, gah so many ideas, so little time or money.
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Tyranids - When I have at least one of every unit in the codex

DA - When I have Full 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 5th & 10th Companies.

...so... Never. :-P
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I usually have some general idea of what I want my army to look like before I begin making it, so that's what I work towards. I look at the codex, figure out which units make sense for my army fluff-wise, and go from there. Of course, then a new codex comes out, so I have to repeat the process a bit, or I just get a fun idea for something new (like a super heavy vehicle or something). I guess I never completely "stop" any of my armies, I just really slow down production when I run out of ideas.
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Imperial Guard: Probably when I can field 5,000-6,000 points in an Apocalypse game
without Titans.

Chaos Space Marines: At least a company's worth of Night Lords, and not one of the 1,000 man modern Space Marine companies I'm talking the old Crusade/Heresy era companies.

Really I'll probably never stop expanding, just concentrating on other armies for a little while before going back to something else.
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"stop" is... such a strange word. I have a Chapter of Space Marines, and probably a little under half of that in Chaos Space Marines (though I don't have nearly the extensive armored support for my Chaos Space Marines as I do for my Lions Rampant.) I do only have about 2500 in Dark Eldar, though, and never felt the urge to expand past that...


My homebrew Space Marine Chapter: The Astartes Lions Rampant

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I have no real plan to stop with my SM stuff

If I get bored, I'll start throwing in some stuff from a different chapter to spice up my painting time

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I can't keep adding to an army which is significantly past the 2000 point mark. There are too many fun new projects on my mind by that point, and I have more than enough to make various 1500 point lists by then anyway (1500 being my favourite game size)
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For me it's when I get to a point where I only have the ridiculous things to buy. For my orks, I reached a point where I have enough boyz that it knocked me sick every time I saw how many were unpainted. I still pick up stuff for them (after 4 years) though, because I love orks. I want a load of FW stuff, grot tanks, battle fortress, some of the planes a few more stompas (have 1 at the mo). If I was loaded and didn't have to work I swear I'd have more orks than any man should have, I just love making stuff for them, converting tanks, etc.

My SW I've painted up almost (... not quite) as I've picked them up, and nearly have a great company. For these I've worked to a fluffy feel to them. With the bit in the codex saying about people caught by redmaw's great company being literally ripped to shreds, I've got ten wolves, 7 thunderwolf cavalry, five wulfen models, and a big leaning to close combat over firepower. Left to get for them is another Land Raider, two preds, four rhinos and three drop pods and that's the lot. Have a few DKoK fellas I'm using as the PDF too, but not too many. My aim is to have a full great company + armour and flexibility.

Grey Knights - my mate flogged me a load still boxed, I want to get more, but at the same time, the rest are just sat on a shelf base coated and washed. No aim for these. There's about 2500 points and they'll probably stay like that... although I do want some of the small flyers...

Red Corsairs - got the DV boxed set, passed on the DA to people, and started a tiny Red Corsairs force. It's now at 2,500 pts. I don't particularly want to, but probably will end up buying loads... :-|

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