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Originally Posted by lomaxxdurang View Post
Hi I thought oneof the Guard players who Old Rednek plays should pipe in.
A 50 guard blob is going to have 45 guardsmen, and 5 sergeants. Now any guard player worth his salt is going to include at least 5 things in his 50 man blob squad. At least 2 Commissars, a priest, 5 flame throwers, either heavy bolters or auto-cannons, and power weapons. In this addition I prefer axes but lets just do the math with swords.
Now I will be honest its generally a cold day in hell before I let an ork player get the charge unless its really beneficial to me that he does. Lets say I screw up though.
Orks assault, I get overwatch for 60 las gun shots which I will hit with 1/6th so 10 hits and 1 wound.
5 heavy bolters will get me 15 so I will hit 2 and wound once. 5 flamers d3 we will assume is 2 hits per; so 10 hits and 5 wounds. 6 Lasgun shots 1 hit (which I pick the target on) and I probably will not wound. 2 bolt pistol which I will probably miss as well. 9 wounds that have no armor save and 1 with a 6+. We'll assume a kind 3 save, so 7 dead you are down to 23 orks and that's just my overwatch.
Assault I swing first. 21 power weapon swings from commissars and sergeants equal 10 hits and 3 wounds, then I get 45 more swings regular (saying everyone gets to swing of course) so 22 hits, and 7 wounds you will save 3. So Orks are now at 13 left and there swings. Shoota boyz will get 36 swings and hit 24 times and get 18 wounds I will save 6 so 12 dead guardsmen. Nob and Priest remain nob'z pk gets 4 swings he will hit with 3 and wound with all three, the priest gets 2 swings with the eviscerator and hits 1 and wounds. So 12 orks to 37 guardsmen remaining guard takes a leadership check and the fight continues.

If I get the charge I will flash burn half your ork squad getting a reasonable 15 flamer wounds and maybe one las pistol and 1 bolt pistol. Shoota boyz overwatch me and get 26 shots and 3 hits 1 being strength 5 ap4. So 1 ap 4 wound and 2 more ap 5. Im down 3 guardsmen. 17 Orks dead
I swing first and get 28 power weapon swings, 14 hits then reroll misses so 21 hits and 7 wounds. I swing with troops 85 times and get 42 hits and then reroll misses and end at 63 hits and 21 wounds. The orks die without getting a return swing. I lose 3 guys.

I've done this really well for a long time.
Which is great, and yes, Guard blobs will beat Ork mobs, but what does that have to do with Furious Charge?


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I'm just giving notice that the facts you used were inaccurate. Old Redneck has a reason for disliking this edition till he gets a new codex. Its why myself and my other guard playing compadre have picked up other armies more this edition to allow Old Redneck to be more competitive. Chaos Space Marines for me, and Raven Guard for our friend.

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