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From the oxford english

Geek - a degenerate

Degenerate - having declined or deteriorated to a lower mental, physical or moral level.

From wikipedia

Nerd - as a stereotypical or archetypal designation, refers to somebody who passionately pursues intellectual or esoteric interests - such as books and video games, rather than having a social life, participating in organized sports, or other mainstream activities.

From Merriam-Webster

Nerd - an unstylish, unattractive, or socially inept person; especially: one slavishly devoted to intellectual or academic pursuits.

None of the above for me, I manage to bring up two kids, study for a chemistry degree and be a full time SNCO in the British Army at 35, as well as play 40K. Many of my gaming friends are similarly well balanced members of society.

That said I still refer to the models as toy soldiers and the game as Nerdhammer so maybe?

And I don't want to stereotype but many of our younger gamers are Goths or similar and probably already qualify as nerds/geeks to the great unwashed.
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im a bit of a both sorta guy, why the hell do you want to know?
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Originally Posted by the cabbage
or academic pursuits.
None of the above for me, I manage to bring up two kids, study for a chemistry degree and be a full time SNCO in the British Army at 35, as well as play 40K. Many of my gaming friends are similarly well balanced members of society.
Well balanced?

I've yet to meet a well balanced squaddie.

If you wanna have a wild night go out with some squaddies.

What cap badge cabbage?

Que Fas Et Gloria Ducunt
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Default Re: Are you a Geek?

Originally Posted by Froot

1. Lack any social skills not related to gaming
2. Lack skills or knowledge relevant to regular, real-life existance (i.e. anything outside of gaming).
3. Lack basic standards of personal hygene.

So I was wondering, do you think you are a geek?
im a geek yeah, but i dont lack any of those skills, i just have a passion for games, computers, programming and other things such like it.

geeks where i live aren't classified as the ones people avoid, nerds are

i guess it depends where you live, my girlfriend likes to call me a geek boy =)

yeah... to me your speaking of a nerd, not a geek

geekdom is nothing to be ashamed of
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god bless wikipedia ;)
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For starters there's a difference between being a 40k geek and being a geek. For instance I started as a computer geek or more accurately a programming geek, but as the years progressed I went on to being a geek per se.

Basically any subject that would interest me I'd take into my life and show more enjoyment and fascination to that subject than was the norm. That's what it is to be geek.

I'd never trade being geek. I'm almost always happy, my life is always filled with fascinating things to occupy my time. I'm content with life. It's good.

Geeks also have to prioritise more being that these interests consume their lives so much, and as such tend to engage in the banal topics of equities and morgages and blah blah much less. Our conversations are heavy on the jargon, filled with obscure references. Geeks also tend to be in the above average IQ dept.

Being a geek is a way of life. The geeks I know are fairly socially-skilled, and relatively well dressed. I personally have always been okay socially, above average I guess.
Amen to that. I think one of the problems for those of us who fit this description is the fact that those who fail the requirements listed in the first post are easily the most visible members of the 40K community, mainly BECAUSE of the fact that they fail those points. Think about it: while the rest of us hang out with friends, hit the movies, spend time with girlfriends/wives/etc, do things other than just 40K, these guys are ALWAYS in the store, throwing dice. Of course others are going to think of them when they find out that we play these games as well.

Matter of fact, I was reading White Dwarf at work one night and the lady next to me took a look out of curiosity. She was floored that I played 40K because, in her own words, "you don't look like those freaks in the store. You don't smell like them either, hell you drive a motorcycle". At the time, I thought it was the funniest thing I had ever heard as I avoid spending any length of time in the local GW simply BECAUSE of the guys in it 24/7.

one thing I want is the ability to split my fire everywhere, it makes no sense that a squad of 10 guard or marines or whatever all have to fire at 1 target with everything, is the guy with the lascannon not smart enough to realize maybe he would be better off firing at the massive tank looming overhead instead of the little man no bigger than a squat running at him, or is that far too complex for the 10yr olds?

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We had a gaming group for a long time, the NWGG or the Northwest Gaming Geeks. We held the mantle of 40k Geek at many Canadian and West Coast Grand Tournaments very proudly and some still do to this day. To be dubbed a Geek by another of the Geeks was a proud day and I remember mine well.

I am Geek.
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undercover geek

Check out my gamer Blog

Jezlad "I actually commented that Jigplums list was the least scary list I faced. Then took a pasting"
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Undercover NERD.

According to those 3 things, i am not a geek. I have damn good hygiene, and have good social skills. HOWEVER-- i am very judgmental and literal in things, and sometimes my sense of humor can put people off, so i a not the most popular. But i am no loner.

i pursue things esoteric and enjoy things more intellectual.

I do be really smart 2.

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Yeah, those 3 arn't very good. I have a friend that has a hot girlfriend, is really popular (at his old, small school) and is a total, 100% geek.
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