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Default Elite Orks

Okay simply put I'm looking at Orks, but I don't fancy green tide, are Ork lists not of a mass of bodies any good, interesting, fun, achievable etc? Just thought I'd ask here before investing money to find out what I want to try is flawed by its basis and concept and is a none starter.

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Not an expert on the ork codex, but I have had serious trouble with killa kan mobs backed up by meks with KFF. A real pain in the ass, and a nice alternative to the big mobs. I think you can take 3 mobs of three. Not sure if they are an elite or HS choice though. Throw in some Blood Axe kommandoes, nobz in mega armour and some storm boyz and job done!

*Bare in mind I haven't a clue which of the above units you can take together in the same list.
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Mek lists with Deff-Dreads and Killa-Kans might work, if you take two Big Meks they each can make one of the Deff-Dreads (who originally are heavy support) be a troops choice. Similarly Wazdakka Gutsmek allows all Warbike mobs to be troops, and if you take a two Warbosses to make two Nob Squads troops.

Realistically though, it's only Boyz or Gretchin as your troops choice. One mob of Ork Boyz can be made 'Ard Boyz with a 4+ armor save at the cost of 10 points a model, but the aged Ork codex really relies on the green-tide to be super effective. I think an all Warbike army might be interesting though! Hope it helps!

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True, the ork codex is a little old, and it does show, but I've had a lot of fun with my battlewagon rush list. Warbosses, nobs, and boyz all in transports, with some looted wagons (or more battlewagons) as heavy support. It isn't the most competitive list out there, but as an ork player, it is a lot of fun to field a list that's almost entirely tanks! I just like running a list that's a bit different from what others would expect.
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With the new rules support batteries are a viable option. Lootas are awesome at ranged dakka and so is Boomwagons! It is easy to make a dakka oriented waagh and though orks are BS2 they are quite good at it.

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You could always through in a squad of burna boys in a battle wagon. They are great for drive by flaming.

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Originally Posted by humakt View Post
You could always through in a squad of burna boys in a battle wagon. They are great for drive by flaming.
Squad of burnas in a battle wagon is a nightmare. Had them wipe out my autarch and his escort squad in one turn (saving vs 24 wounds on 6 models...not good), and if I hadn't use my Wraithknight and Falcon to block it's path would have lost my other Harlequin squad in the next turn (instead only lost 3 of them).

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The Kan Wall is good, not as good as it used to be back in 5th, but it is still a lot of AV11 running around.

Anyways I am surprised no one has mentioned Biker Nobz. Weapon Skill 5, 5 toughness, 2 Wounds, Hammer of Wrath, 18" S5 AP5 Assault 3 Twin-linked guns, 4+ Armor Save, 4+ Cover save (at all times), 5+ Invu save, Feel No Pain, and as many Power Klaws as you want. Costly? Yes, but very very hard to kill, and able to kill a lot of things.

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Originally Posted by Vaz View Post
F*** that, Barrel rolling monolith all the way.
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One of the best looking ork armies I've ever seen used the Blood angels codex as a base with everything Orkified,

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elite orks can be done as others have mentioned the battlewagon rush is a good one load up some burna boyz for toasty fun. Also Nob biker list are good. You may not win a lot with an elite ork list but played right and your opponent will know they were in a knock down drag out fight which is always fun.

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