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View Poll Results: With the release of the New Space Marine codex i will be mostly:-
Starting a Space marine army from scratch 2 3.64%
Expanding my current "vanilla" marines 9 16.36%
Expanding my Black Templars 2 3.64%
Buying the codex to replace my outdated one 9 16.36%
No interest in loyalist scum 6 10.91%
Buying some of the models to paint/build/convert for another chapter/army/allies 8 14.55%
Buying to build and paint but not to game 3 5.45%
Wait and see what the codex has to offer 16 29.09%
Rage quitting the hobby because they have changed my Chapter 0 0%
Voters: 55. You may not vote on this poll

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nice boy, daft though !
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Default New codex Space Marine Poll

So we have a new space marine codex on the horizon,so what does it mean to you and your wallet?

feel free to post to explain further.

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For me it's a great amount (potential) wallet-pain.

I'm rather looking forward to pawing through the book in general however

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I think Tawa is a temporal entity that exists outside of the hobby/modeling timeline. Essentially, he's the Heresy Online equivalent of a Time Lord... which is kinda hilarious and frightening all at the same time.
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Wait and see for me.

I've got a small Iron Hands force already but it's mostly fluff and abit of fun, but use able with the current codex. IE Iron Hand Techmarines on Bikes! But if the new one doesn't really let me use an army I feel is Iron Handy - not fond of the USRs rumoured - I'll probably pass, for now anyway. I will buy the book at some point since even though I'm not a fan of the USRs IH have been given its still something. So will probably wait a year or two to get it.

Originally Posted by Tawa View Post

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For me it will the Codex first, then we'll see what we "need"
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Dazed and confused.
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I'll be picking up the s/guard and v/guard sets just to use the bits on my SWs. I'll see what else is coming as well, especially regarding those AA tanks. I may have to take some codex allies just to take them.
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Closet Dictator
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Replacing the Codex is the primary for me, and for the general expansion of my chapter. I have a huge sprue pile so no new shiney toys just yet. Centurion models are a no go for me just too fugly, and may just convert a razorback or whirlwind for the A.A tank as the jury is still out on the model and I'm still waiting to see if forgeworld will bring out assault versions and a heresy tactical squad for the mk6 armor like they did with the mk4, as that is what I want to use as my sternguard as fluff wise my chapter will be Fist successors

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I am buying the codex. Out of the new models, I will probably buy one of the AA tanks as I don't use vets in my current army (and I just finished buying all the jump troops I want as nice as the Vanguard kit looks). I might buy one of the tactical boxes, but I need to sit down and make sure I actually need the models first.

The rules are what I really want, since the makeup of my 5th battle company has more to do with my fluff than trying to field them all at once.

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More enemies to slaughter in the name of KHORNE.

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I have not used my loyalist Space Marines for years, and none of my regular opponents play them, so this is probably the first SM Codex where I will not buy a copy soon after release.
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I MIGHT...might, buy the codex out of curiosity...maybe, but not to replace or start an army, I cannot justify it unless I can afford 2 DV boxes, and even then I'd only do it for organised events at my club, or if one of the younger lads cannot find an opponent.

But as I say, its a MAYBE.

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