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Default worst 40k units!

Lots of people like to talk about what the best unit is but what about the worst, i think the worst for each army is:
chaos marines-possessed marines(too random)

chaos daemons-beasts of nurgle(just plan crap lol)

eldar-storm guardians(um..)

space marines-whirlwind(i just don't think it's that good)

imperial guard-rogue riders( they just don't work)

tau-kroot(i don't like them, there rubbish in combat)

dark eldar-????(don't know much about dark eldar)

daemon hunters-strom troopers( there slighty too over priced i think)

witch hunters-???( don't know much about witch hunters)

tyranids-biovore( theres much better options than these guys)

necrons-scarabs( there not bad but there the worst for necrons)
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Rough riders are pretty much the best unit IG have. Point for point, they own.

I agree though, rogue riders suck ass.
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Sister Repentia, like from the last Most Useless 40k unit debate.

Originally Posted by WoRLoKKeD View Post
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Ooo have to disagree with you there. My main armies are Marines and Tyranids- Whirlwinds are great against tyranids (although pretty much crap against anything else) but biovores rock as the number of shots they fire increases exponentially with the number in the brood. So...1 biovore fires 1 spore mine a turn which is no good to anyone. However, 3 biovores fire a whopping 9 sporemines a turn. Pretty tasty.

Edit: Actually whilst I know what you mean about scarabs, I think Necron Destroyers are a bit lame. Firing a single powerful shot is a bit of a lame duck when the rest of the army can take out tanks. Having said that, they'll be more useful in 5th due to the changes being made to how vehicles work.

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Change rough riders in IG to phsykers, or even ogryn imo.
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I think Flayed Ones are worse than Scarab Swarms - at least the Scarabs have a chance to get into combat, they can totally ignore terrain and get a -1 to cover save, and for less points they have 3x as many attacks and wounds.
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Whirlwind's are incredible, help me win a final in a tormament :D (mine killed 7 sobs in one shot, a 5 man blood angel group and more )

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The most useless, godforsaken units in the game, hm?

Well, based on my own experiences-

Orks- None of 'em. Ork units are dead killy these days!

Space Marines- Whirlwinds. Oh LORD, Whirlwinds.

Tyranids- Raveners. Talk about ninety pounds of lame in a ten-pound bag.

Chaos Space Marines- Possessed. Ugh.

Eldar- Everything that isn't a Heavy or an Elite choice.

Necrons- Pariahs- Yes, they're incredibly nasty... but they're also expensive, and not Necrons. Phase-out waiting to happen.

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Rough riders arent that bad I thought, 12" move 12" assasult could easily tie up a ememy in CC
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Originally Posted by lordmat0 View Post
Rough riders arent that bad I thought, 12" move 12" assasult could easily tie up a ememy in CC
Thats if you're lucky enough to roll a 6 on the fleet roll.

Also: Biovores are unique but like you said, really not worth it outside of a fluff based army. If youre going to deep strike mines, just take them by themselves


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