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Default Plus size walkers what do you want?!

With the advent of the Tau Riptide and the Eldar 9" Wraithknight, what future uber walkers/models would you like to see or think will be released for the other armies?

Personally I'd like to see a beefed up super contemptor for marines, but what do you think we will see for everyone else? Maybe an AT-AT style super sentinel for Imperial Guard, a new bio monstrosity for nids, a dreadknight style contraption for necron lords, what do you think?

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Given that my status of being the ONLY army with a Supersized Walker is rapidly dwindling I am keen to see very few small ones !
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The Tyranids already have the Tervigon/ Tyranofex model which is pretty big, and the CSM have the Forgefiend/Maulerfiend. The Necrons have had the Monolith for ages. And the Space Marines recently got access to the Stormraven. Really the only army that lacks an uber thingy seems to be the Dark Eldars. Then again I'm not sure it would suit them.

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I just want a new book, dont care how big my CrusaderKnightMechBot is. And Id appreciate it if recently updated players didnt complain about getting new stuff. Aww your little heretic Dark Angel plane sucks? Nine years pal, nine years.
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Originally Posted by d3m01iti0n View Post
i just want a new book, dont care how big my crusaderknightmechbot is. And id appreciate it if recently updated players didnt complain about getting new stuff. Aww your little heretic dark angel plane sucks? Nine years pal, nine years.

Originally Posted by neilbatte
if you squint the Sigmar stuff doesn't all look like the love children from a Necron and Blood Angel orgy.
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I'm honestly hoping the Wraithknight is the last of these that we see for a while. Don't take me wrong now. I love the model and the Riptide (the GK baby carrier can go away), but not every army should have the exact same stuff. Armies should offer a unique play experience by having different rules, abilities and models. Making Flyers or Mega-models the next galactic arms race just changes how Codex Creep works. Of the armies not yet updated, Orks are the best candidate for a Mega-model. But they don't exactly need it when so many other things could be added.

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screw plus sized walker.

Next codex space marines get ALL the forge world love.

I see your Riptide, and raise you a Achilles! i think other armors will get more plus sized tanks to counter it, bet ya the Vanquisher is looking pretty good right about now.

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Um, I would like to play a tabletop army and be able to put my army in some sort of sensibly sized case to be able to move it from place to place... without needing a truck to move it.

I can understand the sense of making models bigger and more impressive but they're just getting ridiculous. The wraithknight is more action figure then model.

I would hope that such super-sized models as these would disappear back into a black hole, only to be seen in Apoc games where super-heavies deserve very large models...

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I've said for a while that I'd love to see Knight style models appearing in 40k, but did expect it to be in Apoc rather than regular games. I'm expecting the old Knight Paladins to make an appearance for one Imperium faction or another - they'd be about the right size to compare to those that have been released.

I'd say Nids have got their MC sized options pretty well covered, although I'm sure we can expect a new one of some description when the next codex comes out (probably along with Tervigons and Trygons becoming much less useful...).

I do agree with Tim/Steve though - storing and carrying these things is a bit of a pain. My Riptide takes up a big chunk of one of my KR cases, and Tervigons need a half case chunk of foam pretty much to themselves... storage space could become (more of ) a problem if they keep releasing more things of similar size.
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