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Originally Posted by ntaw View Post
I know I don't have to buy a new super-dreadnought that's 10" tall, but if it looks fucking awesome I'd have a hard time not.
Fixed that for you.

While Super-dreads would be unnecessary in the grand scheme of things, I would still love to see them, though the lack of ANY sort of fluff for them in current lore would be a bit of a stretch in terms of feasibility.

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Originally Posted by spanner94ezekiel View Post
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I reackon for an ork uber walker they should be the same as the loted wagon, everyone scratch build!!!

could have alot of fun with that.....

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Originally Posted by AwesomusPrime View Post
Just wait till the 6th edition GK 'dex. Rumour has it there's a 12" tall Inquisitor on Wooden Stilts. He's equiped with an Inferno Pistol and costs $215 CAD
Excellent! an Uber Inquisitor Walker for $AU 5 !

I am totally getting one.

Originally Posted by Farseer Darvaleth View Post
I would guess GW is gearing up for a new unit type in 7th, with big walkers. You know how fliers began to creep in all sneaky-like before 6th? I'd say it's happening with these guys.
I'm leaning towards this idea myself, similar to how skimmers became flyers.

Any ideas on what will make the "new type" special over a Monstrous Creature? Structure points or similar maybe?

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I've seen some concept art for the SM walekr and I'm not too fond of it. A Riptide sized walker (slightly taller) with Space Marine opperated assault cannon turrets at the sides.

I think this is something they will add for most, if not all, armies. Though I think they should complete their flyer lap first by giving the Nids an actual flyer.


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I can see the feasability of the Tau (who have always had battlesuits) and the Eldar (who have had similar units in the Wraithguard/Wraithlord), but I really, REALLY, don't want all the races to have a giant walker. Fliers I'm more than fine with, because everyone is actually expected to have those, but I'm not okay with new walkers for all.
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I can't make the quote system work to well on my cell phone.

Boc, I don't think Stormravens are very cool looking but I have two because they make sense in the game. Tactically viable is what I meant ;)

Unfortunately Canada got rid of the penny and now my two cents rounds down to zero, so...take it for what you will.

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Originally Posted by Magpie_Oz View Post
Any ideas on what will make the "new type" special over a Monstrous Creature? Structure points or similar maybe?
Maybe a new rule like the 'big target' from fantasy making them easier to hit.

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Originally Posted by King Gary View Post
A bit early in the cycle for that I recon, more likely to be that GW are angling towards more of an uptake of Apocalypse scale gaming and intergrating it into "normal" games, giving other races plastic kits to match the baneblade and the stompa. I'd expect to see those in their respective codex's when they're released rather than anything particularly new.
Well, they'll want to get round to as many codices as possible before the rules, won't they? Remember all the butthurt people (and they still exist!) over having no flying option and little anti-air? We only have one real case to go on, who's to say GW isn't refining their method?

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I dono about a super-walker for Orks... but I would love a Squiggoth...

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Originally Posted by Vaz View Post
F*** that, Barrel rolling monolith all the way.
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The wknight is the sameish size as a revenant isn't it? Why are titans in codex and not in apoc? I don't like this trend one bit. I haven't seen a tau army yet without a riptide and I'm pretty confident I won't see an eldar without a wraithknight either.
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