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Default How many times have you changed army?

Back in the dim and distant past I was a misguided teenager and worse still I played marines, red-marines even.

When I got back into 40k much later on I started my Eldar army and have been playing pointy eared space elves ever since.

How many times have you guys switched armies?

I have been tempted more than once, Tyranids, Necrons and even the new Tau, but never strayed.

What stops me? likely cost, time invested. But even if I had the money I am not sure if I would switch now.

How about you? tempted every time? change every time? or just plain loyal?
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changed it once back during 4th edition, got bored of space marines and started with Imperial guard.
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well i started with tau, then got the AoBR set, started Bloodangels and sold them, then onto the orks.

since then i have been with the orks all the way, but got guard (catachans, sold them then russian guard), Had DA got the girl friend tyranids and mate playing tau....

too many times, i think my orks need some loving.

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Well I answer your question with another question? What are you classifying as a change? With official changes Ive done darkangels for a short stint before the 5th ed book for marines came out, did them for a bit, the same as dirty dog got AOBR got into the orks. After the newest Space Wolves had a bit of a venture into them only had a few squads then back to the orks. But if your classifying change as playstyle and paint scheme; the Vanilla marines when through two changes firstly ultra marines which was basically terminators and foot slogging then a primarily mounted custom chapter "The Flaming Fists". Then with the orks firstly they were horde/ dread heavy lists modeled as Death skulls now they are evolving into a primarily battlewagon bad moons. Space wolves went nowhere really being Kjarl Grimbloods company with two squads of grey hunters and rune preist made from scrap.

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Dakka dakka dakka dakka dakka dakka dakka dakka BATORK!!!
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In reality; I think I've been relatively stable with Imperial guard as my main choice, particularly since the plastic catatchans came out way back when. Various space marive armies have been a relatively steady companion too.

In my mind; Every time I see a good looking model I change my fucking army. I freeze for about five minutes come up with an idea for a world beating collection (something about the equivelant of a space marine battle company) and just savour how awesome that would be. Occasionally that process hits me hard and I end up buying the odd model, to the point where now i think I own at least one unit from every 40k army except dark eldar (not that i've got anything against them), and a number of units for fantasy, though I haven't ever even played/know anyone that plays/owned the BRB.

My Complete DA collection

That's me breathing fire in my avatar, my aim was a bit off to start but i got all those orks in the end!
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Originally Posted by dirty-dog- View Post
well i started with tau, then got the AoBR set, started Bloodangels and sold them, then onto the orks.

since then i have been with the orks all the way, but got guard (catachans, sold them then russian guard), Had DA got the girl friend tyranids and mate playing tau....

too many times, i think my orks need some loving.
Kind of similar to my story in that Orks, Blood Angels and Guard all feature.

2004: Iron Hands
2005: Blood Angels
2006: Orks
2006-2011: (Hiatus)
2012-present: Imperial Guard, Dark Eldar

I'll probably sell the first 3 armies sometime soon, since I'd like to model truescale marines.

I think the reason I switch is because I like a good aesthetic. If something catches my eye, I feel a compulsive need to buy it. I usually resist but sometimes the habit gets the better of me. So I got into Space Marines because they looked badass. Orks, I appreciated the ramshackle appearance. Dark Eldar got redone; I wanted them. Imperial Guard; Leman Russes are awesome.

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I started with AoBR when I knew nothing about the game. I painted the Mahreens like Smurfs and just left them. I built up a sizeable army of Orks before I even got a codex and loaded them up the way they looked on the box. Then I bought the Ork and SM codex and thought "crap I dont want to break everything apart" and looked to my Mahreens. I didnt want to run Ultramarines, so I narrowed it down to Salamanders or Templars. I asked around and everybody said "Dont run BT, theyre old and they suck" so naturally I Accept Any Challenge and painted them black and white.

BT is now my main, and always will be. Ive bought one or two Orks since then, but theyre my inhouse guest army. I have just started Nids who I really like but they will be an inhouse army as well, and BT will always come to stores and tourneys.
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Necrons - Orks - Chaos - Dark Angels - Necrons - Chaos - Imperial Guard - Dark Angels.

Quite a few times, although I never built up more than a couple squads of Necrons.


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Started as Harlequins (stand alone army in 2ed) and only switched to Marines because they removed my Harlies from 3ed. Since I came back I have been doing Harlies (Eldar counts as) and SM primarily, depending on the campaign.

I inherited a number of Chaos and Daemons which I dabble in, but have never actually "started" the army.

So in reality I only "switched" armies once and only then because I was forced to by the game.

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I started as Tyranids a few years ago before moving on to Imperial Guard due to my nearest hobby store no having a Hive Tyrant.

From Guard I switched to Smurfs and then from there to a home brew Chapter although I have my eye on some shiny Necrons.

The Silent Lions Chapter

Winter Falls


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