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I've been collecting since the Rogue Trader days, so you may guess i've changed armies quite a few times. I tend to collect around a 1000 points and have a playable army before moving on to a new army. I currently have Space Marines, Chaos Space marines, Tau, Tyranids and Orks. I've sold or repainted a few armies too. Back in the day I used to regularly play at a gaming club which helped to keep me focused on one army. But these days I don't ever get to play and tend to collect and paint whatever takes my fancy. Although I must say with the exception of a couple of bits and pieces just about everything I have is painted which i'm quite proud of.
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When I first started the hobby, in my younger stupider days, I caught shiny syndrome and collected a force of almost everything gw had to offer.

Having since matured and sold/discarded most of it, I am starting over and this time sticking to my initial choice of Tyranids.

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Anyone else got a box of marines which have been multiple colours? some of my oldest models have had far too many colour changes (a while ago I might add)
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Depressingly, I've only just started getting back into the hobby (Chaos Space Marines) and have barely assembled a 500pt force, and I'm already being swayed by Tau, 'Nids and Eldar. *Le sigh*

Chaos Space Marines: 160pts (0/0/0)
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Anyone else got a box of marines which have been multiple colours? some of my oldest models have had far too many colour changes.
Yes my space wolfs which I found in the garage. Ripped there arms off and added. Another a layer.

Back on topic I never really Decided on which space marine chapter to make army so I have some normal marines Gray knights some space wolfs and last but not least dark angels. Before choosing blood angles

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Started collecting in '08, Chaos Space Marines (due to reading the Horus Heresy books).

In '09, bought Eldar.

In '10, bought Blood Angels, sold Eldar.

In '11, bought Necrons, sold Blood Angels.

In '12, started buying FW Horus Heresy models. Bought new CSM.

In '13, continuing with Necrons and FW Horus Heresy. Selling CSM.

So... I'm annually fickle as shit.
Originally Posted by Bubblematrix View Post
Anyone else got a box of marines which have been multiple colours? some of my oldest models have had far too many colour changes (a while ago I might add)
I've only ever repainted once. I originally painted my CSM as Black Legion but didn't enjoy it too much, then switched over to a really gaudy green for Alpha Legion. Never had any of the other models long enough for repainting haha

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Originally Posted by spanner94ezekiel View Post
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I started with the AOBR box, bought some other misc. units but hated the play style and every thing about them, some friends recommended tau, so I bought the battle force for Christmas and loved them. I played tau until 6th, when I thought they got hit hard, so I took a detour to blood angels until the new tau, and I'm back on tau now mainly, switching to blood angels when I feel like shredding people up close rather than at range

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Started with Marines in the RT days, then went to Zoats and Dwarfs (wow, i back some rotten horses). 2nd Edit had Eldar with a colour scheme that looked like over ripe bananas and switched to Orks.
Now if its not green or red (BA Marines as there is less painting and spray cans) then im not doing it.

But have always loved the Eldar vehicles
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In the late 80's i played epic space marine as chaos. When i started in 40k in the early 90's i also played chaos space marines but that was short lived. When i restarted properly in 2007 i bought the battle for maccrage set. Used the marines as my first csms and started nids. Bought the eye of terror codex and build a lost and the dammned army before i found they werent legal any more. So i changed them to traitor guard(chaos) and csm's. I have since scrapped the nids and concentrated on chaos. I have csm's traitor guard, demons and dark mechanicus(gk dex) So while i have dumped one army it has allways been chaos in all its forms, and that will not change. I have never changed my main army, merely expanded it.

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Blood Angels (don't judge, I was 14 and it was 2nd edition). :-P
Then Orks.
Gave up on the game for a while then got back in with Tyranids when Battle for Macragge came out.
Gave up again.
Back in this year with Dreathwing (almost all painted!!!) and my ressurected and stripped Tyranids, kitting them out with new MCs. Slave to the Hive Mind!
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