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Default Worst Unit in your Codex?

For me, this'll be Necrons and Blood Angels. Worst unit?

I think it might be Flayed Ones, for Necrons, from my perspective... Especially if you consider how expensive the models are (£$€). They're the same price as Warriors to lose the gun and gain two attacks, but for a close combat unit... They're slow and squishy with an initiative of 2. They don't get power weapons or any kind of special attacks, just basic ones.

From Blood Angels? I've not used the full range of units from the BA codex so I don't think I could offer a fair judgement.

What about you? Tell us what your Codex's worst unit is and why you think this is so.

Originally Posted by Nordicus View Post

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Dark Angels is kinda difficult as our Codex is just a lot of units that are 'ok'. Assault Squads are pretty bad, the Whirlwind is pretty bad, but I can't think of anything that's complete tripe.

Oh, actually, Asmodai and Chaplains are both pretty awful.


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For tau it would probably be sniper drones- their very expensI've, have lost their rail rifles, and tau just dont need snipers

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Mandrakes in the DE codex and Sniper Drones in the Tau Codex.

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Mutilators or Fabius bile from csm

Daemons don't really have 'bad' units, everything has a very specific application so it's difficult to say. Maybe the slanesh rotfchariots, they're pretty bad in comparison to everything else.

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Scouts or Asmodai.

Scouts are useless because they're completely outclassed by our dirt cheap Tactical squads, and the option for Deathwing and Ravenwing troops. I'd actually prefer it if they cost slightly more but retained their more elite status from the last codex. Resigned to sniper duties, even then I wouldn't bother.

Asmodai is pointless because Librarians and Company Masters are so much better. Why waste points on a mediocre HQ that ultimately blows because assault is inferior to shooting in 6th, coupled with the removal of assaulting out of vehicles.

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Originally Posted by Mossy Toes View Post
Spanner's got some great advice as well... Listen to that wise man.

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Daemons- pink horrors yes people like them but pure psy shooting (in my case against eldar and wolves) waste of time.
DE- mandrakes nough said.
Necrons- flayed ones there job can be done better by wraiths or even scarabs.
CSM- beserkers the premier assault unit(in fluff) poor base attacks cost a lot no easy/cost effective assault vehicle and more besides.
Nids- (for me) tervigons the idea of taking a spawning critter into the front line just dosen't fit with my idea of nids. Generally RIPPERS high cost(ish) and commit suicide if out of synapse not worth the effort then there's there HQ's good abilities but no invun high cost and lowish toughness (bar tervigon but see above).
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Eldar - I think it has to be the Vyper. The vehicle itself is overpriced, the weapon options are overpriced, and the armour sucks.
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Ogryn. Way too expensive and slow to be anything other than glorified meatshields. Just, bad.
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I think Flayed Ones might not just be the worst unit in the codex, they might be the worst unit in the entire game. They are lacking anything that really makes them useful in CC. I was hoping they would get Fear or something, because that would vastly improve them and make them even worth it, and they at the very least would need Fearless because generally speaking, odds are they will lose combat in terms of individual rounds but come out ahead due to sheer unit size.

But without Fear/Fearless, they are literally useless.

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