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I'll take a riptide or a stealth suit
Or a tau manta- their all AI controlled so I don't need a crew!

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an exorcist grand cruiser with ALL ascesories (crew, slaves, munitions, attack craft, ETC)

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Looking through project choices for my next year of uni, come across this:
'From Sci-Fi to the lab: Eliminating bacteria with a “plasma gun”'

Ok, who ordered the plasma gun? Don't suppose it will be exciting as it sounds sadly

“Insane? You dare to claim that we are insane? I find this very amusing. You see, there is no such thing as sanity. Why? Because the nature of sanity depends on the context the term is used. A man living in squalor may call the rich man insane for wasting food, while the rich man in return may call the poor insane for living off his waste. You slaughter thousands and squander the resources of planets on foolish incursions to please a corpse and his corrupted followers. And you have the nerve to call me insane? Oh poor misguided individual, pray to whatever deity you serve and hope he is merciful, for those who find themselves trapped in the spiders web have little else they can do”

Lord Nerthro of the ‘Heralds of Absurdity’ to what remained of an Imperial scouting party
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Terminator armour. I'd sell it.

Originally Posted by Azkaellon View Post
Boobs, That is all.
Victories - 0
Draws - 0
Failures - 4
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I'd take a Phalanx style station with all necessary crew aboard.
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me thinks mindshackle scarbs or a gamma level psyker

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see my Empire army
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Assuming I could recharge it/ refuel it/ reload it when I needed to, I would also go for a Tau stealth suit. I love both variants equally in looks though, but they probably wouldn't make the XV25 if there weren't some kind of improvement in it's design even if that improvement isn't big enough to represent in the game rules. So it's got to be XV25 for me.

The Burst Cannon should be strong enough to punch through modern day armour, right? A Chimera (AV12) got to have 3 times as thick/ good armour as one of today's Leopard MKII or Challenger or Abrams tanks right?

If no to that question I'd probably get an XV22 instead, not with O'Shasserra's loadout, but with dual Plasma Rifles.

Not that I'm planning to do anything with it. *shiftyeyes*

Originally Posted by DestroyerHive View Post
In that case I'd take a Riptide!
Yeah, that Nova Reactor probably shouldn't take more than 220 years to refuel if you hook it up to a Nuclear Powerplant Or 7856 years on a standard wall socket!

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Borderline invincible.
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As I am just a single human with neither the reason or training necessary to make use of any of the weapons in 40K I would have to go with the Rejuvenation/gene enhancement technology used by high ranking imperial generals and lords.

Well everyone else is getting executed or imprisoned for using sci-fi super weapons to pointlessly kill or intimidate people I will slowly be able to rise to power and authority through hundreds of years of manipulation using my newly gained super human intelligence.

Medusa: "I'm a witch, its my job to blaspheme against Gods."

Two Slaanesh daemons on the first go...hmm I guess the fates have spoken emperors children here I come
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I am Alpharius.
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The Vengeful Spirit, with the servitor accessories that come along as standard. Cheap Chinese labor power can also be added at a later date.

1: All power to the shields!
2: Turn up in orbit and demand the immediate surrender of planet Earth.
3: Get nuked by the entire arsenal of the planet
4: Watch the fire works, remember to bring sunshades
5: Nuke North Korea as show of force (along with a few stray shots onto the houses of people I dont like)
6: Accept the surrender of the planet, declare myself the Emperor of Mankind
7: ???
8: Profit

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