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when is the supplement going on sale, do we know i cant seem to find it
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Supplement sells on the 8th. I am forgoing the LE dex just in case it has rules for running Iyanden specific outside of scenarios.
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If dark reapers have slow and purposeful that means they can shoot heavy weapons and count as being stationary even if they moved, they can also charge after if your desperate.

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Finished using all the Aspects again over the last few days. Now I can move on without looking back. Everything did well besides the damn Hawks. But those were against Plague Marines so I don`t fault them for it.
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Any confirmation yet on wich units will be getting skyfire? I read vague rumours of both dark reapers getting it (might be the starswarm thingy?) and possibly swooping hawks getting some sort of anti-air role.

I'm asking because my DE buddy has serieus issues against flyer heavy armies, and some eldar battlebrothers might help there... especially the fighters IF it's true that they can be fielded in squadrons.

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I arrived a bit late, so I missed the introductions, but man... I had an awesome time at fightclub! 10/10 I would recommend fight club to anybody!
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Starswarm missiles sounds like they might be the eldar version of flakk missiles.
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From Warseer:

Ok so been reading everyones comments and seems like im one of the few with 20/20 vision so...
Mantle of the laughing god gives: hit and run, shroud, stealth, reroll cover saves but looses IC as previously said
Shard of anaris is +2S melee and rending but vauls work means in a challange you have flesh bane and instant death.
Firesabre +1S and AP3 wildfire for everyunsaved wound any unit friend or foe In 6" gets/or is hit by the soul blaze special rule
Faolchi wings can run up to 48" in the shooting phase. But can shoot charge or cast psychic powers shooting but can reroll all cover saves.
Spirit stone. You give up your invun save until next turn so that you can reduce the charge cost of a power by 1 to a minimum of 1
Rifle looks boreing IMO but 120" standard sniper rifle.
Pheonix gem one use only. Before he dies roll a d6 on a 1 nothing happens but 2-6 a large blast on the model friend or foe S4 AP5 hits if no one dies the bearer dies but if only 1 dies the the bearer lives.

Dark reapers get slow and purposeful.
Dark reapers also have under wargear. Reaper rangefinders.

Anyone else notice that all new models have a new design starcannon?

Wraithguard/blades dont have wraithsight anymore.
Standard gear for wraithblades is two swords so shield and axe must be an upgrade like TH SS terminators.

Cant remember if I break any rule stating the above.

Its not perfect quotes but that was read from a physical copy of the WD. My eyes can read it GW so next time maybe either print larger and make it easy for all or take the picture with a lower pixel camera.
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Originally Posted by Zion View Post
I'm double posting because I kind of want to incite some discussion on this thought I had.

Currently the rumour is that Battle Focus gives you a run move in addition to shooting during the shooting phase.

Now that might be right and that's all that it is, but my brain has been ticking over on this rumours and I'm wondering if we're jumping to the wrong conclusion.

Now Battle Focus could mean that the Eldar have extreme focus in battle, allowing them to move and still hit their target with ease (ala the current rumour that they can all run, bound and generally leap all over the place and still shoot), or it could refer to their individual aspects and how they focus on a particular way of waging war.

Now, if it's the latter, then perhaps Battle Focus could instead be a rule that's different from unit to unit and is themed for that unit specifically, say allowing Dire Avengers to shoot while running. Of course I'm not saying this is the case, but just another way of interpreting what this rule could do.

Anyone else have some thoughts on this?
I would have guessed it was something like that special firewarrior ability from Tau. The one who can move D6 after overwatching.

So to me it sounds like it could be any or multiple of the following.

Snap fire then move up to 6"
Fire then move up to 6"
Fire then move D3"-D6"

Move then snap fire
Move up to D3"-D6" then fire normally
Move up to 6" then fire normally

There might be rules that allow you to snap fire at higher or normal BS.
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Fantasy Rumors
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Looking thought the simple version of the eldar dex and noticed on page 21 the howling banshees look different. Is it just me or do they actually look different.

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nice boy, daft though !
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Originally Posted by revilo44 View Post
Looking thought the simple version of the eldar dex and noticed on page 21 the howling banshees look different. Is it just me or do they actually look different.
Show us the picture and i will tell you

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