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Default House Rules

I was just wondering their seems to be a lot of gamers out there(of which i'm one), that aren't entirely happy with just the Basic rules, so what House Rules do people play with???

For Example some of the House Rules we have in our group are: Overwatch(Rapid Fire Only), Range modifiers for the Different weapon types, Close assault (You can only hit what your in base to base with(none of this 2" rule))Initiative Turn name a few.

If lifes a game where the hell is the re-set button?
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Haha, our house-rules don't change the game that drastically. Mostly they clear up disputes in the rules, like you can use a shield drone to take a lascannon hit, or you may infiltrate up to 12" as long as no squad that can see you is within 18".

Just small stuff.
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I've never thought of a 40k house rule but for fantasy me and my friend play you can have any unit from a different army book as a rare choice. I find its quite good you find yourself fighting a empire army with a large unit of questing knights.

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house rules...well we had a few like if u have a plasmagun in base to base contact with another guy and it overheats..well the other man will be so close to the explosion so we figured that he would have to take a save too
if that makes sense
and when i play with my friends we estimate points cost of an army list none of this bs "your 1 point over" we dont care if they are 100 pts over because if ur good enough u could beat them anyway,but we try to estimate very closely to make it fair
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Badkarma, let me put this simply. Your house rules have effectively destroyed any capacity close-combat-based armies have of winning a previously fair fight. Not only is it extremely difficult to get into combat without taking massive causalties with overwatch (only Rapid Fire doesn't help. The average squad has Rapid Fire.), but when you get there you can hardly do a thing. Your CC rule makes no sense, since it implies that everyone stands perfectly still during brutal melee assault. The closest thing we have to 40K melee is WW2 trench fighting, so ask a veteran how that works. You will probably feel stupid afterwards. Given that a swirling melee generally involves a lot of movement, I'd say it's safe to assume you can hit something about your height away from you by the time the buzzing of the chainswords stops.

I hope you have something to make this fair to your Close Combat players, or you'll probably have quite some explaining to do when they realise that they simply aren't doing as well as anyone else.

Sinkoran, while that may make intuitive sense in some situations, I hope people are expected to come up with a logical explanation as to why the Knights of Brettonia have a giant scorpion with them, and the like. I'd also expect that there's some limitations for units that can change the way an army operates.

Smiley, that plasma rule is a bit odd. The gun is not exploding, just venting estructive gas. Besides, that makes the gun far more powerful when it doesn't work than when it does. Your points notes are common, but I do hope you do more than rough guess estimation, since it's fairly easy to hide a few hundred points. Besides, if you're such a good general compared to your opponent that it makes no difference, it really wasn't a fair matchup anyway. In any case, taking more points than allowed, even by one, is, by the very definition of the word, cheating. Your opponent and anyone else watching the game is quite allowed to point this out, and you are quite wrong to complain that they do not play an illegal army, even if it is only just.

Also, could you please try to use correct grammar? Most of your mistakes are not genuine mistakes so much as sheer laziness. Even then, it's a poor attempt at saving effort, since the twenty or so extra keypresses it would have taken to make that sentence grammatically correct, at a speed of a quarter of a second each, would have taken far less time than thinking of a witty response to someone pointing this out.

This is an english-speaking board, and those in it are expected to speak english. That is not english.
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my house rules are this:

at the start of each turn roll a dice, on a roll of a:
1: a marine falls from a spaceship and lands in the battlefield.
place a model in the centre of the board and then scatter it using 3d6. if it lands on an infantry model the model takes a strength 3 hit, model must pass save. if landed on the tank, nothing happens.

2:a walker drops from the sky and lands on the battlefield.
place a small blast marker in the centre of the battlefield, and scatter it 3d6. if it lands on an infantry model, it instantly takes a wound. if it lands on a vehicle, the vehicle takes a glancing hit.

3: a tank drops from the sky and lands on the battlefield.
place a large blast template in the centre..... the same as before except only cover saves can be made, if in cover, plus tanks take a penetrating hit.

4: ba super heavy tank falls from the sky...same as before and covers a sector instead.
no cover saves and takes take a penetrating hit.

5: a titan falls from the sky.... the same as last time.

6: a battlecruiser falls from the sky. everything on the board is wiped out.

its a very fun system.
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uberschveinen what crawld up ur ass and died?
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In all seriousness, it would have taken you less time to fix your old post than make a new one. Bad grammar due to a lack of effort is inefficient on a scale matched only by its irritation.

Knight, what the hell are all those things doing in the sky to begin with?
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my house rules are whats written in the rulebook. if you try to modify the game on things you think should happen, then it is inevitable that the mods will become stupid or unfair. the way i see it is this; someone is paid to think about plasma guns overheating and how combat would work, so we play the rules the way they think. if something seems wrong then that may just mean you havnt read it right or dont agree with it. i like the idea that the lone marine can fall from the spaceship, ill have to play it sometime. and smiley, nice comeback. uberschvienens right.
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Originally Posted by smiley
uberschveinen what crawld up ur ass and died?
Hey, lets all be nice. We all are here to have fun.

He was just stating his opinions. He attacked the idea, not the person, which is acceptable anywhere. However, you just attacked a person. That was a faux pas.

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