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Default Helping a friend's view on 40K

I have a friend who likes both factions of Chaos. However, he has an overall negative view on both of the newer codices for the armies. Some of the things I can agree with (such as shooting attacks than can potentially give the enemy feel no pain). However, it seems he only focuses on the negative aspects of the codex, whilst ignoring the good parts or trying to find ways to make units work.

For instance, because Plaguebearers aren't T5 or have FNP, he write them off. However, I told him that going to ground behind cover with Shroud, it makes Plaguebearers a really good objective holder. Now if he will follow that advice, I don't know.

In short, he focuses only on the nerfs and complains that "marines have it better" whilst ignoring the balancing and the buffs to his armies.

I want to help improve his attitude so that he can enjoy the games that he plays, instead of having a down attitude while playing.

So is there anything I can do to help improve his outlook on his armies?
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It's tough to move to a new codex- I used to love fielding 20-odd units of Chaos Marines back in 4th(3rd?) edition and the 5th edition codex stuffed that strategy real quick- I had to actually manage my Leadership rolls after that.

I never really used daemons (despite playing purely Word Bearers for quite some time before moving to a warband of a few legions/etc), so I'm not sure how well my advice will hold. I'd recommend having a look through the wargear sections of the book, there's always new goodies in there- Lash in 5th edition completely borked the Chaos Lord with regards to pulling an enemy unit out of cover and shooting it to bits. Might be something similar he can use to alter his gameplay style a bit.
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If your friend can't find the positive light at the end of the tunnel, then, maybe he needs to evaluate another faction for what to play.
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It sounds like he has now placed you in a difficult position! With every release of any book there are changes that some people will like whilst others hate. I know my fair share of these sort of player too, an to over come it we just get on with gaming. If your friend is not taking on any of your advice then either against him or while he's watching explain the benefits "his" army will have or would have had in certian situations that arise during the game. It may cost you a winning game or the game may take longer but in the end if could help your friend see the difference first hand instead of just being told!

You could even ask to use his army whilst he watches you play another friend! Use the stuff he likes and pray you win lol

Good luck with convincing your friend but don't let it cost you your enjoyment.
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i would tell him to just play GK/Guard...because like it or not 6th ed codexs are going to be vastly different than 5th ed ones; no auto win lists, better internal balance, no OTT units (exception heldrake), and expensive.

honestly i do not play my CSM army all the often anymore, because i actually have choices i want to bring EVERYTHING, and i just cant.

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Borrow his army and use some of the tactics you can think of against him.

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nice boy, daft though !
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Maybe hes looking to ditch the game

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Just enjoy the wins, take pleasure in thinking up new strategies that will wipe him off the board. If he cannot or will not adapt his strategies to new rules and changes then he'll be out 'evolved' by other players working to better their game. I'm not saying to rub his face in a defeat but it's poor generalship not to adapt to new circumstances and quite possibly a life lesson he needs to learn.

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Was he the type of player who heavily spammed previously OPed units and is now butthurt over the fact that 90% of his army got nerfed?

That always happens and is a steady constant whenever GW releases a new army. Most people say you have to "adapt" and that's true. And that adapting to the new hypercompetitive list will mean buying a fully new army.

That's pretty much GW's way of doing it for years now. I don't want to sound too rude, but maybe you should just be honoust with him and tell him to suck it up and reinvest in his new army, or invest in another one...

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Originally Posted by King Gary View Post
If he cannot or will not adapt his strategies to new rules and changes then he'll be out 'evolved' by other players working to better their game. I'm not saying to rub his face in a defeat but it's poor generalship not to adapt to new circumstances and quite possibly a life lesson he needs to learn.

Nothing shits me more that whiny dicks crying over a change in the rulebook or Codex.

You can either collapse in a sooky heap in the corner or you can embrace it as an opportunity to freshen up your favourite army list and give yourself excuses to by heaps of cool new stuff !
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