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Originally Posted by Deus Mortis View Post
Back when I played Raven guard, my opponent had two vindicators on his back line which were set to shell the hell out of my vanguards. He also had a 10 man devastator squad nestled between the two to avoid their rear armour being exposed (They were kind of in a T shape)

Anyways, after much movement and a lot of my army being out of range, I declare I am shooting with a scout squad (all armed with snipers, no rockets). Only one is in range, and it's a regular guy (so BS 3, not 4). He shoots, hits, rends and then gets another 6 for the penetrating hit. Gets a 6" "Explodes!" result and wipes out half the devastator squad (and possibly a few more guys, I can't remember.) Needless to say, my opponent was not impressed, especially when the second vindicator died a turn later.

He was the only scout I was ever bothered enough to paint...
Epic. Way to go, scout! You ought to promote him to full Battle Brother for that one, give him some power armor and let him work his way up the ranks.

Back when I was an active BA player, I once deep-struck a unit of vanilla termies. They scattered onto difficult terrain. Four of the five, including the sergeant, failed their dangerous terrain tests. Following a round of ineffective shooting with his storm bolter, the lone surviving termie was subsequently charged by Commissar Yarrick. This is back in 3rd edition when Yarrick was the bane of all things, keep in mind. Reduced to initiative 1 by their power fists, the commissar and the terminator had a miniature slugging match. Somehow, the lone terminator managed to kill Yarrick and sent the rest of the squad packing.

Moreover, he got locked in combat with a guard infantry squad the next turn and remained that way for the rest of the game.

I moved on from BA recently, but when I renovate that army, I'm promoting that terminator to Captain.

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I had a sniper from my catachans take down like 10 ork boyz over a good few rounds of combat and shooting. He was pretty much the last guy left in an absolute crushing defeat so I had him stand up and take pot shots at the squad luring them into combat and away from my already overwhelmed commander. He took two down on the advance then a further 8 in combat... He was later approached by my inquisitor and is now part of my GK inquisition warband.

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Shas'ui killed a 1 wound kharn the betrayer in a challenge.
Yep, I don't know either.
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In one round of shooting I once had 10 grots gun down 3 chaos terminators.

Laugh? I think I wet myself I laughed so much.

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My friend has nicknamed one of his Tau Firewarrior Sergeants "Sgt. Spoon" (Just because the codex contains the Tau translation for spoon). Sgt. Spoon has taken down a number of big grizzly 'nids, including a Trygon.

Originally Posted by Nordicus View Post
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Originally Posted by Silens View Post
My friend has nicknamed one of his Tau Firewarrior Sergeants "Sgt. Spoon" (Just because the codex contains the Tau translation for spoon). Sgt. Spoon has taken down a number of big grizzly 'nids, including a Trygon.

Originally Posted by Jace of Ultramar View Post
I think Tawa is a temporal entity that exists outside of the hobby/modeling timeline. Essentially, he's the Heresy Online equivalent of a Time Lord... which is kinda hilarious and frightening all at the same time.
"God-Emperor? Calling him a god was how all this mess started."
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The tick! Amazing.

As well as all these stories.

I remember a long time ago when a new Tyranid codex came out (along with a lot of pretty new plastic models) there was a huuuuge game at the local GW and everyone was supposed to bring a single troops selection from their Imperial army to defend against the Tyranid attack on an 8x4 table. So much fun.

Of course, I kitted the CRAP out of my 10 man tactical squad- this must have been 4th edition or the very beginning spurts of 5th edition, since there were massive amounts of wargear options for a lowly tactical sergeant.

Anyways, my squad lasted 2 hours of gaming right down to the last man- of course my PP/PF sergeant. I don't even know how many tyranids I ran down with bolter fire that day, but invariably I ended up in a charge against a Carnifex that has tunneled its way behind our lines that he went mad and killed.

Since my reentry to 40k last year that old model was dug up, stripped down and used to create a member of my Captain's honour guard. His power fist is now used by my Death Company to unleash the full fury of the chapter on xenos monstrosities.

Unfortunately Canada got rid of the penny and now my two cents rounds down to zero, so...take it for what you will.

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Apocalypse game sometime in a GW, the enemy had a Baneblade with quite much stuff around it, I had some stuff near there as well, Chaos Lord with jump pack and meltabombs deep striked close to it, survived for long enough to assault the Banebalde ( that was damaged from earlier) and managed to destroy it, it went nuclear with full blast radius, killed everything around it, other then the chaos lord, that did not even need to throw any armor saves, so he just stood there (soot covered as we agreed). It was pretty cool to see how the people in the store reacted when we told what we were laughing about, and when I say laugh, more like almsot fall to the floor from laughing.
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Several from my battles with the Dark Eldar.

A Succubus taking on a Daemon Prince whilst she was down to a single wound and destroying him over several rounds of combat.

A fellow Dark Eldar player with a squad of Incubi charged my Raider carrying a squad of Wyches. 8 shots from overwatch 5 hits, 5 wounds and 5 failed saves wiping out the Incubi. We both looked at each other and was completely speechless! Even the GW staff member over seeing the competitive was dumb struck.

Finally Lelith, ran into a 30 ork boyz mob with his war boss and in the space of 4 rounds of combat had all the skulls she required for her trophy racks!
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I've got a couple.

Back in early 5th, Captain Lysander charges a mixed IG/SoB gunline and over the next 3 turns breaks over 600 points worth of models into running off the table.

More recently in an apoc game, a lone vindicare assassin gets a lucky shot off at a full strength baneblade and, after some extremely lucky dice rolls, kills it in one hit.

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