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Default Weird gamer quirks - got one?

I like the trend of 'positive' threads on heresy-online, so I thought I'd throw this one out there.

Whenever I move a tank, I feel the irrepressible urge to make vroom vroom sound effects. I do the same thing when I cruise my Vendetta across the board, adding in a whoooosh that I feel is pretty realistic sounding, honestly.

Whenever I do this, my friends gape at me like I'm bat-shit-eating insane. Then again, one of these guys is the same one who decided to drop-pod assault me one game, only to realize he'd left his pods at home. His solution? Chug 6 beers and use the emptied bottles as stand-ins.

We can't be alone in this, can we?

What's your weird gamer quirk? (Criteria to meet is something unique to you that makes other people raise their eyebrows)

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I have some nicely painted Dark Angels, and some not very nicely painted Dark Angels. All are serviceable, and I'm not embarrased to show them in public, but everyone has their favourites and I'm no different. I have a specific thing for my robed DA. Every time one dies, I will search across the board for a poorly-painted Angel and replace him with the robed model. My Dark Angel Veterans never truly die as long as there are 3 Tactical Marines left on the battlefield.

Also, whenever I start the Shooting Phase, I say 'Scootings'. Not sure where that particular habit came from.


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Punishing bad dice by bitching at them, and setting them aside. I know a few gamers who do this.

My lists tend to be fairly symmetrical, though not always in obvious ways, to appease my OCD-like tendencies. Goes beyond just having numbers like 7 Plague Marines. Sometimes making my lists this way, or converting things in this same OCD fashion, causes me some anxiety. LOL @ myself.
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I also make noises when moving certain types of units. I must do it so much that one of my regular opponents has picked up the habit. (Not sure if he realizes.). But it's fun to do sometimes. I also like to do thematic challenges. So if my Archon makes one, I'll say something like, "Face your death."

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I like to claim that my Exorcists are playing the 1812 Overture and the missiles are timed to replace the cannons....

And when Celestine doesn't get up during a game after going down I claim she's off having "tea time with the Emperor".

So yeah, I like to claim some silly things for fun.
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after a game I tend to nominate a legend and a Pillock from my army and ask my opponent to do the's a pretty light hearted way to end a game and you normally get a few laughs from it

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Well as well as adding sound effects as well a group of fellas I gamed with all started to rub their handfull of dice against their crotch... we all eventually picked up the quirk believing it would result in better results.. It just made us loath to handle anyone elses dice

I am the Infantry !
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Mine is in army selection. I always come up with crazy ideas simply because I like modelling. As a result I now have a tiger striped marine force (complete with actual Tiger that I nuse as a Captain), an all plague Skaven force, a growing Nidzilla force (I like Godzilla movies ok?) as well as a Tomb Kings army that is themed around the entire force being able to move at least 7 inches a turn without magic.

That and a small growing White Scars legion army from the Forge World Horus Heresy book that is themed so everything moves about 12 inches in the movement phase as it is themed as an airborne force (the Assault Marines clamp themselves on the hulls of the attatched Stormeagles and Avenger Strike Fighters and disengage when needed. Like Gargloyles from parent Harridans).

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I talk to my orks....a lot more than is healthy. i say hello to them when they are in their display cabinet and i walk in the room. On the board i'll let them know what i expect.
"Ok Pickit, you need to land that lobber round right on top of those scouts and kill one of them or the boys are going to get charged next turn and we don't want that to happen."
Sometimes i swear it makes a difference.
last game one of my prized units got more or less wiped out by shooting with the only model left being a standard boy named "I.C.P" (he has clown facepaint on). He got charged by an enemy nob with power klaw, i leant down and said "I.C.P , you're not going to take that are you? These guys have just kicked your buddies around and think they can run over here and claim your part of the battlefield. Kick his Ass!!".
3 attacks, 2 hits, 2 wounds and 2 failed armour saves later the nob was dead before he could strike. I.C.P failed a tank shock test next turn and fled the battlefield but i can forgive him that as he passed his last leadership test with a roll of 2.

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I make the battles a lot more...cinematic, at least in my head.

Example: What's actually happening
Alright, So I move my Raider with chain snares over your unit of tactical marines, *rolls*, so that's 3 armour saves, *opponent rolls*, unlucky for you that's 2 marines dead.

Example: What's happening in my head
The Raider speeds towards the group of marines, before they can even react, a metal hook smashes through a marines visor, as a barbed chain wraps around the legs of another comrade, pulling them both away, leaving nothing but faded screams.
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