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I got my 20 heresy terminators set in yesterday and Hobbygasmed! HAAaaaauuuuuuuuu…
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Trazyn the Infinite, to me, has one of the best fluff in the game. I love the fact that he's an ancient kleptomaniac robot who imprisons living things into holograms and attempts to trap inquisitors into pocket dimensions.

I also got me a box of killa-kans at 10% off the other day.
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I like the fact that crazy, awesome shit can happen in a game. It's tactical enough that there can be good players and bad players, but random enough that you can face a good general with a good army and still have a chance. I know it's hated by most, but 'Forging a Narrative' is fucking awesome. I had a game where I challenged a Chaos Lord with my Imperial Guard Sergeant in an attempt to stop him killing the squad. Of course, he rolls up Apotheosis. Another instance is my Dark Angels Sergeant with Plasma Pistol and Chainsword. I'm not particularly proud of the model, and I throw him into losing situations for overall tactical gain. He still manages wins most of the time. His Chainsword has claimed the lives of Noise Marine Champions, Painboyz, his Plasma Pistol has banished a Daemon Prince that was charging his squad, his Power Armour is scratched and scored from the amount of big guns that have failed their 2+ to kill roll. I don't get to make these kinds of legends with Magic: The Gathering or Dawn of War. That's why I love 40k.


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The infinite possibilities that the game holds, from setting to storyline, to paint schemes, to races, to conversions, to army lists, to homebrew fluff and rules.

Best bit? The Black Typhoons

Or Shokk-attak Gunz...

The Black Typhoons | Dark Angels 3rd Company | Tharrus Draw's Warband | Dark Angels' Corner | Codices: Marvel Heroes and Marvel Villains

Originally Posted by Mossy Toes View Post
Spanner's got some great advice as well... Listen to that wise man.

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Originally Posted by normtheunsavoury View Post
Eldar Harlequins, they're made of awesome and are the first army I bought back in Rogue Trader days and are still the only army I've really played. I really should invest in an Eldar army but wouldn't have a clue where to start now.
Other than that its John Blanche, I've always been a huge fan of his work and the sheer dark insanity of it, it really brings the 40K universe to life for me.
And finally Chaos, what's not to love? They can be used to represent anything you want, from raging psychopathic evil killers to misunderstood rebels and anarchists.
I agrre completely, RT days of Harliquins & Grey Knights used to play the who could have the least models for the most points

makes me nostalgic to rebuild my 1st army again an EC warband that could use assault marines
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One thing I love about 6th edition are the new allies rules. LOVE them. Used to play that way with Inquisition in 3rd edition and now it's back in the game hurray!

So if you just really love say, Harlequinns, you can make a very small army of Eldar as allies for many armies out there and make a cool little squad of Harleys.

It's also something most players don't think about when they find gripes about their codex. Just ally in whatever you're missing.

sorry nids...
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Good point about jes goodwin. He is indeed a legend. I have two of his rt prototype terminator models. Most valuable models i own.

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Things I love about 40k? It's hard to do this without mentioning everything, but there are nevertheless some things that stand out.

Orks. I bloody love 'em. They're insanely quotable and brilliantly and unintentionally hilarious. Plus the whole concept of a race whose methods of going to war are based off pub crawls and football hooliganism - it works. One of those strange things that shouldn't be right, but so totally works.

Sisters of Battle armour design. Here's something I loved for a while coming off my rants of the impracticality of other sci-fi/fantasy female armours. It's the fact that they wear armour that looks like it can take punishment and isn't conceptually designed to win male teens over by arousal. No flesh showing save maybe the face. Seriously, how do other fantasy/sci-fi universes believe armour works? Because an armoured bikini protects close to fuck-all. Pardon my French.

Finally cold-handed space religion on a massive scale. I've never really seen fascism in space done like this in sci-fi. It affects the aesthetic of almost everything the Imperium has. Can you think of another sci-fi that has a bunch of battle-cruisers modelled after cathedrals? It just makes it so unique in my eyes, and gives it a real gift for the kinds of stories one can come up with.

There's my absolutes there. The game & background are already addictively immersive enough, but these are icing on the cake, so to speak.

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I'm with Arcane. Allies is one of the best decisions GW has made recently. It just opens up so many fun projects and builds.

I'm new to 40k. I had my Host of Worms army as an "art project" in 5th edition, but I never even played. Before that, I think I had a demo of 3rd and of 4th.

However, 6th has pulled me in to actually play. I think it started when I decided to finally listen to the first through Horus Heresy audio books. I had tried reading them before to no avail, but listening to them on my commute -- LOVED THEM. It finally cemented the setting in my mind and made me dive back in to my Nurgle based CSM army.

I love the hobby parts of the game the most. GW plastics are the best in the industry, without a doubt. So much so that I feel embarrassed for some companies who have recently started doing plastics.

The extra bits, the magnetization options, the ease of assembly and cleaning. All joys. I'm not the biggest on painting, but converting is my true passion.

I can't wait to get more involved in the local scene, even though I usually avoid LGSs, especially in campaigns.
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Eldar. Something about a race of people who have such strong psyches they survive into death, the concept of the Infinity Circuit, the Dome of Crystal Seers, Wraithguard, Phoenix Lords... The list goes on.

The Second Edition rulebook, Codex Imperialis and Wargear book, plus the codices. Such an amazing collection of art, fluff, narrative and crazy effects. When I was 11 there was nothing cooler than Codex: Eldar and Codex: Angels of Death.

90% of people think they are above average.

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