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Default Battleforce Army Builder Challenge-750pts Could you do it?

My local store is running a 40k Army building challenge in the coming month where you have to build, paint and play a 750pts army in just over a month. This got me thinking "How would you build a 750pts competitive list, having to use every model that comes within a battleforce box, in addition to what ever else you fit in the army?".

This is my challenge to you, the people of Heresy Online. Build a 750pts competitive list using any of the battleforce boxes, in addition to what you want from your chosen codex.

The rules are:
-No named characters.
-You must use the contents of the entire Battleforce box.
-You must have one troop choice.
-You may have a HQ choice, but no more than one.

I hope this challenges you and/or inspires you to do something much like this.

Randy Butter-nuts
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I dont have the codexs to figure out costs but from what I see in the boxes I would probably start with blood angels or Necrons. If you have the points put a saquinary priest in or a necron overlord and your in buisness.
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So be it.
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Well, with BA You get 10 RAS and 10 Tac, a good start for any army. From there I would just add another RAS and a JP libby. Thats what my 750 list is anyway...

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Welcome to Heresy! Here is one for Imperial Guard This uses two battle force boxes, a Commissar, and an Aegis Defense line.

• Lord Commissar (camo cloak, power fist) 95
• Platoon
o PCS (vox, grenade launcher, heavy bolter) 50
o IS (vox, grenade launcher, heavy bolter) 70
o IS (grenade launcher, heavy bolter) 65
o HWS (lascannons) 105
• Platoon
o PCS (4x flamers) 50
o IS (melta) 60
o IS (melta) 60
Fast Attack
• Armored Sentinel (missile launcher) 65
• Scout sentinel (autocannon) 40
• Defense Line (lascannon) 85


Commissar mans the lascannon on the defense line and sits back with the first platoon while platoon 2 and the armored sentinel moves up. Scout sentinel outflanks.

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*Looks at nids battleforce and laughs hysterically*

I guess two of them and hope to god no one takes a flamer...

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2 cron battle forces 10 tesla 10 gaus imortals 1 ghost ark 5 warriors 14 warriors
plenty of troops or you could go
10 gauss 10 tesla imortals and then 31 warriors in squads of watever plenty of gauss power in both lists enough st 5 to kill any wraithlords or high t stuff
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Tau Battleforce? Run the Suit as a commander and load up the upgrades, probably not going to be the best list mind.
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My LGS had considered this at one point and it seemed like a fun idea. However, it never took off due to not enouigh interested parties.

This could be done very easy by using the Space Marine Battle Force and adding to it a Razorback and a Captain kit. That combo can easily set you up with all you need. I had planned on the following.

Captain, Plasma Pistol, Power Sword

Tactical Squad, Missile Launcher, Flamer, Rhino
Combat Squad, Sgt w/Combi-Plasma, Melta Bombs, Power Sword, Razorback w/TL Las
Scouts, Shotguns, Melta Bombs

Fast Attack
Assault Squad, Plasma Pistol, Sgt/Power Axe & Melta Bombs

That was my idea at the time.
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The easiest armies to do this with are any Space Marine variant (their battleforces are all great), Imperial Guard, and Necron. IG and Necron are absolutely packed with useful troops, so you can't go wrong either way.

Personally, I've always wanted a Tyranid army (yes, they're not exactly popular right now, but I still love the models) so here's what I'd use along with an added 2 warriors, Tervigon, and some spare gaunts for spawning (from the Tervigon):

Tyranid Prime w/pair of bone swords, scything talons, toxin sacs

4 Warriors w/barbed stranger, 3 death spitters

16 Hormagaunts w/adrenal glands

16 Gaunts

Tervigon w/toxin sacs, catalyst

8 Genestealers

The Prime goes with the Hormaguants. The genestealers move in front on the first turn and the Tervigon gives them FNP with catalyst. The warriors get in range of the enemy, but stay in cover, and receive FNP with catalyst when the genestealers are no longer in range.

Depending on the enemy, the army either all holds back and prepares to counterattack, or all pushes forward, as the Tervigon spews troops towards any objectives. Templates will indeed be a problem, but the trick is to make sure that the enemy suffers for coming that close. Whatever moves up to flamer, gets assaulted by multiple units the following turn.

I think it has a decent shot, considering that it has 5 troop choices, and the chance to spew out many more. In a game now focused around objectives, that's a big factor.

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Most of the armies I use don't have a Battleforce box, Sisters of Battle and Grey Knights so... meh.
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