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Default If you could add a new army

If the game makers came to you and wanted to to create a new race/army for the game what would it be? include a back story if you want. examples of some of the units. etc
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So be it.
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I developed this a while ago. Just for fun :D

Curse of Omnissah. Technology gone wild.

-can take control of one enemy vehicle each turn. If none remain, it will call down an orbital bombardment in rage.
-Virtual: this unit has no way of being killed, but cannot attack, merely direct its forces
-"Brains" of the organization: one must be taken in each army. If two are in a battle at once, each chooses one vehicle (rolling to see who chooses first) and the two fight to the death. The losing vehicle is destroyed, and the controlling SC is severed from the army.

LSD (Living Subordinate Diodes)
-Squad size (5-10)
-Necron Warrior stats
-Bad gun! Bad!: range 24. Instead of shooting at a target, the LSD squadron turns the enemies weapons against themselves: For each model in the LSD squad, take 1 gun in the enemy squadron and shoot it at its own squad. For every higher leadership point the LSD have, each model shoots 1 additional gun at the enemies (all with the LSD BS). If there are no guns, a 4+ poisoned shot with AP 4 is fired in the same manner. Armor saves are worsened by one (ie 3+ goes to 4+), but only if there are no guns in the squad.

LSD 2.0 (Living Superior Diodes)
-squad size (3-5)
-Necron Immortal stats
-Bad gun! Ba-: range 36. See above, except the enemies save (normal or invulnerable) is worsened by one (ie a 3+ goes to 4+), and no cover saves are allowed.

Living Horrors
-Squad size (1-3)
-a massive walker.
-Front 13 side 12 back 11, WS 4 BS 5 S 8
-3+ cover save against shooting attacks
-Honored technology: This is made from the remains of walkers from the army it faces. Units must take a moral check in order to assault it
-Bad gun! Ba-: see above. This has two, and they can be fired at different targets (declared before shooting). However, if they are fired at separate targets the Living horrors cannot assault.

MWE (Microwave Emitters)
-Deep strike, no scatter (must)
-Must arrive within 6 inches of an enemy squad
-Scarab swarm stats
-MW: At the beginning of each shooting faze, every biological unit (unit with no armor value) within 6 inches takes d3 4+ poisoned hits with AP 4 for each model within 6 inches. No cover saves are allowed.

Fast Attack
-Squad size (3-5)
-Bad gun! Bad!
-Necron Immortal stats but Jetbikes
-Deep strike
-"Where'd they go?" They are equiped with invisibility drives (count as smoke launchers)

Scattered debris
-Deep strike (must)
-jump pack equivalent
-Suicide: the base may sacrifice a wound to inflict a wound on the opponent (with a -2 modifier to any save). 6" range
-Scarab Swarm Stats

Heavy Support
Big Cannons
-Front 14 Side 13 Back 13 BS 5
-Bad gu-: range 48. Saves are reduced by 2 rather than one. Otherwise the same as the Bad gun! Ba- special rule

Small Cannons
-Front 13 Side 12 Back 12 BS 5
-Bad gun! Ba-

The idea is that this is an army of living technology, from Omnissah's wrath or something. It is a low-model high-swarm based army that turns the enemies weapons against it. You like?

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I like the idea of having a “mercenaries” list that could work with any race, bar extremely xenophobic or hostile races (most Space Marine chapters, Necorns, Tyranids). Grovevians, Sslythe, and other suitably disgusting mon-keigh. The army would take a leaf out of the new Chaos Space Marine codex— certain HQ choices make make certain units Troop choices. That way, you can get highly customizable mercenary contingents.

Weapon systems would be a hodgepodge of Imperial and xenos technology. For example, Sslythe have a close trading relationship with the Dark Eldar and so they would be equipped with Shard Carbines and skimmers. Another race, say the Phyrix, would have heavily armored transports (AV 13/12/11) designed to punch through enemy lines and deploy brutal short range/close combat shock troopers. The Grovevians bounty hunters would infiltrate/outflank with teargas and other non-lethal weapons that ignore cover/most types of armor. I imagine that Fast Attack would be populated with things like dune buggies / air superiority fighters.

Ideally, there would be units that would behave like Lone Wolves or Marbo— hardcore bounty hunters and assassins that exist outside of normal command structures.

Statwise, I think that the army should be made up of f***ing bad***es. Naturally, the specifics would be determined by what kind of HQ you chose— you pick a Ssylthe HQ, you get a BS/WS4 T5 S5 trooper with 5+ and Feel No Pain. They would be the kind of xenos that Space Marines were engineered to fight and still have a hard time killing. Leadership should probably be low in order to represent non-ideological commitments.

The mercenary rules would further be designed such that they operate differently from the traditional Allies chart. Specifically, they would always be treated as desperate allies but count as scoring. Further, a mercenary army that is a primary detachment cannot take allies— these murderous cutthroats are on special assignment.

Overall, I think that the running theme here is an army of physically above average (MEQ) races that for whatever reason have had a difficult time competing on a galactic scale. These detachments could get extremely pricy with all the hardcore troopers and wargear, but you get what you pay for.

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