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eldrad killed twenty gk gohst nights
a skaven packmaster charged swoord masters and chased them of the table
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Had a game today, first turn my scout squad fired their snipers at a nurgle daemon prince. 5 hits 3 rends 2 wounds and not a single passed save. Typhus got into combat with my command squad and my Uriel Ventris model and managed to smack himself in the face for three rounds of combat before he managed to kill Ventris.

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The downside to a medium that allows the unlimited exchange of ideas, some people have some really stupid ideas.
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I've done this before too! It was really funny. But on the last turn he had one wound left and a forgotten near dead chimera shot a flamer and I rolled a 1. It was pretty funny.

A great man once said... well i can't seem to remember what he said. I should remember it though I said it.
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I had a ten man unit of Immortals take down Lelith Hesperax in the 3rd round of combat, while only losing one, RP is awesome haha

Peace, Love, and Mass Destruction

Necrons in 6th Edition W: 28 L: 9 D: 5
Orks in 6th Edition W:9 L:9 D:3

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F*** that, Barrel rolling monolith all the way.
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I was playing a Relic game (Necrons vs DA). Since Turn 3, the DA had the Relic in their posession. On turn 6, they dropped the relic due to some shots from some Deathmarks, so their closest tac squad was down to one man.

My last remaining scarab base out of 10 charged the tac-marine and held the marine in combat.

On turn 7, my last remaining Necron warrior grabbed the Relic and since I went second, the game ended right there.

The second would have to be an Ork Trukk surviving Railgun and Plasma Rifle shots for 3 turns straight thanks to night fight.

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Mine has easily got to be the time, my Dark Angels faced off against some Space Wolves.

It was just a standard objective game at the local store, final turn. I was blocking a Rhino's path with five man tactical squad.(Fully intending them to be a speed bump if you will.)
Anyway, a 10 man squad of Grey Hunters had proceeded to jump out in the previous turn. After a turn of shooting I had been dropped down to just 3 men.

Not the worst thing in the world. I was hoping my Sergent, with his power Sword, would cut down one or two before he went down.

However, just before the Assault Phase was to commence. "Wait I have a flamer!" *Insert crispy bacon sound here* Which covered all 3 of my marines, causing 3 wounds and me failing 2 saves. Goodbye Sergent and generic Bolter Marine. Leaving me with my last marine. With his Beakie Helmet he passed his leadership test. Stood his ground, and proceeded to be charged by the full squad.

He attempted a valiant Overwatch, but failed. (I'm picking due to his fury of having his friends killed off.) So as the Space Wolves crashed headfirst into him, he proceeded to bash one Grey hunter head in, with his one Boltgun attack. Killing him due to a failed save.

With a laugh, we agree just to roll half the attacks, thinking it's more than enough to finish the Champion off. Wrong. After having to make only 4 saves he was still standing. After a brief pause, the next half, and another 2 saves passed. Leaving only his Sergent with his Powerfist to finish the job. So he takes his best shots, at the one dog piled marine and only manages to get one hit through. Rolls to wound and rolls a 1.

The Space Wolf player is completely shocked, silent as a statue. I on the other hand, start bursting into laughter, along with the others watching.

The game comes to an end, a draw.

One Marine.

I believe a promotion is in order.

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Killed 4 terminators with 2 heavy bolters.

Also had a unupgraded guard squad kill thraka.

'Luck is the residue of design.' - John Milton

'Let the world tremble as it senses all you are about to accomplish.' - Luís de Camões
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Should probably say about my friends sally army: it is a bit of an iron storm list with 3 drop pods (sternguard and 2 dreds) and 3 land speeders all dropping in to support her rhino/razorback tank train... she also has a habit of misshaping on DS...

One game in particular (playing for KP) she had basically been cursed by lady luck: first turn she has 2 drop pods and decides to drop a dread behind enemy lines about 6" from the board edge... scatters off the board and is destroyed by the mishap table.
So, having suffered a bad mishap she decides lightning can't strike twice and puts the second dread in the same spot... and again, same thing happens and it dies.

... so 4 KP down to suicide and its not looking terribly good for her but she keeps going.
Turn 2 sees her second dread and a couple of speeders enter play... well this time she isn't risking the drop pod so puts it well away from the board edge, but the speeders are more of a throwaway so 1 gets put back in her favourite spot and the other close by the enemy forces... well lightning doesn't just strike twice, it finds a spot it likes and just keeps hitting, because the land speeder once again scatters off the table and dies (by this point a ragged cheer is going up as the game has quite a crowd watching). Worse follows as the other speeder scatters to about 1" away from an enemy unit, but the opponent was feeling rather bad and let it deploy rather then worrying about exact measure (with 5 free KP so far he could afford to be).

Turn 3 saw the final speeder enter play... and after some mild egging on she decides that its fate not to try her favourite DS spot once again... and yes, you've guessed it the speeder scatters off the table, much to amusement of everyone there.... we were basically all just rolling on the floor at that point. Sadly this speeder broke the chain though.
I honestly can't remember what happened to it at that point, perhaps it got put back in reserve, but I like to think the opponent got to place it and put it back in the spot she'd been aiming for all game; he's that sort of guy.

Probably the finniest game I've ever seen, made funnier since the guy she was playing normally has the worst luck in the world (such as me killing all 6 members of a GK inquisitor and retinue with 2+ or 3+ saves with 6 hits from an annihilation barge)... and funnier still for me as my daemons have had similar suicidal tendencies in the past. Somehow we expected the elite space marines with proper guidance to do a little better

We now take the piss outta my friend any time she tries to DS a pod within 12" of a board edge... even better is that I'm pairing up with her at the next WFB doubles... and she's taking goblins. With our standard luck we're almost guaranteed to kill off more of our own army then the opponents do :D

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I once had a small squad of fire warriors survive 2 or 3 rounds of combat against CC termies. They just kept failing to hit or wound, I even managed to kill 1 of them :D

I just imaged all the fire warriors beating on the termies helmets with the butts of there pulse rifles until it split open
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Best I had was a combo of both Fail and Luck. Basically I had a 5 Man MOK Terminator squad with a chainfist and his brethren. On the turn they arrived they were shot up and charged due to some unlucky scatter. He lost his brothers to a Company Master of the DA's and his retinue of terminators.

Each turn he'd take two terminators down and make all of his invulnerable saves. In doing so he managed to survive for a full game, kill a retinue and company master all by himself and single handedly tar-pitted my opponents most dangerous CC unit leaving my force to pick off his guns piece-meal.

Afterward I converted the model into a champion because he damn-well deserved it!

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