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Well That Was Unexpected
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Default So The New Daemons Update - Opinions?

Hey everyone.

I just finished writing an article about the new Daemon release for my Chaos Daemons blog (link in my sig) and I came on Heresy online, only to find it has gone largely unnoticed!

Sure there are a few discussions here and there, but not as much as I would have thought to be honest.

So I just thought I would start a thread and maybe russle up a few discussions and posts on the subject.

So, here are a few questions to get the ball rolling:

1. What do you guys think of the Chaos Daemon Update?

2. Do You like any of the new models, or better yet, have you purchased any?

3. How is your Daemon army fairing in 6th Edition? Tabling all before it, or gathering dust on your shelf?

4. Any previously non-Daemon players thinking of adding a few of the new models to your armies as Allies?

I have got a few games of 6th under my belt so far and I think Daemons can still win games (although it is difficult). I think the new wave of models and the rule changes have been great and are a marked change from Imperials always getting everything all the time.

The only disappointment for me is that some of the models are still ridiculously overpriced (Still 15.50 for ONE Fiend of Slaanesh! 30 for 5 Flesh Hounds?), and I'm also saddened that a few more Units didn't get their rules and profiles amended. Other than that I am still enjoying playing opponents with my Daemonic Horde and painting up my various models and can't wait for a few new purchases to arrive (two boxes of flamers and two boxes of Screamers).

So what about the rest of you Daemon players? What's your opinion of the update in the latest White Dwarf?

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As one of the previously non-Daemon players thinking of picking them up as allies, I think the new models look great, the Plague Bearers and Nurglings especially caught my eye. I think gameplay wise I'd love to have me a few units of Flamers. They could really take some of the power out of an assaulting unit.

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I play fantasy daemons. So they have never gathered dust on the shelf, the inclusion of the soul grinder makes it possible to field something big and gribbly that isn't a blood thirster. Perfect for smaller points games where a greater daemon wasn't possible.

flamers moved to special = good. They took a nerf but it was expected.

Haven't managed to buy me a white dwarf yet so don't know the full changes, but from a guess - they haven't included any other chariots other than slaanesh, this makes me sad.

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1. I'm sad that it wasn't CSM

2. I do like the new Chariots and Flamers. I'm not so fond of the Nurglings, they seem a bit cartoony. I have not purchased any, but I expect to get some Flamers

3. I don't have a Daemons army.

4. I'm definitely thinking of adding Daemon allies to my CSM army. They are just too good not to. The new Chariots seem a bit fragile at the moment. I'll need to see some reviews before I get some but with the point reduction to Flamers, I would be foolish not to add some to my list.

I'm also a little surprised that they didn't put out rules for Chariots for each of the gods. I think players would have been fine if they put out rules for all but only made the Slaanesh model, considering they still don't have Chariot models for the Heralds.

Although, I think Slaanesh might be the only feasible god to have a vehicle. Khorne and his Juggernauts, Nurgle too, are too slow to use the vehicle movement rules and Tzeentch tends to fly. That being said, I don't think the other gods will be getting AV Chariots

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i have a mono-slaanesh army; i am actually disapointed with the rules on the new chariots, FAR too fragile from anything besides it assaulting something.

now i havent played with them yet, since Demons are on a backburner on my table of what gets assembled.

the most disappointing thing about the chariots is that they cant hurt HEAVY units (dreads, LRs, deathstars, etc) with any consistency. and they cant buy any upgrades (like an armor save), namely Pavane.

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A few observations from a Daemon player, first I have not played any 6th yet we have one last tourney this weekend between friends then we go to 6th.

I think the chariots look really cool not sure, but think they would help with horde type armies. As Fallen stated a bit upset they can not hurt heavy units.

Don't like the new Flamers like the last two versions much better.

Like the new Nurglings, Screemers, and Plaguebearers.
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i thing the update is good but does it mean the daemon codex will be soon after the update or will it be shelved tell 7th since it got updated. i hope thats not it. as for the 6th ed games goten steam rolled by termies a couple times, tabled sisters.

iron freak how are the chariots weaker their the same codex rules overrides book rules
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1. I think it is OK in general but the new Screamer rules are filthy.

2. I like most of the new models but I definitely think the Blue Scribes look kack. I have bought none since I run a mono Khorne army (altough I did pick up a finecast Karanak over the weekend to lead my Flesh Hounds).

3. My mono Khorne list does not run as badly as I imagined it would do so in this edition. I have 2 DP's and a Bloodthirster for dealing with 2+ armour save models. Apart from that I rely on mass attacks. The only army I mildly struggle with would be GK's but that is to be expected I think.

4. I started my mono Khorne army by using 20 Bloodletters and a Bloodthirster as a small allies contingent for my army. However I liked using the daemon portion of the army and figured that I may like a full Khornate army. Turns out I do!

D-A-C: I made my Flesh Hounds under the advice of my local GW manager to use Fenrisian Wolves painted as Fleash Hounds and put on cavalry bases. I traded the termie bases in the box for cavalry bases and the entire 10 man unit cost me as much as 5 of the new Flesh Hounds so I am happy!

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this is fantastic, more plastic daemons to build up my Chaos forces.

not only that but i'll get all the finecast kit as well.

one thing bugs me though, why not release a box of 10 plastic furies as well for those who like the play on Chaos to Glory end (meaning non god affilliated) ahh well next time maybe?

But GW have done a magnificant job this time, kudos Gw, kudos.

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I like the update and I'm getting an exhaulted and a seeker chariot at release along with some flamers, using the squadron rules to have the seeker act as a buffer then charge with the exhaulted, and the same armour as a rhino means high strength shooting is going into them (can't be touched by s4 on the front/side) and not onto my DP or grater or crushers etc. cheap points fast and I feel at the moment there will be one hit wonders hit and kill a unit then die though this could change after trying them a few times. Overall I like the changes and screamers got one hell of a boost.
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