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What other sources do I need for Orkz?

I've been using the ork codex for a few months and am fairly familiar with it. But once in a while someone will bring in a unit or character that is not in the codex or in Apocalypse. The guys that do are decent fellows and the unfamiliar mobs are usually confirmed by the store owner or by other players.

There must obviously exist other sources of unit information than I'm aware of. I have the Ork codex (2008 ed. I believe) and whatever the Apocalypse book came out before 6th.
Where else would you recommend I go for Ork unit info?

Heck, or for any army.

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Thats weird, at my local store we try to refrain from using unconfirmed units because of their uncertainty. I'm sure other people on these forums can help you out but maybe ask the man/woman who brings them in where they get their data from.

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If some one is fielding a non-standard unit then I'd reckon they need to

A) ask you if you mind them using it and
B) give you the 100% details of what it can do.

just basic courtesy
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Imperial Armour books from forgeworld
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Well, okay, 'ere we go. In no particular order:

--The prior codices. The prior Ork Codices has a lot more fluff and a number of characters that were removed from play--from the 4th ed. there was the other named Warlord, Nazdreg Ug Urdgrub. Heck, there were whole units removed like the Skarboyz and Trukk Boyz from 4th ed.

--Sourcebooks. 'Ere We Go, Waaargh the Orks, and Freebooterz did not always have rules, but had a lot of fluff and bonus stuff. Zodgrod Wartsnagga, who was a special Runtherd character and Makari, Ghazghkull's Gretchin banner waver showed up in there. (And they have their own minis, too.)

--White Dwarf. There are a lot of issues that have Ork fluff. For instance WD389 and 390 (June and July of this year, respectively) has a battle report on Orks v. White Scars v. Necrons. WD259 has the Feral Ork Codex (and it's Chapter Approved). I like it since it has rules (albeit outdated ones) about fielding a Squiggoths in the Heavy Support slots in non-Apoc levels. Find a store that sells the old issues and just leaf through them.

--Gorkamorka. The now defunct game had the following sourcebooks: Gorkamorka, Da Uvver Book, and Digganob. It also had its own line of minis. The Orks are smaller in stature (more along the lines of a yoof, than a full-grown boy). And there were different looking vehicles (their trukks are more like the warbuggies in the present line).

And then there's the unofficial stuff like Citadel Journal, which was a fanzine and the RPG stuff from Fantasy Flight Games (one of the Deathwatch expansions had a profile of Big Mek Buzzgob, who also appears in Forgeworld).

And I think that's about it. *Goes back to check OP.* For a lot of info (that may or may not be canon) check out sites like the Lexicanium. It has a lot of info on all things 40K (and FB, since there is a sister site).

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After reading your posts, I think the one of the guys is "updating" old codex entries. That, and the unique runtherd sounds familiar.
I'll be sure to ask him when I see him this weekend.
Thank you much, good sirs.


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Do some eBay hunting for old codexes and White Dwarf. Also, Imperial Armor (mentioned above) can be found sometimes for substantially lower than retail.

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If you get the imperial armour book that has orks, you get a whole new army list based on mekaniacs. The white dwarf with flyers has the rules for flyers. Other than regular apoc books that's all you need.

If an apponent wants to use special units from these sources, I'm generally ok with it as long as they have the rules entry with them. Who hasn't wanted to use some of those cool units.
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You should also print the FAQ from GW's site.

It has some updates to the codex to make it compatible with 6th edition.

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