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Default Tomb Blades or Wraiths???

So im trying to decide which one (Tomb Blades or Wraiths) to add to my list but I cant make up my mind. Right now my list is pretty shooty so im not sure if I should stick with that theme and go Blades or if I should give myself a CC option with the Wraiths. Anyway Im looking to you guys for help....what do you guys think about Blades and Wraiths and which do you think I should go with?

Thanks Guys

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I vote Wraiths. Their pretty deadly, and very hard to kill.

Also once you've faced a few people with them they'll start to focus on killing them first (witch is easier said then done) so the rest of your stuff can live to shoot more!

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If you want to focus on shooting, tomb blades can help you well. Same range as everything else and wont pin down a unit in an assault that you want to be pouring gunfire into, like termies. Wraiths won't generally wipe terminators out, and no sane SM player is going to voluntarily pull them out of the assault, unless they plan on immediately re-assaulting. I find the only thing able to reliably kill warriors, or any necrons really, is dual claws termies. THSS just sit there and stalemate, especially if you have an orb and an ark nearby.

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I vote for wraiths. I run a unit of 3 wraiths in my 2000 point necron list and it does well. You just gotta get it in your head that they are not going to slaughter heavy assault targets. The problem in my oppinion with the bikes is that they don't add anything that you don't have from your troops and annihilation barges and they take up a slot that could be scarabs. Wraiths on the other hand gives you some reactionary ability which is handy when dealing with drop posed guys and outflankers. Those three wraiths can do quite a bit of damage to some guys dropping ino your lines. They can take out guys that scarab would be wasted on.

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Tomb blades are jetbikes, they can operate as a QRF as well and don't have to get into assault range to do it. Don't get me wrong, I love wraiths. But 5 S6 blast templates are nothing to scoff at, especially on something as mobile as a jetbike. You can give them sheildvanes and they get a 3+. They don't have the 3++ of the wraiths, but then, they can also shoot at enemies effectively.

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I'd go with tomb blades as well, simply to keep the current flavour of your army.

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I think Wraiths give a Necron list more options than Tomb Blades do. The entire Necron Codex shoots and is pretty good at it and Tomb Blades tend to add more of the same (though the blast templates are pretty awesome). Wraiths add an entirely new element to your army though, allowing you to either aggressively or defensively assault enemy units and win, something that can't really be found anywhere else in the book.
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The big thing the Tomb Blades have going for them, other than shooting is Reanimation Protocols. Wraiths are typically more survivable, though strength 8 does ID them, but Tomb Blades have a chance to get back in the fight. The big thing is points cost and how you would load either group out.

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Putting the tesla or gauss weapons on the blades is, in my opinion, a massive waste. Why get a flying immortal when you can just get two immortals? Necrons don't do MSU very well, and operate best in FLU. Get the unit of ten immortals over the five blades.

However, immortals can't take particle beamers (Oh god, if they could...) while blades can. Tomb blades are highly mobile, and will simply kite any enemy the opponent tries to throw at them. Against hordes, they are amazing. You want to have imotekh so they can avoid the worst shooting (AP3 or better weapons tend to be fairly scarce, and longer range than others), and give them shieldvanes to force the enemy to prioritize their fairly less common AP3 firepower their way. The downside? Five models. This is why you need Imotekh, so they can't be focused to death to deny RP. There is really very little that can take advantage of the night fighting better than tomb blades can. High mobility with a 24" range and the ability to quickly zip to a flank is great. Even things like Wraiths still have to hope for the best when using the 24" range, as they will almost always get shot at while moving forward.

On the other hand, Deepstriking wraiths behind terrain is a really nasty trick. The enemy will want to get rid of them before they simply jump over the terrain and charge something. They are big, killy, and scary, and supremely hard to kill. However, S8 instant death (Hammernators/PFists, anyone?) is a threat, as is being shot to death.

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Wraiths. Deadly, stabby, fast, hard to kill. What more do you want? I've yet to see a Wraith squad not make back its points value and more in kills.
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