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I was playing my orks with Nob bikers and a warboss on a bike. The squad was about 8 or 9 altogether. It was a large game, but it was allies based, so orks were teamed up with Daemons, and Space Marines were teamed up with Dark Eldar (We were playing for fun, so we ignored any allies rules). The daemons were running the special character who makes every in CC reroll misses. The DE were running a special character that caused everyone in the combat to reroll failed wounds in the combat he was in. So, My nobs got charged by a squad of Assault Marines, a squad of DE jetbikes, and the DE special character and retinue. After some completely ridiculous rolls, my Nobs came out only suffering 3 wounds altogether. But they had dished out 20+ in return. Needless to say, my opponents broke, I caught the Marines, but they passed enough of their saves for the squad to remain enough in tact, but the jetbikes ran off the table, and the DE special character squad was decimated.

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One time when i was playing my Tau against SM, he charged 4 terminators into a squad of 6 or 7 Fire Warriors, He proceeded to miss all his attacks for 2 turns of combat (so, his charge, then his attacks during my phase, then his turn again etc.), yet i managed to kill one of them

I had this hilarious image of a bunch of Fire Warriors freaking out while trying to break open terminator armour with the butts of their rifles although i think he wiped them the next round of attacks.
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I nearly forgot this one but something here sparked my memory. I was playing my Necrons versus Orks. I scored a Ramshackle/Careen on an Ork Trukk(think I got all that right). My opponent got really excited when I rolled for the direction and distance as it put the 12 Orks inside in range to assault my Necrons his next turn, but not close enough for me to assault him. But perhaps he celebrated a little too much. When I rolled to wound for the exploding vehicle, I rolled 11 5s and 6s(needed 5+ to wound because open topped). Of those 11 wounds, he made 2 armour saves. So, somehow, a strength 3 explosion killed 9 toughness 4 models.

"Fetch me another plaything. This one seems to have broken." -Urien Rakarth

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The only one I can think of right now is one where me and my friend were playing a free for all game with a tau player. My friend was playing CSM and I was playing regular SM. At one point, his rhino had a squad of berzerkers with a skull champ. Me, being the regular dickish SM player, who also happened to need a KP, made his rhino explode which also killed one or two of his berzerkers. The tau player had two full fire warrior squads on the ridges that my friend was making a move for. Well the entire berzerkers squad, except for the skull champ, got mowed down the turn before he was able to assault. When the champ finally got into CC, he got killed before he could cause any wounds since the champ had a PF. Needless to say I think, I preceded to die after that point. So the tau player won. Damn Karma

My youtube channel. Feel free to stop by and have a look if you're interested. I do Airsoft, some warhammer related videos, and gaming videos.

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Not my most weirdest moment ever, but recent so it's fresh in my mind.

My Ork Killa Skullz vs. Chaos Space Marine Nurgle 1500 points. I run small mobs of Sluggar Boyz in Trukkz. Abaddon was on the board sitting in cover. My turn came and three Trukkz unloaded and prepared to assault him. Everyone in the store watching thought I had lost my mind assaulting Abaddon, but I just shrugged and said it was the Orky way (I should have taken bets). Anyway, my Orks opened up with their Sluggaz, while the Big Shootas offered their covering fire, the Warboss also used its one Kombi-Skorcha to give the scary man in Termintor Amrour a blast of fire. When the smoke settled and I was about to give the go ahead to charge, Abaddon one of my most feared models was a toasty, piece of Swiss cheese.

My opponent was the least happy and the rest of the spectators pretty much said oh... and walked away. Made me smile.

"If all else fails: duck. As a defensive stratagem it's unreliable, but incredibly
reassuring for a moment or two"
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Mine was at a tourney (SL heats) where basically a chimera ground a mega-armoured warboss with PK into the ground, after a semi - failed DoG which ripped off the multilaser. Proper Trollface moment (so flukey, given that almost ANY other result would have saved the poor blighter), given that i had a parking lot which was becoming increasingly full of orksies and Killa Kans.

By extension, this has shown me again why i love MEHTAL BAWKSES, as they kill stuff they really shouldn't be able to (or will murder them like nothing else).

General Antonius, Task force Iron Storm cmdr, Cadian 9th Mechanised Infantry Rgt.


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Wierd moment happenned a couple weeks ago, I was playing a big Planetstrike games with a couple friends, my CSM vs their Dark Eldars/Space Wolves. The wolve's Long Fangs fired two Plasma Cannons at one of my unit, they both scattered into a bunch a Wyches nearby, and destroyed the whole unit, leaving Asdrubael Vect and a single Wych. I then fired 3 bolt pistols at them, got one wound, which was put on Vect...who failed his 2++. Some more shooting and Vect was alone, without his 2++ save, in front of my Land Raider. The SW player now ows a beer to the DE.
And in the same game, a lone Aspiring Champion killed a Wolf Lord on Thunderwolf after he massacred his unit.

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