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Default Who is your unkillable mini?

So, who is your unkillable mini? I mean in gameplay, not your fluff. I have a Crimson Fist that pulled duty as a Sternguard, then a Sergeant in several games. He has survived assaults by Terminators, jet bikes, and a whole slew of other baddies. In my last game he survived a barrage from a Sisters of Battle Exorcist. Here he is in all his glory and I run him as is with the PF and SB. These days, I run him as a Captain as a promotion.

I've nicknamed him Captain Wayne after John Wayne since he wades into battles and kicks some.

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My 10th Company Master. I have rules with my friends that allows him to Infiltrate with my scouts, and as yet he has destroyed with his lads:
- An Ork Skulhamma
- 3 Land Raiders
- A 4th ed Carnifex (back in the day)
and a bunch of other stuff I can't remember. Funny thing is, he's never been killed in action or in retaliation. Ever.

Beats me why, considering he almost always makes his point back up

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Spanner's got some great advice as well... Listen to that wise man.

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My parasite of mortrex he's only been killed once and that was by a Titan in close combat that he rended twice (no lasting damage) before that he took a 10" melta blast that wiped his gargoule shield and numerous small arms fire he lives still.
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Daemon Prince, took out almost 600pts of Space Marines and Imperial Guard on his own, and then survived a charge from 5 Seer Council with attached Farseer and Fortune, managing to survive two rounds of combat whilst taking no wounds, and then killing the Farseer and running down the squad. He's also beaten up two Drop Pods and a squad and a half of Grey Hunters with a combination of Wind of Chaos and his CC attacks - he'd have finished off the GH, too, if Berzerkers hadn't gotten there first.


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My Wolf Scouts were unkillable in my last game, they more than paid for themselves and were pretty much the last men standing (the rest of my army had been decimated by the end...)
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Currently, Eldrad.

But that's because I don't let him near anything he can't handle.

.......Let alone get out of his Falcon.
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That would be Victory Nob. He's raising his fist...er klaw in triumph and clad in his lucky blue armor. He might not always live til the end but before he dies he normally takes out something big, usually at the cost of his boyz but oh well!

His best game he blew up the Vindicator that blew up his ride, then killed about 6 Khorne Berzerkers, about 8 normal Chaos Marines, and finally killed two Obliterators before falling to the same Obliterators Powerfist. That whole time his boyz didn't do anything other then serve has meat shields.

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F*** that, Barrel rolling monolith all the way.
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Does Saint Celestine count?

But being honest it would have to be Duke Sliscus the Serpent. He has single handily killed warbosses, space marine captain with a command squad and many other foes. He has never died.
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Let's see. My Urien Rakarth and Sanguinor have never fallen but they are used rarely. Imotekh survived his first(only so far) game because special rules kept him in reserve until turn four. He came on with a squad of Warriors and took control of an objective to win the game. I had never lost Dante until about a month ago when a Void Mine was dropped on his head. But my personal favorite is my Assault Squad Sergeant. He survived two rounds of combat alone against 20 Orks before falling. But I say he survived and that's why I now have an Assault geared Captain. I also had a lone Tactical Marine(squad blown apart by Leman Russ) survive a shot from a Chem Cannon(AP 3 flamer template) and then destroy the tank it was attached to the next turn. He became my no upgrade sergeant model.

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My most memorable has got to be my Assault Marine Sergent from a recent tournament.

Was playing against a fantastic Guard player, and he had the last turn of the game and needed to remove my 6-7 man Assault Marine squad from the objective to draw the game. A Manticore, a Leman Russ, a Platoon Command squad, and I'm fairly sure another Leman Russ as well all fired at the squad with the Sergent making all the required saves and single-handedly winning me the game

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