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i would have to say the hardest game i played was against a thousnad sons player. granted that my word bearers or centered closely on cc with the exception of my 8 terminators that i use for heavy firepower and a few of my daemons. this guy soaked up so much damn firepower with just his normal rubric marines that by the time most of my squads got close enough to lay a chainaxe on them they were to few in number to do any real dammage so i got raped. especially by the damn psychic abilities, he killed my dark apostle's whole squad of chosen with ahriman from afar! but my dark apostle killed him in cc before getting torn to pieces with my khorne berserker squad by unrelenting firepower. thousand sons hands down.

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Toughest army to fight...
It really depends on how yours is built vs how theirs is built. I think the only army which has given me problems consistently is Ultramarines.
I have never lost to the Tau with any of my armies, nor the Tyranids. I have rarely lost to the IG, or Chaos or Space Wolves. Necrons, occasionally... depending on whether they use both the Nightbringer and the other C'tan at the same time, or just one, or neither.

Vae victus.

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hmm i think it really depends on what army i'm using, but a good mech eldar army isn't typically so fun.
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Hardest to beat for me is the nids, they have a great combination of speedy cannon fodder to tie you down and just when you finish em off, the big boys roll up to put the boot in...
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Hardest army that I have faced to date, madly enough, was orcs. A squad of nobz in cc really did it for me. We replayed the same game to make sure it wasn't a fluke with the same result... a lost combat and sweep with the lord getting caught up in it again...but the scarabs did alright

Too many orcs, makes my head hurt...

Did I mention that I like scarabs...

Good afternoon gentlemen...

Scarab count at T-26...
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Its between Orks or Dark eldar
Orks because their guns are too annoying.
DE because well they're DE!!!!

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anymore veiw on the hardest army to vs

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Big bug armies, although that could just be my force composition. Horde armies don't give me to much trouble since most of my marines are setup as anti-infantry. Haven't had many battles against tanks, but with my inability to hit with lascannons, I imagine I'd have a bit of trouble.

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Plague Marines.

Everything you hate about Necrons- but with one higher effective toughness, and they don't even phase out!

On a more Army-specific level, my Orks don't mind much else.

My Space Marines have a hard time with even a mediocre Tyranid force.


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to be honest...for me its guardsmen
all thosw doctrines make them almost as strong as space marines
i use dark eldar
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