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Icon If you could make a Brand New Codex, which would you make?

Posted this elsewhere, but I don't think anyone saw it...

If you could have GW make a new codex- and that is either a subdivision of an existing one (a new chapter codex - or an Aspect Eldar codex), or a codex never before seen ... what would you want it to be? =D

I'll leave my own opinion for a later post, I want to hear what everyone else would love to see.

And if you could include Why, that would be great!

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- Hammerman
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I would make a second faction to the Tyranids.

Similar to Space marine factions codexes. This one would be called "Hive Fleet Leviathan" or something like that. The current nid dex would eventually be known as "the vanilla nids". Hive Fleet leviathan would excel at killing heavy-armor or something, and have different stats for certain models. Maybe Hive fleet leviathan are slightly better at ranged shooting, or specializes in nidzilla. Idunno. I know I would play the army.

Would anyone else go for this?

and I would include them because the tyranids are just kind of built for other factions. The fluff states all these different hive fleets floating around, all different from one another in some way. Don't you think it would make sense if these hive fleets had seperate codexes? It would also be a cheap way for GW to sell more tyranid models, just publish the book. they could make pyrovores broken or something and they would sell like wildfire. :D

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Codex: Astartes - A codex for pre-heresy marine armies
Codex: The Lost and the Damned - A codex for mortal chaos-worshippers.
Codex: Chaos Legions - Not a codex in itself, but a supplement for the current chaos codex that allows the owner to field a legion with more of it's fluffy traits, at a cost of course.

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Well, my initial thought is to say a codex of the Chapter I'm creating. But, not quite there yet. I would like to see the Space Marine codex divided up. Something like Codex Imperial and Crimson Fists. Codex Ultramarines and so on. Is like more detail and fluff built up for those smaller chapters than what's out there.
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I would create a Ctan Dex necron codex expansion. It wouldn't make the current book irrelevent as this is just an expansion. Basically a re-run of 3rd Ed necrons with more fluff from the Ctans point of view and the overlords who are loyal to the surviving Ctan. It would be a great way to fix any holes created by the new lore and a brialliant way to bring those players back who felt alienated or shunned by the new book while keeping newer players happy as they can simply stick with the main book.

Either way thats my idea

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I think there's enough good ideas in the 40K universe for GW to double the number of codices, at least, so deciding upon just one codex that I would add is a bit difficult.

In the end it comes down to a choice between two options.

Firstly, I would love to see GW take some of the ideas from the Imperial Armour books and the Eye of Terror Lost and the Damned list, and produce a "Traitor Guard" codex. Adding mutants, cultists, and possibly daemons around the core of the existing IG codex would be great.

Secondly, I'd like to see more Xenos races, to add to the diversity in the universe. Space-rat-men would not be a bad idea at all... but they could still bring back the Dwarf archetype in some way

I think adding non power armoured warriors to the ranks of Chaos would get my choice.

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I would love to see a all Adeptus Mechanicus codex. There could be some cool ideas and badass models

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Chaos Space Dwarves!!!!

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I'd make Codex Space Skaven. Cause F**K YOU! That's why!

Seriously though I love those guys in WHFB.

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+1 to Adeptus Mechanicus

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