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Default The Use of Storm Troopers

I have a squad of these guys although I haven't played Imperial Guard since 4th edition. Now that I'm rebuidling my guard army I want to use the Storm Troopers but I'm not sure what to do with them. They have a bunch of special rules and relatively good stats and gear for IG. A lot people will tell you to run them 5-strong as a suicide melta unit but I want to try and get the most out of a 10-man squad because I guess I'm just a sucker for 200 point squads of guardsmen.

With their short range and special deployment rules it's a waste to deploy them in the main line so they should be out there performing disruption and aggressive attacks, but how? I could give them plasma guns and infiltrate them into midfield, or deep strike them onto MEQ that need to die. I could give them meltaguns and outflank them into tanks and weaker backfield support squads (with 8 hellpistols, 2 meltas and 3 attacks on the charge they could probably take down a small devastator or loota squad).

Help me do something with these guys.

*Oops, meant to post in tactics

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Try them as a suicide Plasma Squad. With a 4+ Save there's only a low risk of blow up, there's 2 to a squad, can deep strike, and with BS4, means that you can actually hit something.

Yeh, I'm afraid that's all I've got, and I know you don't want that. There's just not enough support without gearing your entire army for air-cav that any squad of Storm Troopers is relegated into that role (and according to fluff, perform often very similar roles anyway).

I suppose you could use them to Pin an enemy unit then hit it with a Collossus round or 3?

I run Elysian,s which is sort of different, as I have a ton of Anti-infantry firepower but no real heavy weapons (as I can't take Vendetta's for Transport), and so rely on maximising my other units potential in anti-heavy infantry (Terminators are major pain when all you've got is about 12 Multiple Rocket Pods to take them on with), or vehicle.

WHich is where 2 squads of minimum Storm Troopers come in.

Unfortunately, there's no call whatsoever to use more than 10 Stormies in a Squad when you have spare Elite choices - and you should have spare elites, as there's no unit that's anywhere worth taking aside from for personal kinks in the Guard army - you can just double up on your firepower, and you don't throw 200pts and valuable special weapons away when they land in terrain, get hit by a Demolisher or 3, or mishap in some other way.

Lootas - are they still taken?

As for Long Fangs - you vastly out cost them, so you should beat them - but when you then get blown away by 5-10 Krak Missiles the following shooting phase after wiping them out, you'll have suicided them - exactly the role you seem to want to avoid.

Alternatively, you could run squads of 5 with 2 special weapons in a Chimera, supporting chimera or aircav vets.

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always outfit them in chimeras to give added protection and still use outflank,scout ability
also slap em into vendettas/valks and use their paratrooper ability.

there is a ton of ways to use them if your wishing to spend the points. but in the end it comes down to the roles they will play, and the tactics of the army

a full scout move army. how would i achieve this? for elites it could be 3 squads of stormies, with troop squads mounted in vendettas/valks, and rush an opponet.

for a gun line, chimera mounted which provides the "harassment" element needed

mobile, chimera of vendetta/valk

overall the options for stormies is actually endless, but it comes back to square 1, what is their role in your army, what is the game plan of the army. and what are the players tactics.

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I field stormtroopers religiously.

Mainly because my army is foot slog guard so it moves... slooooow.

Stormies are my answer to whirlwinds. Units that try and hide from the plethora of weapons in my platoons. Harassing the backfield.

Stormie, more then likely, die. Horribly. The main point is you want them to do something specific. I tailor mine to counter vehicles, 2 meltas a piece.

But, I do throw in 2-3 extra troopers, cause you never know when you are going to want them to shoot down some stupid devastators or to soak up some extra wounds.
I usally field 2 of these squads, throw in marbo, and have a couple squads of outflanking sentinals

They may not make their points back. not the point. You want them to mess up your opponents plan. What MEQ player in his right mind is going to let a bunch of guys with AP3 lasguns walk around his deployment zone? They distract your opponent. Forces his to shoot his longfangs at some stormtroopers instead of a tank.

Also in a tourny you can change up your deployment options. Stormies are an excellent choice in my book.

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I usually use storm troopers in squads of 5, with 2 plasma guns and sometimes with a plasma pistol on the sergeant. Personally, I feel that this is the cheapest and safest way to field plasma in the IG codex.Then, I deep strike them next to something I want to die, and fire away! That's a high volume of plasma shots, and a fair number of hellgun shots, so usually they accomplish what they set out to do. Sometimes (but rarely) they even survive long enough to shoot again!

Alternatively I do sometimes use meltaguns as well, but I am a much bigger fan of using heavy weapons against tanks, so I usually stick with the plasma.

Either way though, I find they work best in small groups with a specific target in mind.
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