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Originally Posted by Samules View Post
That, that is very disturbing.
Just reading Wards notes...

I am the greatest that humanity has to offer, and the lowest.
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Space Marines Dreads could take paired weapons in second that was phased out 13 years ago. Not until a few years ago could you take a dual weapon aka Mortis pattern dread in a standard game. There are a ton of examples of that going from 2nd to 3rd. What I have been trying to point out to you is since then they have tried to keep everything pretty much on the same page so people would stop having useless models.

Beginning to wonder if you grew up around Ward and he touched you in your no no spot for all the hate you have for the guy, shit fluff, got it and I agree. But his 40k rules have been solid and balanced with what has been published in the last few books.

Silly rule: Create a thread that mentions Matt Ward and roll a 1D6 on a 1-6 get ready for a flame war, on a 7+ it will all be ok.
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Originally Posted by Zion View Post
However, that would be someone to be more upset with for a better reason than needing to take a few writing classes.
Exactly. It pisses me off to no end. Yes, Ward can be a horrible writer but at least he's not in it for the money and tries to make the hobby better (although he doesn't succeed a lot of the time).

Some shit that really pissed me off (both found in last year's annual report):
-Mark Wells mentions that in finding the right employees: "The politically correct need not apply."
-Tom Kirby gave himself a 20% pay rise.

And people bitch about Ward.

Really people, are you ignorant or just stupid?

Originally Posted by Aramoro View Post
Russ is a midget, FACT.

In fact the Spear of Russ is not in fact a spear at all, it's just the name given to the occurrence when someone accidently picks Russ up and throws him at someone.
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Farseer Special Rule; "No you fool!!!"

When the Farseer of an Eldar army is killed roll a 1d6. On a roll of a 4+ the game ends, with the Farseer stating "No you fool! We were trying to prevent their attack!" At this point a new army of a different appears on the board that is 1000 points higher then the base games point values. Restart at turn 1 and continue play.
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Originally Posted by Vaz View Post
@Jaysen - so do all other Codex chapters, and other chapters larger than the Blood Angels like the Black Templars and Space Wolves are likely to have more Assault Marine equivalents than the Blood Angels.

As for things going faster - I have no problem with the Overcharged engines - but what makes the Blood Angels "Lucifer" Pattern engines so much more powerful than the White Scars modified Overcharged Engines? As for the "Red Wuns Go Faster", it's not so much about the laws of Physics here, and not even about the rules - the Ork Mentality is simply that if they want it to work, it will do. That has little to do with why Blood Angels mechanics and all their secondary foundings are so much better at making faster engines while the rest of the galaxy is stuck with their relatively shitty engines.
Blood Angels have been close combat specialists for a long while, it's nothing new. In 3rd edition, they all got what was equivalent to furious charge and they randomly charged forward each turn. Since that got nerfed, they needed an advantage to fill the gap, so they gave them more assault squads and assault tactics. In order to sell more models, they added the fast vehicle rule and got rid of the extra "overcharged" engines special rule. I think that has been a trend to get rid of codex specific rules and replace them with something out of the main rulebook. So, out with overcharged engines, in with "fast" vehicles. I have no idea where the Sanguinor, Astorath, and Storm Ravens came from, but they do bring some interesting stuff to the army choices. None are game changers or especially good for their points.

What is a potential game changer for Blood Angels is the ability to remove jump packs and get discounted transports. This makes them so much more pt efficient, that you will rarely see a tactical squad in a BA competitive list.

Now, can we get back on topic? Got any funny homebrew rules or characters?
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Ward writes Codex: Space Sharks

Carcharadons Astra
Home planet: Great White
Planet type: Ocean world
Hammerhead staff: works like a thunder hammer but has a shark's head
Chapter Master: Mako Sharkstein
Special chapter rule: Blood in the water, whenever blood is spilt within 12" of a Space Shark, he will go made with feeding frenzy, gaining Rage special rule, and +1 attacks. The Space Shark cannot make ranged attacks for the remainder of the game.
Space Sharks have a new vehicle called the Storm Shark, very similar to a Storm Raven, but it's much more bad arse cause it looks like a shark.
Space Shark Chaplains are called Shark Priests.
Shark Priests have Littanies of Jaws, instead of Littanies of Hate.
Command Squads of the Space Sharks have the option of upgrading one veteran to a Shark Champion, that is in every way exactly like a Company Champion. But, he's very sharky.
All Space Sharks have jet black eyes, with no white parts. They all have oversized triangular shaped and wickedly pointed teeth. Veterans are called Bulls, Assault squads are called Mako squads, and Devastators are called Great Whites.
Elites choice: Loan Shark, can be upgraded with a Landshark Mount, which gives the Loan Shark +2S, +2 attacks made at initiative 6, cavalry.
Shark Priests double as psychers and have the psychic powers: Ancient Dynoshark (Priest does a wound to every model with a toughness attribute within 12" on a 4+), Call to blood (Priest douses the battlefield with the scent of blood, causing all Space Sharks to go into feeding frenzy as described in special rule "blood in the water"

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Farseer Special Rule; "No you fool!!!"

When the Farseer of an Eldar army is killed roll a 1d6. On a roll of a 4+ the game ends, with the Farseer stating "No you fool! We were trying to prevent their attack!" At this point a new army of a different appears on the board that is 1000 points higher then the base games point values. Restart at turn 1 and continue play.
LOL Brilliant, should also include a mandatory "take a picture of your opponents face as you field a brand new 1000PT army mid battle" rule.

"In the absence of orders, go find something and kill it" - Erwin Rommel
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New rule in Codex: Necrons!

Phone a Friend:

If at the beggining of any turn in which the Necron player is behind on kill points or captured objectives (Not contested) then on a 3+ the Necron player may summon Commander Dante and a unit of Blood Angels Assault Marines (tooled as the Necron player wishes) by deep strike. The Dante and Blood Angel models are now controlled by the Necron player for the rest of the game. These do not come out of the Necron players points allowance.

Phone a Friend (Blood Angels edition):

This works exactly the same as the Necron version except that the Silent King (Use the profile of a Necron Overlord-may be tooled as players wishes) and a company of Priarch Praetorians deep strike in.

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New Ork Codex

BBQ Boyz.

BBQ Boyz consists of four Ork Boyz and one Gretchin.


Weber BBQ
Various BBQ implements.

BBQ Boyz must be randomly deployed within the battlezone. BBQ Boyz can receive hits and wounds but can not be killed, although if BBQ Boy is hit and suffers a wound the BBQ Boy is allowed to seperate from the rest of the BBQ Squad and is entitled to a free glassing on each of the opponents scoring unit. This automatically causes 1 wound to targeted Glassee.

Each turn on a single D6 Each member of the BBQ Squad consumes the amount of Brewskies. Once a BBQ Boy reaches 24 Brewski points, they are allowed the much vaunted URINATION on the ROSES rule, they then roll a single D6 to indicate how many Brewskis they can urinate on the roses. The Brewskis have no purpose but to annoy opponents

Also the BBQ Boyz must once per game have an all in brawl with opponents HQ, this is covered by the much anticipated "What the fuck you looking at" rule. Intoxicated BBQ Boyz don't like to be stared at, especially when we introduce the BBQ WAGS (Wives and Girlfriends), and we all know that BBQ Boyz get jealously protective of their main squeezes. This rule is enacted with a roll of 2D6, regardless of what is rolled the BBQ Boyz get their arses smacked and return back to their BBQing and drinking.

After the game is finished the BBQ Boyz end the game by shagging their WAGs.

Any thoughts

Ultramarines are Pussies

Except Dark Angels, any chapter that sounds like a Death Metal Band can't be that bad.
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Originally Posted by eyescrossed View Post
Mark Wells mentions that in finding the right employees: "The politically correct need not apply."
That pissed you off?

Really people, are you ignorant or just stupid?
I think the same applies here.

@jaysen - please, don't comment any more on what I've said. You obviously don't have a clue about what I'm talking about, so please don't muddy the water.

For the characters, like Astorath etc - that's well and good (despite what i personally feel about Special Characters inclusion in the 40K skirmish level games), but there's no actual reason as to why Blood Angels *should* have Assault Marines as troops, or Fast vehicles, as other Chapters have that - it's explicitly stated the codex chapters have an 8th Assault Company and that each battle company has at least 2 Assault Marine Squads, and it specifically states that Blood Angels have no more Assault marines than other chapters, and it specifically states that the White Scars overcharge their Rhino chassis to support their bike mounted troops.

I can remember the initial incredulity as to why bike Mounted Space Marine Captains could have Bike Mounted Command Squads and allow bikes as Troops in 5th Edition, but not the same for Jump Pack Captains to have a Jump Pack Command Squad and Assault Marines as troops.

I'm a space marine player, for christs sake, and I get pissed off at the amount of different rules that are renamed, or slightly tweaked so as not to be direct copies.

The differences between the armies are in their fluff, and very little more - the rules can, and should be able to reflect that.

And now you mention in Djinn, it's just suddenly come back to me, Matt Ward tried to "press the doorbell" when he was a babysitter for my parents way back when. Been repressed all these years.

No - the reason I "hate" Mat Ward is the fact I can see very little that he has actually done well at. All I have been able to see is failure among the mediocre.

Sorry for not celebrating mediocrity, folks.

I'll be sure to give my friends a "Well Done, you participated" medal next time they come last in anything they do.

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Originally Posted by Bindi Baji View Post
It's not a black and white question really, there are different shades of anal probing,
a rectum spectrum, if you will
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