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The Nightbringer:


Tbh that's probably still an under-estimate of his true power.

Oh, and by G3 I mean 3 Gargantuan wounds, which I'm pretty certain comes to 60 wounds in total...

EDIT: And yes, Strength "D" meaning "Destroyer".

EDIT 2: Obviously couldn't be used in a real game. But if he ever was these would be his stats true to fluff. Oh, and he'd also have his epic starship in orbit providing 6" Blasts with AP1 and S10.

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@jaysen; the only things i have changed from the codex is the -1 T, the +1 A and Sv and the power weapons; they already had fleet and infiltrate. i think the PW is negated by the -1 T as they will be a more initial charge unit. maybei under priced them at 20, maybe 23 ish.

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Originally Posted by Jack Mac View Post
Eldar Autarch
-stats and points as normal, but there is an optional upgrade:
Ancient: 30 points.
The Autarch has spent eons fighting; her bones have hardened, along with her soul, and she fights with the grim determination of the old.
-1 W, +1 S, T, Eternal Warrior, forcefield save improved to 3++

So that gives us:
Ancient Autarch:
ws bs s t w i a ld sv
7...7..4 4 2 7 4 10 3+/3++
I think that would be okay. Those are some truly significant benefits, but the reduction of a wound is also huge. With those benefits, I would still have to think hard about taking an Autarch, but I might actually do it. It'd be better than taking them only as "+1 to reserves, with a meltagun".

Upon reviewing what I just wrote, the only addition I would like to suggest is that after "she fights with the grim determination of the old" one could add, "(suck it, Dante! She gets EW!)"
Sounds like what you want is a phoenix lord!
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Originally Posted by jaysen View Post
Ummm... no?

SM Captain in Terminator Armor does not have near that stat line and cost 10pts more.

How about this one:

Grand Champion 130pts

WS 6, BS 5, S 4, T 4, W 3, A 3, LD 10, SV 2+/5+
Then stat your SM up blud! It's an ideal world and all

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Id like to see BS 4 on ork shooty specialists like lootas. Or at least make the deffguns heavy 3 instead of heavy d3. They are genetically engineered to love shooting stuff, so surely they would have aquired at least a modicum of skill along the way.
Id also like to see obliterators loose a point of their BS, or 1 wound. Necron warriors getting rapid fire even after moving would be a nice touch also.
Lone wolves need plus 1 strength and deepstrike.
One lash per army.
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Originally Posted by spanner94ezekiel View Post

6 5 4 4 4 6 4 10 2+/4++

Except give him the option for a DA-specific honour guard, like with relic blades called Lion's Claws, and plasma pistols. Obvs he still keeps his standard wargear like the Lion Sword, the Lion's Wrath, and the Helm Bearer.

Phil Kelly strikes again! Now Dark Angels are going to be Lion Lion Lionsonlions with Lionbolters, using Lionrounds and riding in Rhino-Lions!
So wait... does this mean if Dark Angels and Space Wolves go in a combined drop pod army that means it's raining cats and dogs?

Also in a quote unqoute "Ideal world" Movie marines are about my speed.
Only they cost the same as regular ones

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My choice would be chosen.

WS5, BS4, S4, T4, W1, A1, I5, LD10, Sv3+/6+
Special rules: Fearless.
Wargear: Power armor, frag grenades, krack grenades, CCW, Bolt pistol, Bolter
Squad size: 5-15
Cost: 20pts per model.
-Most have chose one of the following vetran skills: Tank hunter 3pts, Infitrate 2pts, Furious charge 2pts, Acute senses free.
-May choose up to 6 of the following. Power weapon 5pts, PF 10pts, Lighting claw 5pts, pair of lightning claws 10pts, Combat shield and power weapon 10pts. Plasma Gun 10pts, Melta gun 10pts, Flamer 5 pts.
- May have the following marks. Mark of khorn 25pts, Mark of nurgle 35pts, mark of tzeentch,15pts, mark of slaanesh 10pts.
- May take a rhino or land raider as a dedicated transport.

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My choice would be the avatar to me he should be plain awesome so maybe ws10 bs5 s8 t8 w4 i10 a7 ld10. Sv3
and cost maybe 250 pts
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