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Default 40k who or what is responsible ?

Ok so 40k is the most successful wargame ever produced (yeah i said it)

So who/what is responsible and why? (i mean obviously apart from Matt Ward)

Personally i put its success firmly in the hands of Jes Goodwin, hes directly responsible for most of the amazing models in 40k and has influenced/trained many of the current sculptors and i believe that its the models that make the game as successful as it is.
Im not saying other people haven't been involved or disregarding other peoples input, im saying if i had to choose one person or thing that has made the game its the models produced by (directly or indirectly)Jes Goodwin.

And apart from anything else i figured we needed to get some threads going with some genuine debate.

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Hmm, i would put the credit more on the doorstep of the early writers. Whilst the models have always been nice it was the background that caught peoples attention and gave them a setting to use those models in. Rogue trader and second edition gave a rich background with multiple races and factions within those races that gave the gamer complete free reign.
It's the same thing that has kept dungeons and dragons going for so long, the ability to not only read about heroic adventures and battles but to be able to take part in and create your own battles.
Very few sci fi settings can claim to have the diversity of settings that 40k boasts whilst there are several other companies out there that produce models of equal or comparable quality.

I therefore lay the blame firmly on whichever wrote the background back in those olden days.

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>> Jes Goodwin for reasons B&K put down, and Andy Chambers. Andy was the main 40k man back when I started, and for me it was a sad day when he quit.

>> This is just an opinion. If you agree with it cool. If ye dont, its still cool.
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For 40k, I think the biggest men in the hobby were:

- Andy Chambers for the game. He's the dude who made it happen on a large scale and layed the groundwork

- The perry twins for the models. I know Jess Goodwin has been kicking ass lately when it comes to model design... but if you look at the large scale, it all points back to the perry twins imo. Mainly because they were MILES ahead of their competition when GW started out.

- Mike McVey (Often overlooked) for his painting. GW models looked as awesome as they did because McVey was miles ahead of other painters at that time and was BY FAR the most talented 'eavy metal painter they had when 40k did skyrocket (that eldar avatar he did was my personal favorite and is still my inspiration for painting up untill this day).

Oh, and Rick Priestly for WHFB, but this was 40k...
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I'd go with the setting writers as well. I think that the rich taperstry that they put together that allows us to let our imaginations run wild is the main drive for many people. While I don't really play, the concept of coming up with battles, writing stories or painting figures in a certain scheme to match with ideas that I have is one of the biggest drawing points to 40k for me.
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I'd also say Andy Chambers for this one.

But also I'd give a little credit to Jake Thornton who always played with decent armies in White Dwarf and at least threw in alot of interesting rules and product plays during his editing period. By the Mid-1990's "Before the Interwebs" White Dwarf was THE source of information about the game, I remember seeing a Dwarf on the front which caught my eye and made me open it. Inside I see these amazing models and battle reports and loads of information about what things did: Thats what got me into the game: though seen through nostalgia goggles I always remember them (the WD's) from that period covering all kinds of stuff and being "great" and really helping the hobby achieve it's success.

I'd also say Paul "Fatbloke" Sawyer who despite being largely scorned, was the familiar face of the White Dwarfs I used to buy as a kid. I won't ever forget the issue with his White Scars army and thinking "OMG White is so cool!".

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It would be Priestley for me. The lore of the Rogue Trader book was what drew me in, and I think he's the one responsible for most of that.

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For me, books, first dawn of war game, followed by models.

Firewarrior the novel, followed by the Farseer. Funny that I ended up playing tyranids.

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wow. nostalgic name dropping ...

I came to WFB from WFRP, and I purchased the old Mike McVey painting guide to help my painting fantasy. It was the 40k minis in that book that brought me to 40k, and I have a special love for his work in the painting guide and earlier WD mags (his Horus / Emperor final battle diorama was fantastic).

But all the names mentioned are / were great in the development and expansion of the game. The works of Andy Chambers (thank youa Andy for BFG) and the Perrys were very infuential for me in those early years. And yes, Paul Sawyer for his work on white dwarf. It was during his WD years that I actually bought the mags ... I don't anymore.
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Let's not forget John Blanche.
His paintings and illustrations certainly helped create the visual style we all now take for granted.

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