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Default Mick the Mercenary - Soldier of Fortune

Mick the Mercenary Has Arrived!

The plans and motions set into action here have finally reached fruition. Viscount Vash has been slaving non-stop to build Mick's exceptional model, whilst Squeek has been adding the final touches with his excellent grasp of the written language. I on the other hand did the easy part and thought this weird idea up.

For those that missed the previous thread here's a brief summary.

Mick the Mercenary is a miniature owned by Heresy-Online that travels the UK in search of Fame and Fortune. You guys can apply for his services.

Once we have a suitable candidate we'll post him to you on the understanding he's used in a tabletop battle within the next two weeks. The person who receives him has to write a battle report, what he achieved, what he killed, what "injured" him. You can right it into a fluffy story if you want, be imaginative. If you take photo's post them in the thread.
Once that battle is over he'll be posted to another trustworthy applicant who will use him in another battle. The person that receives him will be expected to pass him on at their expense so don't apply for his services unless you can meet the postage cost to forward him to the next member.

A forum character who travels the UK fighting battles every week. A bit of fun really. A site mascot.
So, we now have a miniature representation of Mick the Mercenary and the following stats to accompany him... (these will be printed out, folded neatly and sent along with the mini).

Mick the Mercenary is a bit of an enigma as far as the upper echelons of the Imperial Guard are concerned. It is indisputable that he has been instrumental in claiming victory for the Emperor on a large number of occasions. What is not so clear is who, or what, Mick really is. The most popular rumours suggest the he began his military career as a lowly trooper in an Imperial Guard infantry platoon. As is often the case Catachan's claim he was one of theirs, though there are plausible rumours that link him to more than twenty Imperial worlds, from Catachan to Valhalla, Armageddon to Tallarn.

Throughout much of the last century there have been numerous sightings of Mick, normally in the midst of a hard-fought battle or at the turning point in a campaign. However his unexplained appearance in the heat of battle does not necessarily mean he is fighting for the Imperium. There are probably just as many tales of a crazed guardsmen fighting for Xenos and outlaws, as there are tales of him fighting in the name of the Emperor. Many suspect his driving force is no longer faith, but fortune. It is certainly true that a large number of sightings include details of Mick bartering with his potential employer, working out a suitably handsome contract before joining the fray.

Mick first became known to the Imperium in his present guise following the Hellsreach campaign. Deep within the asteroid field that surrounds the Hellsreach system an Eldar corsair known as Ibarayil had been operating with impunity for three decades. During a search and destroy mission the Cadian strike force sent to neutralise the pirates was ambushed and in a dire situation. It was at this fraught moment when an unknown guardsmen suddenly arrived in the midst of the fighting, wielding an unusual four barrelled shotgun and a brutal Catachan hunting knife, carrying an archaic personal displacement field on his back. It is said that Mick proceeded to rout the Eldar corsairs, his displacement field protecting him from any harm by flinging him about wildly and easily causing as much damage as he did. During a valiant sally forth by the Cadian defenders, Mick single-handedly slew the corsair lord Ibarayil and took his powersword as payment for his part in the rout, much to the disgust of the commissar that tried to claim it as a prize of the Emperor.

Ever since that fateful day Mick the Mercenary has turned up on countless battlefields, always with his own agenda, never quite playing by the rules. Numerous commissars and officers have tried to apprehend him as a heretic and enemy of the Emperor, but Mick has so far avoided any reckoning at the hands of the Imperium. There are just as many guardsmen and officers of the Imperial Guard that owe their lives to him, though it is quite possible that he had no intention of saving them and did it purely for the reward. Only Mick truly knows what his motives are. All that the imperium knows for certain is when Mick shows up it is often a good day for those he fights for.

[table] | WS | BS | S | T | W | I | A | Ld | Sv
Mick the Mercenary | 4 | 5 | 4 | 4 | 2 | 4 | 3 | 10 | -

UNIT TYPE: Infantry (unique)


Dodgy Displacement Field:
Mick carries an archaic displacement field in combat that has saved his scrawny behind more times than he cares to remember. Long ago archeotech of this kind was highly sought after and carefully maintained by teams of techpriests. Mick's Dodgy Displacement Field however has long been neglected and is held together with gaffa tape and bootlaces, through some miracle it still works although, at times it can be a little temperamental...

Confers a 3+ invulnerable save, every time the field makes a successful save Mick is scattered D6 inches in a random direction. A hit result means the field functions perfectly, he fails to scatter. Stop Mick 1" short of intervening models or impassable terrain. If Mick is in h2h combat he scatters as usual.

Roll a D6 for each failed Dodgy Displacement Field save and consult the table below for the effect. As the battle draws on Mick's Dodgy Displacement Field struggles to cope under the strain of constant impacts, making it more and more likely that a shot will overload the field and catapult Mick far from the battlefield. When consulting the table add 1 to the result for turns 3-4 and add 2 in any later turns of the game.

1-2 = Cor! You're a lucky bastard Mick, that almost had your head off! The field fails to save Mick from the shot or blow, but Mick's legendary good luck intervenes and the shot or blow bounces off a piece of Mick's equipment harmlessly - No effect

3-4 = Wassat?! My eyes! In a dazzling flash the field temporarily malfunctions due to the constant strain of saving Mick's scrawny behind, before phut-phuting a few times and shimmering back to a stable state. - All models (including Mick) within 1D6 inches must roll under their initiative or be partially blinded for their next turn. Partially blinded models have BS 1 and half movement rate.

5 - Oh crap! Not agaaaaiiiiinnnnn! Under constant stress it is only a matter of time before the Dodgy Displacement Field malfunctions spectacularly. The latest blow or shot causes the field to short out momentarily before flashing back in to life and wildly overcompensating for the brief interlude. - The Dodgy Displacement Field saves Mick from the shot or blow but the power surge flings Mick twice as far as normal with quite impressive results. Scatter 2D6 then causes a str 4 hit on any model within 1d6 of where he ends up.

6 - Yoooouuuu Baassssttttaaarrrrddddd!!!!!! The Dodgy Displacement Field finally gives up under the considerable strain of incoming shots and blows, malfunctioning in truly breathtaking form. The field sparks and flashes repeatedly and sends Mick yo-yoing backwards and forwards, bouncing erratically from side to side and sending troops diving for cover as they desperately try to avoid the chaos. With a deafening whump the Dodgy Displacement Field catapults Mick several miles away leaving him upside down in a bog or dangling from a large tree. This has given Mick an almost legendary reputation for being unkillable, but also accounts for his foul mouthed rants and general bad temper when he finally makes it back to camp, several hours after some fucker with a Lascannon overloads his field with a lucky shot for the umpteenth time. - Mick is removed from the table immediately and plays no further part in the battle.

Mick cannot be wounded...
Loaded with a range of converted shells, Mick's quad-barrelled shotgun is testament to his ingenuity and love of tinkering. With a reinforced stock and a selection of cunningly adapted munitions, Sheila is Mick's answer to almost any situation.

Buckshot - Range 18 Str 5 ap5 blast no cover save
Melta - Meltagun
Standard - Scout Shotgun
Needle - Same as an Eldar Pathfinder Sniper Rifle with range 24"

This ornate sword once belonged to the Eldar corsair Ibarayil and is one of many spoils of war that Mick has claimed over his long career. Bruce is a power weapon that channels the strength of its user doing considerably more damage than a standard power weapon. Mick the Mercenary's close combat attacks are resolved at +1 Strength on his base stats.

+1 Str powerweapon. Already included in his profile.

Does not gain bonuses from wargear that affect friendly models; such as company standards, free to the army using him, counts as 2 kill points and gives Mick the fearless special rule.
Expert Scout:
Infiltrate and Scout. Can always pick the side he arrives on when outflanking.
Scavenger: (gives us free will to add fun new weapons and items)
Mick makes use of things he finds in battle. He's been known to turn up with all manner of wargear and weapons stolen from vanquished foes. If Mick has something from a previous fight we'll let you know in advance via PM. You never know what tricks he's going to turn up with.
This one's for you Mum!:
Mick is entitled to re-roll all of his missed attacks when he assualts in the same manner as a priest.

Mick the Mercenary Application

To stop Mick falling into the hands of those with bad intentions we have certain criteria that must be met before you can apply.

They are:-
  • At least 6 months membership on Heresy-Online
  • Minimum post count of 250
  • Minimum reputation of 100
  • Must have staff acceptance
  • UK resident
  • Willing to use him in battle within 2 week and write a batrep for the forum
  • Capable of forward via Royal Mail first class
If you don't meet all the the above criteria I'm afraid you will not be accepted so you needn't apply.

How Mick Travels

Mick travels the UK only. He cannot be sent overseas to the US or Australia. Anyone that applies from these countries will be politely denied by default. In the future we do plan to send him overseas but for the time being it's the United Kingdom only.

Using Mick in Battle

When Mick arrives in the post you're to use in a tabletop battle within the next 2 weeks. This is a strict ruling to stop him stagnating and spending too long at one residence. He has bills to pay - fighting is his only means of income.

He doesn't have a points cost, the member that received him in the post gets to add the model to his current roster as a bonus - although he does have unique kill point rules in an annihilation mission.

If Mick has an item or new skill you'll be informed in advance. Usually we'll add something fun to represent wargear he's stolen from vanquished foes. It might be he strapped a Hormagaunts claw to his foot or stolen a set of digi lasers from a dead Marine. You never know what he'll turn up with.

Writing the Battle Report

Upon the completion of battle you're expected to write a battle report for the 40k Battle Reports forum. The battle report should include the usual details and also a list of every model he destroyed or wounded. Think of it as his list of honours. Be honest though, we don't want to hear about him killing a Two Lash Princes and a squad of Bezerkers - he's mean, but he ain't that mean.

Who Gets Him Next?

Once the batrep has been posted you'll be given the address of the person you're to send him to next. Treat this as highly classified information, no one except the recipient is to know where he's going. (Addresses must not be shared or posted - this is of the utmost importance).

That pretty much sums him up.

Applications should be private messaged to me here.

Remember though, if you don't meet the above criteria you will be denied.

That about sums it up. This is all trial and error so we might have to tweak his stats and the rules system at a later date. For now though - Lets see how it goes!
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awwwwwwww, totally not fair

any chance of him coming to oz at any point?
i would love to see him running around the legs of our titans and stompas and helping out lysander with the titanhammers ;)

I liked Blood Angels before they were cool

"infantry, whose only function in Epic is to provide valuable traction to Titans walking across snowy paths."

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Awesome, I love that model
So does it matter where you take him to have a game? Like, do you have to go to GW, because I thought they may not take too kindly to someone using him.

But in any case, I'm up for it. I'm pretty sure I've got over 6 months of membership on Heresy, and I live in the UK. I've got a lot of friends who would love to fight him!

Back to business!
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OK, that's a really original idea. Love it.

Suggestion: after X amount of time, compile all the MtM stories together to make The Tales Of Mick: Volume I

The ever-growing horde of Death Guard: Pandemic
Nurgle Daemons army: Angels of Disease
Death Guard fiction: 'Incursion'
Nurgle 101 Tutorial

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This guy is LEGENDARY!!!!

The model is just lovely and the rules are funny as hell.

Cant wait to read some batreps about him.

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Almost worth moving to the UK for

Is he entirely fluff based though? Any chance of him teaming up with some necrons? (which makes no fluff sense unless under the employ of the deceiver)
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Must keep painting....
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I'll attempt to field a few questions for you guys:

Originally Posted by raverboi View Post
awwwwwwww, totally not fair

any chance of him coming to oz at any point?
It is possible. We plan to have Mick go overseas after a suitable jaunt around the UK, where and when is undecided as yet.
Originally Posted by when in doubt, shoot! View Post
Awesome, I love that model
So does it matter where you take him to have a game? Like, do you have to go to GW, because I thought they may not take too kindly to someone using him.
You can play the game wherever you choose as long as you use Mick within the 2 week window we don't mind. It might be wise to ask first if you want to stick him on the table at a GW, but he does use GW parts so the only thing they might take exception to is his rules. That said I have played with experimental homebrew armies in GW shops in the past without a problem.

Originally Posted by Svartmetall View Post
Suggestion: after X amount of time, compile all the MtM stories together to make The Tales Of Mick: Volume I
This is certainly something we can look at doing, nice suggestion!

Originally Posted by TheJackalMan View Post
Is he entirely fluff based though? Any chance of him teaming up with some necrons? (which makes no fluff sense unless under the employ of the deceiver)
He is a mercenary who puts money above pretty much anything:

There are probably just as many tales of a crazed guardsmen fighting for Xenos and outlaws, as there are tales of him fighting in the name of the Emperor.
If you want to use him with Necrons, that is fine by us and is a good excuse to get creative with the batrep. For all we know Mick may well be fighting for his own reasons that have nothing to do with the Necrons but by coincidence benefit them indirectly.
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It looks awesomely fun (though, I can't participate ) but under his special rules - he 'confers' Fearless? On whom? It's also unclear if Bruce makes him S4 or S5, as you state both, and what do you mean re-rolls "following an assualt"...once the combat is over he gets a free set of attacks?!?

Don't want to be critical, but when GW put in unclear wording...
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to let you know he's always welcome here :D

I liked Blood Angels before they were cool

"infantry, whose only function in Epic is to provide valuable traction to Titans walking across snowy paths."

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Nice rules!

I would volunteer to have him, but I'm not playing at the moment. In fact with my GCSE's coming up I don't have the time to do anything 40K related.

Still when I'm gaming I'll probably sign up.
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