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Rather than have a serious character who actually can turn the tide of a battle, I thought it might be more fun to make Mick sort of comic relief-- a human version of the classic Ork. That way, he adds some mayhem to the game, but doesn't fundamentally change the way an army functions.

Mick is the sort of prick who gets himself banned from Xbox Live for telling twelve year olds to go play in the street. While his martial skills are beyond question, armies often send him on his way because they hate him -that- much. He casually wanders the battlefield, mocking his opponents and being a general ass.

[table] Name | WS | BS | S | T | W | I | A | Ld | Sv
Mick | 4| 4 |3 | 3 | 2 | 4 | 3 | 9 | 4+ Invulnerable

Weapons and Wargear: Mick is armed with a combat shotgun, a laspistol, a steel baseball bat, frag grenades, and three molotov cocktails.

Special Rules:
-T-Bag!: Mick cannot attempt to pursue a broken enemy from close combat, as he's too busy t-bagging his victims.

-Steel Baseball Bat: Mick carries around this dented steel bat, not because it's particularly effective in close combat, but because it makes an interesting sound when it hits somebody's noggin. It also tends to make opponents suffer mild concussions. Any model Mick hits in close combat, but does not manage to kill, strikes at I1 the following round, just as if they had been hit by a thunder hammer.

-Molotov Cocktails: Mick finds people flailing and on fire to be extremely funny. In lieu of firing his shotgun or laspistol, Mick may toss a molotov cocktail. This counts as a Heavy 1 Blast weapon that is S3 AP5 and ignores cover saves. Mick only has three, so keep track of how many he's used.

-Robbing the Armoury: Mick can be given up to 25 points' worth of equipment from the Armoury if he's in an army whose Codex still has one. Things always seem to go missing when Mick's around...

Including Mick in an army is free, although the opponent gets Preferred Enemy against him, because they presumably are either aware of his douchebaggery, or have already witnessed it for themselves.


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210 pts

[table] | WS-D| BS-D| S-3| T-3(4)| W-3| I-5| A-3| Ld -10| Sv-3+

special rules:

oh my aching head: micky has a bit of an alchohol problem, and him being a ratling with a slower metabolism, his hangovers stay with him for days. roll a 1d6-1(to a minimum of 3)

trophies: while innumerous battles, micky has the heads of countless traitors, xenos, and even loyalists! this makes him a short, brutal character. when he charges, the enemy unit takes a leadership test, if it fails, -1 attack to each model (to a minimum of 1)

ANGRY PIG: micky's loyal steed, this pig counts as a familiar and counts as a bike as well, giving him +1 toughness.

curve the bullet: all weapons count as twin linked, due to the great shooting skill of mickey

salvaged equiptment: micky doesnt use the armory, he kinda just finds stuff lying around on dead peeps and loots.

roll 2D3
CC wpns.
3-4:power weapon
5:power fist
6: choose OR thunder hammer

ranged wpns
1-2: BP
3-4: PP
5:Melta Pistol
6:any of the above OR vortex grenade

squadmates: 10 pts/model 1-10
tunnel rats- gangers from the same hive-world as micky, these tunnel rats excel in close combat and have move through cover and scout
[table] Edit this line | WS-4| BS-3| S-3| T-3| W-1| I-4| A-2| Ld-8| Sv-4+

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[table] Name | WS | BS | S | T | W | I | A | Ld | Sv
| - | 5 | 3 | 4 | 2 | 3 | 3 | 10 | 4+

Wargear: Gramp's Shotgun, "Emporers Finest" Whiskey, Frag Grenades, Not So Digital Weapons.

Special Rules
Gramp's Shotgun: The shotgun which Mick wield is ancient, infact its beyond ancient, yet it has never let him down, and is heavy to boot.
Gramp's Shotgun is a Shotgun with the following profile 12" S5 AP5 Assault 4. Gramp's Shotgun can also be used as a Close Combat Weapon in the assualt phase. When used it adds +2 to micks Strength.

"Emporers Finest" Whiskey: Mick loves a sniffter to get him revved up before a battle.
The only downside (or Upside) is that whilst drunk, he becomes a little to brave and can charge headlong into something that he might not win.
Micks whiskey grants him the Fearless Universal Rule.

When drunk, Mick also manages to dodge many a swing or bolter round aimed at his head, and manages to land an insane amount of hits on the enemy
Therefore Micks Save is Invulnerable. This also means that Mick never requires anything better or worse than a 4+ to hit, and enemies require 5+ to hit Mick.

Not So Digital Weapons: Mick carrys a manor of small sharp weapons around and in his drunken stupours, often pulls them out to defend himself, this often results in death for his foe as all it takes is one quick stab to the throat.
Mick may use this close combat attack in lieu of his normal attacks.
It is one attack at double his base iniative(No modifiers), this attack hits on a 4+ and wounds on a 4+. On a roll of 6, this wound causes instant death. No saves (of any kind) are allowed against this attack, as at such close range armour is of little use.

Peace out

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Similar to Snake off MGSolid

Special Rules:

Where's my Cigar/ Got a Light': Mick uses this ablity whenever he is called upon to take any form of Ld Test. Mick automatically passes or fails (chosen by the player) any form of Ld Test he is required to make.

Ain't Got Time To Bleed: Confers the FNP special rule

Weapon: Auto Shotgun (has two shot forms): Range 12" S3 AP5 Assault 3
Range 6" S4 AP4 Assault 2
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Name: Mick the Mercenary

[table] Mick | WS | BS | S | T | W | I | A | Ld | Sv
Stats | 4|3|3|4|1|4|3|8| -

Special Rules:
Feign Death

Mick's prison shank
Incendiary Pistol
Cloak of the Wind

Feign Death Mick has perfected the art of playing dead. Once per game you may ignore any wound caused to Mick. If you choose to do this, Mick is treated as if he went to ground.

Mercenary Due to the fact that Mick is a mercenary and is often changing sides, he can be a potential enemy at any moment and therefore he does not gain bonuses from wargear that affect friendly models; such as company standards.

Mick's prison shank Mick is often getting into brawls at pubs and whatnot so he often finds himself in the slammer. This blade has saved his neck on more then one occasion. Due to the fact that Mick never deems it worthy of being cleaned after stabbing a victim to death, it is considered a poised weapon and will wound on a roll of 4+ regardless of opponents toughness.

Ala'Kor Ala'Kor is Mick's favorite set up weapons. Ala'Kor is a pair of scything talons Mick tore off of a Hive Tyrant in a last ditch effort to live. Since then he has infused Dark Eldar blood with them, giving them strange properties. Ala'Kor counts as two weapons in close combat and confers the +1A accordingly. Ala'Kor is considered a poison weapon the wounds on 2+ regardless of toughness and ignores armor save. The blood of the Eldar psykers soaked into the weapon confers Mick a chance to not be affected by any psyker powers on a D6 roll of 5+. Mick can not shoot in the same turn he wishes to charge with Ala'Kor due to the time it takes to bring out both blades, instead the player must announce he is unsheathing Ala'Kor. If Mick is already in close combat and did not have Ala'Kor out, he may not change weapons due to the ferocity of close combat. Ala'Kor remains unsheathed until the end of your turn unless you are in close combat.

Incendiary Pistol is a weapon that dates back to before the great heresy. In the shooting phase it counts as a flamer. Once per game it may turn up its heat and be used as a heavy flamer. However, once this is done it may not be used to shoot for rest of the match. Counts as a normal pistol in close combat.

Cloak of the Wind A precious artifact given to him by the Eldar as payment. It allows Mick to feel the unnatural change in wind and offers him a cover save when being shot at as detailed on the chart below. Also offers him a 5+ invulnerable save in close combat.

the distance is how far the shooter must be to give Mick his cover save
within 12" = 5+ cover save
12"+ = 4+ cover save
24"+ = 3+ cover save
37"+ = 2+ cover save (yes, it's ment to be 37")

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Right then.

I'm going to start going through all the entries and pick out the parts I like.

The finished Mick will be posted up in a day or two.
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