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Very balanced 1500 points of Eldar

Ok, I get bored very easily. As in I've been playing 40k for 2 years and haven't got an 1500 point army, simply because I get bored and change. So I decided to go for an Eldar force that had as many different colour schemes as possible. Any way here's the list:

The Avatar of Kaine. 155

Farseer, Doom. 80

Striking Scorpions Unit
1x Striking Scorpion Exarch, Chainsabers, Shadow Strike.
4x Striking Scorpions
Unit Total: 117

Fire Dragons Unit
1x Fire Dragon Exarch, Firepike, Tank Hunter.
4x Fire Dragons.
Unit Total: 115

Howling Banshees Unit
1x Howling Banshee Exarch, Mirror Swords.
4x Howling Banshees.
Unit Total: 102

Dire Avengers Unit
1x Dire Avenger Exarch, Twin Shurken Catapults, Bladestorm.
4x Dire Avengers.
Unit Total: 92

Rangers Unit
5x Pathfinders.
Unit Total: 120

Shining Spears Unit
1x Shining Spear Exarch, Starlance.
4x Shining Spears.
Unit Total: 202

Warp Spiders Unit
1x Warp Spider Exarch, Suprise Assualt, Spinnet Rifle, Powerblades.
4x Warp Spiders
Unit Total: 147

Swooping Hawks Unit
1x Swooping Hawk Exarch, Hawks Talon, Skyleap.
4x Swooping Hawks.
Unit Total: 142

Dark Reapers Unit
1x Dark Reaper Exarch, Tempest Launcher, Fast Shot.
4x Dark Reapers.
Unit Total: 227

Army Total: 1,499

What needs to be changed?
Note: I do not want to get rid of any Aspects at all, so don't tell me to.

Originally Posted by Angel of Blood View Post
They are going to be called in to righteously kick the shit out of deamons and heretics before fucking off back to Titan for tea and crumpets, leaving the chaos gods thinking "I fucking hate those guys"
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LOL, well, on paper it may be 'very balanced'.
but Biel Tan style armies are useless nowadays, save maybe in planetstrike.

However, probably the most 'colourful' army availiable.
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So long as you don't plan on winning ever, it's fine . But it will look good. Not much room to move there. If you actually plan on playing that list on not just displaying it, but still keeping all the aspects, the most advice I can give you is, remove everything from the swooping hawks, they're going to die anyway, and are useless. Remove everything from the warp spiders, change the tempest launcher to an EML on the Reaper Exarch, change the mirrorswords to an executioner with the Banshee Exarch, remove everything from the fire dragons OR keep the Exarch and give him a Dragon's Breath flamer instead. Don't need Tank Hunter on the Fire Dragons. Fill out the DA's and Pathfinders (snipers only should go to about 7). Followed by filling out your scorpion squad, or banshees if you swing that way, but I think the scorpions will serve you better here, as you need someone who won't fall down in a gentle breeze :D .

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The main problem with Eldar is Armor and that army can't kill any! Your F.D. will die first. The Sh. Sp. might kill a piece before they die and the W.S. might get an ass shot before they die, but that's it. Plus two five man troops won't do much for you. Last you have no armor. Rethink that list.
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Yeah as already mentioned you're gonna need some transports, especially for the Fire Dragons and Banshees. As they would be the first things getting shot.

If I was playing you with that army I'd have a field day, I play guard and have more manoeuvrability, You also lack any tactical depth, if I take out your fire dragons what's going to take out my Leman Russ?

It'd be a great display army but not a terribly effective one.

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mate you need to keep ypur boys mounted in wave serpants and by boys i meen 10x DA with exarch, bladestorm n TL SC. then put in a wraithlord or 2, keep the avatar then hav 6 HB in a falcon with exarch and exicutioner, if u have any points left over then put in a war walker SQ. There you get speed of manover, Firepower and some closecombat Banshees just for shits n giggles!!!!! lol
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Like the others are saying, your list needs to be more mobile to be affective. The farseer isnt as necessary without gaurdians and warlocks, but if you give the farseer guide as well as doom, then keep the banshee's and DA's close togther when in transit (using waveserpents) you can guide the DA's, have them bladestorm, doom the target and have banshee's assualt them.

Saying that your list would make for a beautiful display army.
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