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Default 1750 Paratrooper List

Hey everyone I was reading some of the tactica page yesterday and was a little disheartend that there are some out there arguing Swoop Hawks, but excited that there were plenty of people that use them and know their tactics. This got me rethinking about my old Swoop list and decided that I would post a slightly new one and get feedback from you on this I will plan on using it at some point, and I wanted to show new Eldar Players how they can be implimented.


2X Autarch 224pts
Swoop Wings, Mandiblasters, PW, Shuriken Catapult

10x DA 280pts
Exarch, PW, Shim Shield, Bladestorm, Wave Serpent EML, SS

10x Storm Guardians 222pts
2 Flamers Wave Serpent EML, SS

10x Guardians 95pts
Scatter Lasers

10x Guardians 95pts
Scatter Lasers

Fast Attack
10x Swoop Hawks 257pts
Exarch, Sunrifle, Skyleap, Intercept

10x Swoop Hawks 257pts
Exarch, Sunrifle, Skyleap, Intercept

10x Swoop Hawks 252pts
Exarch, PW, Skyleap, Intercept

Heavy Support
1x D-Cannon Squad 50pts

1x D-Canon Squad 50pts

The big thing I learned a long time ago with Swoops is that you have to go big with them or not at all. One squad does not do it but multiple squads raise hell and make Necrons Run Scared back to their grave holes.
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The only place I see issues with this list is the lack of a farseer for Doom. I just see Doom as bordering on the essential for offsetting the S3 of the Swooping Hawks lasblasters.

I have considered going SH heavy when faced up against a Horde type army like Orks or Tyranids, just because of the weight of fire you can put down against foes with a non-existant armor save.

Without Doom, however, I can see it struggling against any army with a half-decent armor save.
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I do see that to and am not sure maybe how to get enough points to run a proper farseer on jetbike to put with them. It will be somethig to try and consider.

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The idea behind the list is strong, but I do not like it. That is purely because I don't like hawks.

I didnt read the argument posted yesterday, but the general opinion of them are over priced for what they are. - fragile units carrying lasguns. - this I believe is again against the eldar way of war, which is to hit hard and make sure they cant retialiate.

The volume of fire is impressive, but i would argue that the troop selection is weak for a 1750 list. low numbers of guardians with no transport or embolden warlock and just acting as a range platform can hardly be anything to shout home at.

as stated above, anything army with a half decent armour save will pose a threat.

I am also convinced that eldar artillery in 5th edition is substantard compared to others. Eg thunderfire cannon >>. and protected by 2 guardians with low BS isnt really ideal.

conclusion: A very interesting list, would like to see how it plays out. I guess its one of those where if you caught the enemy off guard, maybe worth while, but against anyone who knows how to deny ground and protect themselves vs deepstrikers. (which are getting more and more often in 5th since they are defending themselves vs drop-pods). I can see this list getting easily ripped apart. Once again I feel this is a list where it is not using the strongest elements of the army. never the less a possible viable alternative that would be lovely to see.

Keep us posted if you are testing if it works!

TKE's NTGU Brigade

Doomliger's anti-DEFEND avenger tactica.
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I use hawks sometimes. They tend to work well against IG, cause the S3 isn't so much of a detriment and the haywire grenades are great against tanks. In a flanking, harassing role they aren't bad, a little pricey maybe but they do very well vs armor.

But don't try and deep strike them. That is a death sentence. The bolter pie plate is basically a gimmick against anyone who isn't green, and their main strength is in assault (against tanks), which they can't do the turn they come down.

My marine gunline would tear them apart if you deep striked anywhere near my inquisitors. But I feel like that would happen even without the inquisitors, just because they don't hit hard enough when they come down.
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You can place the farseer in a WS with the dire avengers and Doom out of it!! I also don't like the Hawks, but have only ever fielded 8.
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Thanks guys. I know the under Str stuff and agree that it goes totally against the Eldar way. I miss the hawks out of the codex before this one. It may be just a play test theory to get down and will let you know how it goes.

My main thought for this though is going to be a very fun or interesting 1750 base to build from for a different Apoc list that I am thinking of. That way I could utilize the careful planning and flank march strategic assets and use them to their fullest abilities. I also use a lot of flyers like the Eldar Vamipre Hunters for my Super Heavies. I have an extreme mobile and almost Catch Me if You Can list. Hey that may not be a bad name for the list.

Anyway thanks for all the outside advice guys, and will keep in touch on it. Keep the thread alive if possible.
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Instead of getting d-cannons try getting Shadow-weavers. It may of been a fluke but I was able to destroy my opponents thunder-fire with the darn things (I had two, and it was their first shot of the game). As for the SH...I really can't give any advice there as I have never before have used them, but do post on how it went.

Those who ask questions only train themselves in asking questions
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